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NYX Sharpener

Looking sharp was rarely this breezy: our 2-in-1 makeup pencil sharpener fine-tunes both jumbo and regular size eye and lip pencils. Made of high-quality steel, it provides a smooth, effortless motion, while the inner casing collects shavings for a no-mess effort.

Key features

  • Two-in-one pencil sharpener
  • Perfectly sharpens both jumbo and regular pencils
  • Designed for durability

Honest reviews


does the job

its a sharpener. i dont know how it could be good or bad, it sharpens. does the trick so buy it and stop reading reviews already. the end

Jerry Gardendale, TX

It fits

I previously purchased about 4 sharpeners before I found one that fits both my nyx jumbo pencils and my Victorias secret chubby eye sticks. Finally I can sharpen all my dull liners and use them again!

Kate Williamston, SC

Don’t Bother!!!

IT DOESNT WORK!! This is a rip off. Cheaply made as well, had bought the NYX eyeshadow pencils and nothing was big enough to sharpen them, I waited because I didn’t want to spend so much on this thing!!!! I bought one at Sallys Beauty Supply for $1.99 that has 3 possible widths for your pencils…..worked like a charm…DON’T BUY THIS ONE!!

Bernadine North Hudson, NY

Easy to use, easy to clean

I was hunting for a sharpener big enough for my Urban Decay eye shadow pencils, and this fits them perfectly. It catches the shavings so you don’t make a mess while you’re sharpening, and both the top and bottom panels are removable for easy emptying and cleaning. The NYX sharpener is now one of my makeup bag essentials.

Leta Romulus, MI


I like to order these periodically because when they get dull they mess up the cosmetics. I will continue buying.

Francesca Utica, MN


It came pretty fast. It works great. It has two sides and makes sharpening all of my makeup pencils a breeze. It works perfectly to sharpen all of my pencils, even my non NYX ones. The only reason that I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because it was not packaged that well. It was wrapped up in a cardboard box with no padding which caused the sharpener to get pretty scratched up making it look used.

Lacy New Hampton, NY


Was having problems sharpening my kohl eyeliners, using other sharpeners the tip of my eyeliners will break or ended up with a fragile, thick tip hard to use. After reviewing what I could use or How I should sharpen those types of liners, I found out great reviews about the urban decay that costs $20 dlls. Then I found out this could be a good dupe, and it is indeed. Works good for slim and chubby pencils!! 🙂

Adrian Romulus, MI

very good,, easy to sharpen

Great product! Very easy to sharpen. Have used them for few months and this thing still sharp my pencils like brand new.

Darla Oakville, TX

Finally a sharpener that works!

I got this Nyx sharpener to sharpen my Urban Decay, L’Oreal Paris, Bobbi Brown, NYX, and many other brands of eyeliners, eyebrow pencils, and lip liners. I am very pleased with this product it sharpens all kinds of different brands perfectly and even fits jumbo eyeliners perfectly. Great product!

Gayle Bixby, OK

I threw it away

This sharpener is a piece of junk. It does not sharpen correctly, no matter how hard I tried to sharpen my pencil eyeliner, the tip would break, at first I thought I was sharpening really hard so I tried doing it lightly and the tip would still break, I got halfway down the pencil. Not worth it, I do NOT recommend this sharpener at all.

Rosa Fayetteville, GA

NYX Sharpener

This is a great little eyeliner sharpener. I bought it so I could sharpen my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Shadow Liner, but I love how it has a smaller sharpener hole for normal sized pencil liners. It sharpens well, and I’ve never had either a jumbo or regular liner break while sharpening. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a cheap yet great quality sharpener that gets the job done well.

Willa Alexander, ND

NYX sharpener for NYX products

This sharpener is perfect for all of NYX’s pencil products- lip liners, eyeliners, jumbo pencils. The size is a little off for other large shadow pencils but it is perfect for its purpose.

Mitzi Splendora, TX

Good Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener

Bought for my wife to sharpen her eyebrow pencils on. Works fine, she looks like a Disney witch now. Double blades and holes for different sizes of pencils.

Ladonna Cross Plains, TN

This eye liner pencil is the best

I love the NYX sharpener. It sharpens the eye liners & the lip liners pretty well. I did throw out the oldest eye liner sharpeners, they didn’t sharp very well and it looked very crappy. I said hello to the NYX sharpener for good. Buy it, eye liners & lip liners sharpens well than any other sharpeners.

Alba Medley, WV

Works better than other sharpeners

I guess the angle of the sharpener is the best part since it doesn’t turn my pencils into weird shapes… Also works perfectly with the NYX jumbo pencils… I learned after breaking a pencil that other sharpeners just don’t work.

Jacquelyn Wiota, IA

Thank Goodness

Finally, a good cheap sharpener. I need to order another one for as long as it took me to get one.

Sybil Stantonsburg, NC

NYX Sharpener

I love NYX. They really don’t disappoint and yet again, they didn’t disappoint. This is a great sharpener. I totally suggest buying it.

Dena Randlett, OK

A great little item

I was very pleased with this purchase. It does a great job on the big eye pencils that I love to use and also on the thinner ones for my brows. I would highly recommend this little tool.

Rita Benton, IL

Love it

Now I do not have to throw my dull eyeliner pencils away and buy another one until it is not pointy anymore. Other sharpeners just crush and ruin the pencil. This is very nice and smooth. Also, it has two holes; a regular and a bigger one for jumbo pencils. Thank you!

Gina Trafalgar, IN


I have an eye pencil that i could not find a sharpener for UNTIL NOW! Works great! love it! A must for chunky pencils

Valarie Swayzee, IN


Works great for my Avon Jumbo Pencils and my regular sized pencils. Keeps the shavings inside and with the clear top you know when you need to empty it. Pretty good little sharpener.

Jodie Camp, AR

All other sharpeners tossed out!

This is a terrific little sharpener. After using it a few times, I agree with other reviewers in that all the other random sharpeners that have been junking up my makeup case are now absolute crap and have been tossed out. The NYX sharpener works so smoothly that I don’t even bother to put my eyeliner pencils in the fridge before sharpening any more! It shaves easily and I haven’t lost a single point off my eye pencils, fat or slim. You won’t be sorry you purchased this.

Kristie Taconic, CT

Does what is suppose to do

I needed this to sharpen NYC longwear pencils because my other sharpener didn’t work. I like it. It does what it is suppose to do.

Kathleen Kenney, IL

Smooth sharpener

What can I say, it is a makeup sharpener, lol, how can you go wrong, it doesn’t mess up your pencils and leave you with split or chipped wood. For the price, its not bad,

Marla Peck, ID

My Pencil is Sharp!

I have been using the same, dirty eyeliner pencil sharpener for years – so I knew it was time to get a new one. There are a few top rated ones that come up through Amazon search – a few cheaper than this one, but this one had the most reviews, so I thought "why not." It works well and my eye pencil is sharp again! However, I don’t see how this one would be $2.00 more expensive than other to rated sharpeners.

Tonia Lordsburg, NM

Great sharpener!

It is still going strong after months of use. I like the fact that there is two hole sizes. Really good product!!

Socorro Sea Cliff, NY

It works great

This is just a really nice sharpener and it’s perfect for large and regular sized pencils. So basically I really like this, this is probably the best sharpener I’ve had.

Audra New York, NY

It seamed expensive

I didn’t realize that it was just a simple pencil sharpener, I would of bought one from office depot for 28 cents. Not 4.95 centsBut it is a good sharpener

Queen Ridgefield, WA

Good sharpener!

Good product, it does what it’s supposed to do, IT SHARPENS!! Also it can be used for other eye liner pencils besides NYX brand.

Essie Burton, MI

cheap, works = happy

This works for regular sized and jumbo sized pencils. I use it for my NYX eyebrow wax pencil and for other eyelines pencils.It’s not perfect as it wastes a bit of product when you sharpen but it’s not too bad. When the product is on the waxy side, the product sometimes gets stuck but easy enough to clean the sharpener out with a q-tip.Overall, a solid product.

Tabatha Mc Clellandtown, PA