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NYX Studio Liquid Liner,SLL102 Extreme Black, 1 Count

NYX’s studio liquid liner, is a highly pigmented liquid liner that provides bold, intense color to emphasize the eye. The fine brush tip provides drawing precision of thin and thick lines. A must-have for all makeup aficionados. Highly pigmented liquid liner. Provides bold, intense color to emphasize the eye. Thin brush allows precise application and clean lines.

Key features

  • Highly pigmented liquid liner
  • Provides bold, intense color to emphasize the eye
  • Thin brush allows precise application and clean lines

Honest reviews


It’s alright

I love black eyeliner and have went through a fair few. I like this formula. Goes on nice, wears nice, very black. downside is the brush is SO tiny it takes forever to get any thickness. That’s fine if you prefer it that way. And the staying power isn’t great but its to be expected as it’s not waterproof. all in all good, but not a repurchase for me.

Carole Hendersonville, TN


This is by far my favorite eyeliner. I have used a few liners and they either flaked, faded, or applied strangely. This one does none of that. I’m definitely going to repurchase this in the future.

Alyson Shattuckville, MA

I’ve worn cat eye liner for 20 years and this is my favorite

This eyeliner was exactly what I was looking for. The applicator is a long thin brush and the eyeliner stays put really well. I learned to put on makeup in the theater so I have an affinity for products that other people don’t, generally. My secret with liquid liners of this type is to rest the brush on the lashes when I draw the line, almost like I’m lining the roots of my eyelashes. This tactic steadies my hand so I get a nice smooth line. This product in particular gives me the thinnest line of any liquid eyeliner I’ve ever used. The only problem is more with this style of liner than of this product, but it can thicken due to exposure to air. I’m not one to heed all the warnings about when to discard makeup products, but when this starts to get thick or flake, just buy a new one. Even if it’s only half gone.

Alana Upsala, MN

Very happy with this product!

I’ve been looking for the most perfect Liquid eyeliner, and had not had any luck…until I found this item.I must say it’s exactly what I was looking for and I am very happy with the results! would defiantly recommend this productto anyone else who seems to be having problems with their liquid eyeliner.

Antonia Tie Plant, MS

Perfect, but sterile?

The product applies nicely, but it arrived without a plastic seal like other NYX products have when they are brand new. Makes me wonder if I purchased a previously bought/used product.

Carlene Zionhill, PA

It’s alright

I’m surprised by how long-lasting this eyeliner is… my cat-eye looks perfect by the end of the day. While wearing this poduct, I accidentally rubbed my eyes without thinking and it didn’t smudge at all. On the down side, I really do NOT like the applicator that comes with it. I’ve tried many liquid eyeliners before and this one is by far the hardest to apply. It doesn’t pick up the product very well, and it’s extremely thin, long and flimsy and if you aren’t careful you can really goof up the line. I also found that sometimes I have to apply multiple layers in order to make it look like a true black color – I have only noticed this problem if I’m wearing eyeshadow.All in all, I really love the color and staying power of this eyeliner. I just really don’t like the applicator that comes with it.

Madelyn Laurel Springs, NC