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O.P.I Limited Edition Germany Collection Nail Lacquer, Suzi and 7 Dusseldorfs, 0.5 Fluid Ounce

OPI Nail Laquer 2012 fall/winter Germany collection.

Key features

  • Suzi and 7 dusseldorfs
  • Bright purple shimmer
  • Contain no DBP, toluene, or formaldehyde
  • Includes OPI’s exclusive ProWide(TM) Brush for the ultimate in application

Honest reviews


OPI nail polish

I gave this nail polish four out of five stars because I love the way it looks in the bottle, but I haven’t seen it on my nails yet. One day I will get around to trying it.

Joann Cuddy, PA

Beautiful color

This is a beautiful shade of dark cherry. It looks especially flattering on my toes because I have a dark tattoo on my foot and it compliments the tattoo perfect. OPI makes good quality polish, I get almost 2 weeks of wear on my toes with their polishes. Very happy.

Gilda Mount Holly, VT

Not the color in the photo!!

When I saw this color I fell in love. The photo shows this to be a "rasberry" color.When I got my package, this nail polish was shipped in a 12 inch by 6 inch box. It has 1 piece of brown paper in it, with the nail polish rolling around onside the box. The nail polish was not protected in any way with bubble wrap or any kind of tissue. I feel this is a terrible shipping practice. Packages are treated roughly during shipment and had this broke, there would have been nail polish everywhere.Upon openog my box and taking the polish out, I was very disappointed. I had to get a bright light and shine it directly on the bottle to make sure it wasn’t just me. This nail polish is a very dark brown red. There is no "raspberry" or purple tone to it at all. Although I have nothing against a brown red color, it was not what I wanted, not even close. I wanted the "raspberry" purple color shown in the photo. Brown Red is in the "Warm" Family and a Raspberry Purple color is in the "Cool" family.I have no desire to return for refund as it would cost me more and take ore time then I have to do that.OPI are fantastic nail polishes so I have no problem keeping it. I will keep it and use it at some point, just not when I needed it.This and the horrible shipping practices of the seller is the only reason I gave this 3 stars.I will update this review once I polish my nails with this so you can see the actual color.

Marlene Port Lavaca, TX


Love this dark, smokey purple and the flashes of red in it! Consistent, flawless application and great wear time. Shame it’s an LE.

Jolene Rossville, PA

A deep, shimmery purple

Another OPI great. I’ve had some true hit and misses with OPI polishes, but this is one that is a 5 star A+ in my book! It’s a great formula, not streaky or thin. It took 2 coats of the polish for full opacity, and I only had to touch up two chips over the week that I wore it. It’s a gorgeous, jewel toned purple, and worked great for winter toned outfits. It did not stain, and came off easily.I’m glad I got this color, and plan on wearing it regularly.

Ethel Downsville, NY

Love this fall color!

Beautiful color!! It’s a rich burgundy brown with glittery sparkly undertones. A great fall color that covers the nail well and lasts great!

Deborah Lost Springs, WY

This is beautiful

This nail polish is long lasting, doesn’t dry my toenails,doesn’t chip off easily and provides a deeper soft warm pink with a hint of copper. It has a slight sheen that is very attractive. It goes on smooth and best of all, it doesn’t have a truck load of sparkles in it ( see my other review on the O.P.I Pussy Galore).

Christy Shreveport, LA


While the color in the bottle is beautiful it isn’t so flattering on. I didn’t like the color it came out to be and ended up giving this particular polish away.

Maryann Abbott, TX

Love it!

I love OPI and I love this color! I bought this polish for my teenage daughters who love the color purple. It’s just beautiful! When it arrived and we first used it I knew it was a polish even mom would use. It’s just so pretty!

Patrica Dos Rios, CA

Love it

Love this color. It looks amazing in any light and I get a ton of compliments when I wear it.

Deena Gunlock, KY

Not sapphire

From the bottle this looks like a very sapphire blue color however on the nail even after several coats it is a bright almost neon blue. Not what I was looking for.

Anne Hoyt, OK


This is darker then shown but it’s OPI so will keep it. It is a pretty color. Delivery was fast and I appreciate that.

Esmeralda Bloxom, VA

OPI Rocks!

I love OPI’s colors and the names for their colors. I love the German collection because it’s perfect for fall.

Isabelle Hahira, GA

It’s OPI – what more is there to say?!?

In true OPI fashion, this color is beautiful and the quality of the polish is exceptional. You can never go Erin with OPI

Catalina Lecompte, LA

German-icure is a Deep Red not purple

Just a brief word about the color “German-icure” – the picture on the web page is a little deceiving. It looks a lot like a dark purple. In reality it is a very deep red. Personally, I love it. I bought this along with “Suzi & 7 Dusseldorfs” (what is up with these names? LOL). I can assure you that “Suzi & 7 Dusseldorfs” is indeed purple, as is “Every Month is Oktoberfest”. So if you are looking for a shade of purple go with either of those.This shade went on beautifully, as pretty much all O.P.I polishes do, and in 2 coats I achieved the color on the bottle (the bottle, not the webpage). I prefer deep colors, and I love red, so I’m absolutely pleased with the results.Even better, my husband must have commented how beautiful my nails were every day of the week I wore it. Absolutely a keeper!

Tricia Bantry, ND


For some reason I was expecting this color to be a browner tan. Its more of a pinkish tan. I don’t hate it, but I think i would just have to get use to it.

Alissa Glenwood, MN

Love OPI products!

This is my favorite nail polish brand. Its a great color that goes on super smooth. The brush has been updated from years past and seems to apply much nicer and stays for a long time without chipping.

Denise Darrow, LA

OPI win

Beautiful blush color. Definitely a beige base but has a peachy pink tone. It’s a great color for ANY season which is a huge plus for me. If you love neutral staple colors, this is a must have.

Teri Laughlin A F B, TX

Beautiful color

This ia a beautiful rich purple. I absolutely love it. I’ve been looking for the perfect purple. Not too bright, not too light, and this is it. Deep beautiful color.

Ladonna Pinehurst, ID

Satiates my Max Factor “Fantasy Fire” Lemming

I absolutely love glow-y, deep purples with a bit of shimmer for Fall. I have been looking for Max Factor’s “Fantasy Fire” forever, when OPI releases their Germany collection. “Every Month is Oktoberfest” is a blackened version of “Fantasy Fire” with the same deep redened purple base with red and gold shimmer. And it’s OPI so you know the formula is great– much better than any Max Factor polish I’ve ever tried. So if you’re looking for an excellent vampy purple with a lot of liveliness and depth, “Every Month is Oktoberfest” is your girl!

Eva Muldrow, OK

Much brighter in person

I bought this polish expecting a rich navy color, but in actuality it’s more of a "smurf" blue. It’s also got a sort of pearly quality to it. Not a terrible thing, but not what I was looking for. I’m saving it for summer, hoping that it will make for a cute pedicure.

Whitney Walker, KY

Beautiful Dark Color

I love dark polish………… nail tech used this color on me and I feel in love…instantly came home and looked for it online to purchase….

Inez Center, TX

Beautiful Color…

This color is like a chameleon. It looks like a deep crimson red in some lights, then purple in others. I love it as a fall shade!

Luann Sanbornton, NH


Has a nice rich color. I dont like anything to flashy in color. Has a nice rich color and stays on long used with base and top coat.

Dena Climax Springs, MO

Eh, its Okay

Wasn’t overwhelmed, its the same old red we have all seen. I loved the other colors within the Germany selection, but this one was not exciting.

Nellie Petersham, MA

Good Polish

OPI is a good brand in general. My only comment is on the photo of the Germanicure color. As someone else stated, it’s way more brown than the image makes it look. It’s a deep brownish burgundy that is green or gold sometimes depending on how you look at it. It’s a good deal, but if you are unsure of the color you should check a store in person that sells this color before buying. It’s still a nice color and will be great for the fall, but it doesn’t exactly look like it does in the photo.

Rosalie Dennis, TX

Really lovely color

It’s a really nice color a very deep red. Great for fall and winter. The only thing is I was expecting it to have a hint of plum/purple because now I have two colors that are basically the same. 🙁 So make sure you know what color your buying but great quality nail polish none the less.

Brittney Gordonville, MO

Great color!

Perfect nude. Peach/pink/tan color. And, it is long wearing as are all OPI nail polishes. This is definitely a great price.

Adele Waters, MI

Very unique color

Love this color, it is a very subtle gray with a tint of blue I think because sometimes it has this purplish hue to it! Highly recommended to stand out from the regular grey tone that you see on other nails.

Anita Naubinway, MI

So Glamerous

I am so in love with this nail polish! It has a dark red base with red shimmer. It’s a really good option if you’re looking for a deep red nail polish. In low lighting it can look almost black. I would recommend using a base coat if your nails stain easily from dark polishes. Otherwise, it lasts a long time on its own, even without a base or a top coat. It is also a very opaque color, so you may only need one coat which is such a time saver. It also dries quickly which is very convenient.

Maryellen Lettsworth, LA