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NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker, Carbon Black,1.1ml

The micro-fine felt tip on this eye liner means you can use it for everything from filling in your eyelash line to a subtle cat-eye look. The eye marker application is smooth and the striking results are long-lasting and smudge-proof.

Key features

  • Felt tip pen eye liner with thin tip
  • Designed to release the perfect amount of color during application
  • Long-lasting and smudge proof

Honest reviews


Great inexpensive eyeliner

If you prefer the liquid eyeliner look but aren’t good with liquid than this is a great option. I am no good with liquid but I can be precise so this eyeliner works great. I still prefer the more natural look of pencil but this is good for adding the depth and darkness I want.

Shelly Long Grove, IA

Was Good While It Lasted….

This is a very nice dark color, it glides on smooth with a nice thin tip and is very easy to apply, but it lasted less than ten days before the ink ran out.

Miriam Elbing, KS

Next, Please!

Skip this item. Not worth it. Gave 2 stars because it is easy to apply but it smears and fades within an hour of application. Physicians Formula has similar pen eye liner which is much better, I think maybelline makes one too. So much affordable makeup out there, skip this!

Tameka Dalton, NE

Works great 4 me!

I have had experience w/ALL the different kinds of eyeliners out there from regular/(twist) pencil, kohl, liquid liners, gel liners & even 2 this felt tip marker liner & I have 2 say I was not disappointed w/this purchase. U gotta know what ur doing 2 get the “perfect look” & it takes a lot of practice…..& patience. This is a great tool 2 acheive cat eyes/the winged eyeliner look! I love it! I’m def. gonna buy more in the future.

Freda Arcadia, SC

Super skinny

Super skinny for that perfect thin lining of d upper lid. Glides on super smoothly. Thumbs up NYX . Will definitely repurchase

Rachel Wellborn, FL

Perfect for me.

No matter how much I try not to, every time I do my makeup I end up doing wing tips. I used to use the twist up eyeliners but they are never sharp enough. This is perfect for making a little wing tip, or a big one. Very precise, and I’ve been using it for a month, still marks just as well as day one.

Ericka Mineral City, OH


thin. easy to use. lasts long. fantastic.i love it. i would buy it againi think its a great product

Liliana Kensington, OH

Fantastic liner

This eyeliner is perfect. I was worried about the black but it looks really great. I have fair skin and blonde hair so I usually purchase brown eyeliner. This goes on thin which is exactly what I want. Also, it doesn’t smudge after hours of wear and it stays on until you take it off. Best eyeliner I have ever purchased, and at this price, one cannot go wrong.

Vonda Downers Grove, IL

Fine lines

Love this!! It lasts a long time and it really does leave a fine line, especially on the corner of the eyes.

Billie Walnut, IL

Best of Several Brands!!!

I have used pencil, liquid brush, cream brush and felt liners (like this one). So far, this is the best product and the best deal. This has a nice fine tapered tip. I am able to use it at and angle for a winder wing at the outside edges of my eyes. It is fine enough to use on the lower lid. And I have very good control with it. If I do make a mistake, it wipes up cleanly. It dries well and does not smudge….unless I have put on too much facial cream up to my eye – which lately I try to get as close as possible. I have extremely sensisitve skin that reacts to everything. This item has no smell and causes no reaction. It’s a keeper.

Eva Mcintosh, MN

Best eyeliner

This is by far the best eyeliner I have ever used. It is really easy to apply and it lasts all day. It doesn’t run and it’s very easy to clean off. I would recommend this to anyone.

Frieda Cornelius, NC

Great Product!

I got this because I wanted to try liquid eyeliner, and I love it! I use it everyday, it goes on thin, it doesn’t come off (which can also be a problem if you make a mistake), it is the right thickness and color, and I love it. I have used it for a few months.

Vonda Woodstock, AL

Great Color

Goes on quick. The color is very rich, dark.Was not dry like other reviews.However for my hooded eyes it does smear. But this happens with most eyeliners.

Iva Bingham, ME

Absolutely LOVELY!

My favorite eyeliner pen! I like that the tip is shorter, so it give more control to beginners and makes it significantly easier to correct any mistakes.I will without a doubt buy this product again!

Ramona Pimento, IN

Super skinny

Super skinny, great for doing cat eye perfectly. Easy to apply and bold black color. Slightly smudging as it is not waterproof.

Karen Rhodell, WV

its pretty good

I’ve only used it once , it usually takes a couple times to get used to new eye liners like this … I like how it blends but on the other hand it smudges … but it is good .

Kimberlee Cortlandt Manor, NY

Five Stars

precise liner

Gena Wrightsboro, TX

Excellent eyeliner

The product arrived fast and in excellent condition. The eyeliner marker makes it easier to apply liquid eyeliner. I had trouble befor with just the brush to keep the line straight. With the marker it is alot easier to apply the liquid eyeliner and keep it in a nice straight line. love it.

Sue Tichnor, AR

Much easier to apply than traditional liquid liner

I use liquid eye liner several times a week and I’ve gotten reasonably good at drawing both symmetrical and clean lines but it is definitely a chore and if you don’t get it right the first time, it often requires that you start from scratch. Therefore, I decided to give this a try since it was inexpensive and I like my last NYX purchase. Using the marker is so much easier and you can go back and add to the length and thickness of the line so it’s much more forgiving than liquid. Also, my friend who is Asian and has always had a very hard time with liquid application was thrilled that she was able to draw a line the first time! I’d recommend to anyone who wants a precision line which a crayon cannot offer but a more controlled application than a liquid.

Tania Strasburg, VA

Easy to use liner!

I have used cream liners and pencils in the past. I love this liner because it goes on so thin and you can really control the shape and thickness you want your line to be. Great buy!

Gretchen Eupora, MS

So happy I found this!!!

The liner goes on like a dream and stays where I put it! The line is very fine – just what I wanted – and it’s easy to apply. This is a keeper! buy it and enjoy!

Shelby Ledbetter, KY

Dries out really fast

The line is really fine and the pen is easy to use but this dried out within a week. And I always put the cap back on tightly.

Eleanor Burton, WV

Dries up, not ultra rich black

I had this pen for about a week and a half before it dried up. I store it in a cylinder brush holder tip down and yet it still was in bad shape after a short amount of time. Very easy to control with hand, but is not a rich matte black or anything. I was really expecting a little more out of this but overall would not purchase this again if given the chance.

Kelly Janesville, MN

The Best!!

This is the absolute best liquid eyeliner i have ever owned!! it stays on all day and will NOT smugde, run, or fade! its the perfect black and is sooo easy to use! you can get a thick line or a thin, precise line! also the price is great and it doesnt dry up and it lasts a long time! i will never use anything else! get this product you will not regret it!

Rena Ford, KS

Love love love!

In love with this. It’s perfect and makes the cat eye look so much easier! Even to someone who has a very unsteady hand!

Carolyn Chula, MO

Too fine

This pen is actually too fine for my liking. It goes on easily and has staying power. Because it’s so fine, I have to go over and over my lines to achieve the depth of color that I want.If you want a superfine liner for your water line, this is great. For regular lid coverage, I find it too fine.

Maxine Selden, NY

an ok eye liner

I like the color and the tip is really thin, so you can do really thin lines. However, it doesn’t last that long. I’ve owned the liners that lasted entire day, but this one, half a day only…

Opal Antigo, WI


I love this and im sticking to it. very easy to use im new to using eyeliners and i get it right the first time every time with this will be buying again

Megan Canby, CA

It’s alright

This product isn’t amazing but it isn’t bad either. The color isn’t as dark as I’d like it to be (I had to apply several layers before it looked black). On the plus side, it is so much easier to control than other liquid eyeliners. I’ll keep using it until I find a better product 🙂

Candice Horton, MO


oEasy to apply and stays right where i put it (no smearing or some pther nasty thing), moreover, i like the fact that it is very-very thin. It does not give you HUGE eyes 🙂

Greta Princeton, WI