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NYX Trio Eye Shadow, Aloha/Mink Brown/Deep Bronze

Three’s definitely company when it comes to this trio of fashionably co-ordinated eye shadow shades in the NYX trio eye shadow palette. Apply your statement shade on the eye lid, blend with the crease color and finish with the highlight. Includes a dual-ended sponge applicator and mirror for on-the-go touch-ups. Available in 45 eye-catching palette variations.

Key features

  • Expertly coordinated in both classic and unique, fashion forward shade palettes
  • Shadows glide on easily and effortlessly
  • Housed in sleek, portable case

Honest reviews


Need more information about application of cream eyeshadow.

Wish you reviewers were more explicit regarding the application of these cream eyeshadows. I purchased four (4) sets, different colors on you reviews and I’ll be dipped they look awful. I puchased MAC 217,219 expensive brushes and also made sure I had smudging, blending, crease and everything you can imagine. Even purchased a brush holder kit.This is my third short at applying these creams and I am on my way to Church and I keep looking in the mirror thinking to self, (should I go)? Tell ya one thing it doesn’t look like the videos on the internet when you watch them applying cream eyeshadows. So having an assortment of technical brushes isn’t the answer. Could it be talent? Perhaps loads of talent and practice?The young ladies that host the videos on applying cream makeup to get the effect of ‘cat eyes’ and ‘smokey eyes’ are all of AGE 18 to 25 tops. How much practice have these kiddos had in comparison to me with a son in college. Chuckling to self……….THAT’S ALL F O L K S !!!!!!

Gertrude Odell, OR

A little deceiving

I thought this palette had ‘Iced Mocha’ in it… 75% of the reason I bought the palette int he first place… 25% for the frosted flake… and figured it couldn’t hurt to have ‘slate,’ it looked like a decent addition. But Iced Mocha is NOT in this palette… The colors include Frosted Flake, Slate, and Luster. The most useless color being “slate” (not sure why slate would be brown… seeing as slate typically refers to concrete which is grey… and it is placed with 2 greys, which neither are named slate lol). But anyway… Frosted flakes is not really very frosted flakes like. It’s sort of a pale grey with almost baby blue undertones (not very flattering on me particularly.. but it’s good quality) and the luster I like a lot… a nice creamy grey. The brown seems to be a different formula, though. It’s not nearly as pigmented as the other two (luster, the farthest to the right, being the most pigments). The brown one (slate) goes on pretty sheer and does not blend well at all. It’s already a very standard brown that I didn’t really need.. and it’s lesser quality for some reason. Oh well. It was an affordable trio palette. Not what I expected but I’m not thoroughly disappointed I guess.

Alisa Manton, MI

not what it seems

I ordered the trio in Olive and was disappointed by what i received …. on the picture it has a light copper shade…then a soft green followed by a deep olive color…..My issue is that the middle color is NOT a soft green but a pure silver!… The picture is completely misleading.

Bobbie Arkport, NY

Great for smokey eye look

I purchased the White/Grey/Black trio and it is a really nice set for a smokey look. When I first tried this set I didn’t use primer and it didn’t look as dramatic or didn’t come on as desired. The second time I put it on I used a primer (Too Faced) and it looked more true to color. But, I have to say that I don’t like the sponge applicator/wand it came with. I’m not big on using eyeshadow brushes, although I have some, I just don’t use them. The third time I used this trio, I used a soft eyeshadow sponge applicator purchased from a large pack, and I have to say that the application was much better. So, I don’t recommend the applicator it comes with, I actually threw it away.As for the color, the white is matte (highlighter shade for under eyebrow) and it doesn’t come on a very bold white – not overly pigmented, but a very nice yet noticable highlight color. The grey is a light shimmery shadow that I place on brow bone, just under highlighter shade, and over my entire lid. The “black”, which has a very slight shimmer, is more of a very dark grey, to me. I have a black eyeshadow from a different palette, and this “black” is not as dark or a true black. I would say darkest grey. Nevertheless, a very nice noticable smokey shadow! I place this “black” on crease (outer v) to lower lash line, and I leave the light shimmer grey on lid/upper lash line. If you want more of a dramatic smokey eye look, shade with “black” from crease down to upper lash line. I REALLY like this trio! It’s definitely an every day palette/shadow compact, if you love eyeshadow. Taking this trio with me on vacation!….love that it’s a great trio in a small package. All you need.Shipment packaging was great; none of the shadows were broken or anything like that, when received in the mail.

Marcie Colon, NE

Four Stars

the champagne color is so great!

Janelle Siletz, OR

I love the colors!

This is absolutely one of my favorite eyeshadow trios. I apply Copper to my lid, Bronze to the crease, and Rust to highlight under my eyebrows and it gives me a nice Summery look! And I highly recommend these colors if you want a nice, bright, neutral summer eye look. The results are flawless and it never creases or fade away! I will definitely purchase another trio in the near future.

Faith Jarreau, LA


I have this trio in a few different shades but my absolute favorite one is Guru!!!!! I use this palette EVERY SINGLE DAY, literally. This is the first eye shadow that I’ve ever hit pan on. It’s almost all gone. I got so upset when I went onto NYX website and saw that they no longer sell this trio ='( This eye shadow lasts all day (I apply a base first). The colors are perfect, it has a color for the crease of my eye, the lid and highlight color. It doesn’t crease. t have absolutely nothing negative to say about this product, I love it so much and am really sad NYX doesn’t sell it anymore. When I bought it, it was only $5.00, and I wish I would have bought like 10 of them. I definitely would have, if I had known what an amazing product it is!!! I’m going to have to search their website and hopefully I can find something similar.

Keri Millers Creek, NC

Beautiful colors

I love NYX make up, the quality is just as great as MAC, actually I prefer NYX more because it has a softer/creamier feeling to it plus its cheaper. I was on makeupaddiction and I saw someone use the Rust color and I fell in love, so naturally I hopped on Amazon to see if I could find it and instead of a pot of just Rust I came across this trio and had to buy it. These three colors are wonderful for my blue eyes and the price is great!!

Margarita Muncy, PA

cute colors

Sometimes I like to brighten up my makeup and purple is one of my favorite colors. goes on smooth unlike some of the other make up I got recently.

Leta Island, KY

Love NYX!!!!!

I bought this pallette in Ceramic at Ulta over the weekend. I love the smoothness and the slight shimmer of the shadow when I apply it. The colors all blend well together and match perfectly when they are worn together. The only thing is that they are all so similar. I can hardly tell the difference amongst the three colors. I’m a huge NYX fan and I am pleased with the eyeshadow itself. Probably try another color pallette next time.

Paige Gazelle, CA

Dupe for satin taupe?

I bought this because BeautyBroadcast’s Emily recommended it as a dupe for satin taupe (mac). I think the pigmentation of the darker two colors is lovely (especially the silver). It’s a great palette for the price. If you like colors like this, you might like to try the Wet n’ Wild trio palettes. Seriously.

Beth Henderson, NC

great shadows

These are as good as mac shadows, I just ordered another one from the same seller. They arrived on time, and I use them on a daily basis.:)

Jaime May, ID

These are great!

I love how this eyeshadow goes on. It goes on very smoothly with or without a primer and the color is beautiful once it’s done. I didn’t purchase mine from though so I know nothing of this seller but the product itself is worth it a great product and great buy.

Dianne Conda, ID

Love these discontinued palettes all of them

I had to see if I could find this one because I have a single called hot orange and saw someone on Google Images who had a really nice look withe hot orange and this palette. I have not used it yet but I like these palettes.

Dina Gilbert, MN


after purchasing an e.l.f. variety palette, i had decent experience with the black & white colors, but many people said they really lacked pigmentation. after reading the reviews on this palette (and loving nyx’s eyeshadow base), i decided to go with this purchase figuring the black would be a little more high quality. i was really disappointed. the white is very chalky, and the black, while easily bendable, really lacked pigmentation and came off more as a gray for me. the packaging was also broken when i received it- the small plastic ‘window’ screen that separates the colors from the outside had fallen out, and thus i cannot really store this in a makeup bag or anywhere else if not in it’s own plastic bag.

Charity Cobden, IL

First NYX purchase and love it.

OMG! I love this trio eyeshadow palette, they are the most amazing colors I’ve ever put on my eyes(with a good primer makes them really pop). My first NYX palette and wanted to buy more,I just purchase this because I heard some many great reviews on these so glad I purchased them.

Dessie Lake Cicott, IN