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NYX Single Eye Shadow, Dark Brown, 2.5 g

Richly pigmented eye shadows in over 162 shades. Soft and silky NYX cosmetics single eye shadows are great on their own or blended for a beautiful prism of colors. This top-selling eye shadow is formulated for long-lasting wear.

Key features

  • Delivers intense color, silky-smooth application and long-lasting wear
  • Finely milled powder formulation glides on like cream
  • Unmatched selection of colors and textures

Honest reviews



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Janelle Carol Stream, IL


I was surprised when I got this shadow. It was BROKEN and VERY TINY. I would not buy it, but even the return is not worth.

James Turner, ME

Its okay.

I am african american and i was hoping to used this as a highlighter for underneath my brow, it didnt show color, just alot of glitter. Won’t be repurchasing this specific color anymore, but i do like NYX cosmetics, this one was just a fail.

Jasmine King, WI

Not as brown as pictured

I purchased this because I wanted a nice matte chocolate brown to add to my makeup collection. I was surprised to notice the subtle hint of gray in this eyeshadow. I d0n’t too much care for the color but I will find a use for it. If you’re looking for a true brown, I would pass on this.

Adele Matoaka, WV

Bought as hair shadow

I was looking at another product for covering up thinning hair and a reviewer suggested this product instead. It’s cheap and tiny so it was definitely worth a try. I have used it twice and both times I thought it did a good job of covering up the shiny scalp areas and making the thinning areas look fuller. I also thought my oily hair wasn’t oily while using this item. I think the type of brush you use is critical here. I couldn’t find anything that I currently own nor at the store so I just used my razor’s cleaning brush to apply, which worked fine. I am going to try other brushes to see if I get better results since I want a darker or more intense effect. Now, I have natural dark brown hair, but I currently have highlights going on so my hair is different shades all over. This is a dark brown so it just looks like my roots are a little lighter than they are. I am tempted to try the black color to see if that gives me the intensity I want. Overall, no one seemed to give my hairline a second glance and it made me feel more confident and…isn’t that what’s important here? Two thumbs up!

Eula Casa, AR

NYX is B.E.S.T.!!

I love NYX!! Their eyeshadow pigments are so deep and intense, try this color over the Milk eye pencil, it will POP!!

Neva Washington, IL

this is white?

I was looking to buy a good highlighter eyeshadow to use under my eyebrow. I have a Shany 88 color palette and have used up all the white shades (which are amazing under the brow.) This is the second time I’ve attempted to buy a single white shadow. The first one was from maybelline and was more of a grey, chalky color. Couldn’t use that. So I tried this one, nyx “sparkle white”.Let me tell you, the picture is totally off. I was instantly disappointed when I saw the shadow in person, it is not white but more like a gold shade. I even checked the label to be sure, yep “sparkle white”. To even more disappointment, the color is not very pigmented at all, it reminds me of the eyeshadows in little girls’ makeup kits, it’s a very translucent gold color so I can’t even use it for the lid. People who call this “pigmented” have not ever used quality shadows before, I guess. I fear I will have to buy a whole new palette just to have that white highlighter color, jeez. Is it so hard for companies to make an actual WHITE shade?

Jillian Sauquoit, NY


The color is close to nude but it’s not very buildable formula; it’s a bit too sheer. It’s also got a bit of a shimmer to it, in case that’s something you want or want to avoid.

Monica Bixby, MO


LOVE IT!!! it was a bit more smaller than i thought it was be, but overall im satisfied with it.

Serena Hagerstown, IN

yes and no.

i use this makeup every single day for my normal look [ i attend a LOT of funerals ] and it always goes on smooth and has lasting power. sometimes i feel like touching it up, but it usually looks great. i am giving this product 3 stars because of two things: the first time i got it from amazon it arrived broken [ please put any kind of powder makeup in bubble wrap otherwise it will probably shatter in transit ] and because the actual pigment tends to run. i love this stuff tho and if i could find it in a store id just buy it there. it’s beautiful.

Courtney Hubbard, TX

Hard to Find Dark Brown Shadow

Seems like you can only find matte finish single color eyeshadows in dark shades online, so was glad to locate this product. Works better than anything I’ve been getting in the department stores.

Latasha Fulton, IN


This is a my first time using NYX, and I love it.The color is verrry rich!!!!Will order more colors.

Letha Starksboro, VT

NYX Single Eye Shadow White 02

Very pleased with this purchase. Love NYX products. Exactly what I wanted. Fast shipping. Very pigmented.

Rosalind Shasta, CA

Love NYX

This is a really good product. You cannot beat the coverage and it stays on for a really long time. LOVE IT!

Alisa Hamlin, TX

Gorgeous Color!

I bought this because the color looked similar but different to another favorite eyeshadow I had. This is my first NYX product and I am impressed! At first, I piled more than needed on my brush thinking there wasn’t much on but soon I became used to it. On Day 2 of this shadow, I love it very much! I would definately repurchase.

Cynthia Glencross, SD

No Pigment

I have only tried 2 NYX shadow singles, but being a white shadow for 4 dollars I thought I would try it because I rarely wore white, and well I’m highly disappointed this shadow is very very powdery and flakey even with a mixing medium and primer this color does not show up. If you are wanting a good white shadow I recommend a MAC shadow their white is very vibrant and will last all day.

Natalia Bay City, WI

Beautiful color

I loved the color and if used with a primer it stays on all day, also it will last a while because a lot of product came in the container.

Yvonne Kahoka, MO

A must have.

This is a must have and is a staple in any makeup collection. It came in perfect condition and sealed.

Emma Pablo, MT

Beautiful Highlighter for all skin tones!

I use this powder (white) to highlight my nose, cheekbones, forehead, chin, and cupid’s bow. I also use it as an eyeshadow. It applies smoothly and evenly. It has a subtle sheen that looks very natural on the skin. It blends seamlessly into the skin, and looks totally flawless.It doesn’t contain mineral oil, but it does contain parabens. I know some people avoid those, so fair warning.

Evangelina Mosquero, NM

Very good quality eyeshadow

I really like the quality of this eye shadow. The pigmentation is very good and it’s not flaky at all. There is a bit of fallout, but it’s almost nothing. I do have an issue, but it’s not with the eye shadow itself: the picture shown here on amazon doesn’t really show the true color of it. The shade is actually much more lighter and it’s not a bronzey as it looks in the picture.

Bianca Saxon, WI

Not an exact dupe for Naked 2… but still worth it

I like this eye shadow, but don’t be fooled. It’s not a Mac/Urban Decay replacement. It’s a nice color, great to use as a base. It’s not quite as pigmented as the shadows in my Naked pallette, so I need to use more of this to get it to show up. It stays on relatively well, even better with a primer (I use Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer potion). I bought this because I heard it was a dupe for the "Bootycall" color from the Naked 2 pallette… but alas it is not. This one is lighter and is not as shimmery as Bootycall. Overall, it’s a great value for the price and you won’t regret it.

Maureen Washington, ME

Great color for blending and highlighting

NYX shadows are really great products ata really great price. This color is great for highlighting and blending, a must have for your makeup case.

Helene Rosebud, TX

True dark brown & wears all day

This shadow was a true dark brown & wears all day without re-applying. I used translucent powder over the shadow and wore it all day without it leaving a dark crease in the folds of my eyes.

Kathryn Harris, NC

Very Pigmented

Great color! It’s very pigmented so a little goes a long way. Can’t go wrong w/ NYX. All of their single eye shadows work great.

Rochelle South Burlington, VT

Pretty color but fell off…

Thought this was a great buy because I needed an orange, but it didn’t stay on, even with a primer! Won’t buy again.

Michell Prinsburg, MN

Perfect taupe (matte) color for fair skin

Though I didn’t buy this through Amazon, I just bought this matte “true taupe” color from the NYX collection and it is gorgeous. In the pan it doesn’t look special, but I’ve been looking for a cool taupe brown (not warm, with red undertones) to complement my very fair (with pink undertones) skin. I was looking for a matte taupe color that wasn’t too dark to wear on the weekends or on the days when I want to look polished but not completely glam-ed out. It’s light enough that you can keep it on the lid that rests on your eyeball and not worry about needing an even lighter color to blend it in. It’s just plain gorgeous. For more glamorous looks, you could use this as your blending/transition color (e.g., in the crease). It’s an extremely versatile color in this way. Use it as your main color or as a transition color. Very nice! I think I’ll buy a few more because I know I’ll use this a lot. I pat-and-push with a brush for a slightly deeper color, or just windshield-wipe on with a brush for an even sheerer color. It’s a fairly creamy powder, and I haven’t noticed any fall out. This stuff is comparable to Urban Decay or MAC for a fraction of the price…at least this particular color is. Oh, and “taupe pearl” is absolutely gorgeous, too, with a huge color pay off and a darker metallic sheen.

Jasmine Helix, OR


I had problems with fallout in the past with NYX products. Must have been a bad batch, because this is an amazing eyeshadow!

Cassandra Salamonia, IN

exactly as shown

easily the best eyeshadow on earth, lol. It is the exact color you see on your screen and it is so beautiful!

Sondra North Amherst, MA


ok, not as shiny or sparkly as I was hoping. But other than that it’s fine. The color is as shown.

Carla Mcallen, TX


NYX single eye shadows are the bomb!!they are best worn wet which allows them glide smoothly and makes it easy to apply.

Gabrielle Bellevue, KY