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NYX Round Case Lipstick Lip Cream 529 Thalia

NYX Cosmetics Round Lipstick Lip Cream 529 Thalia. A velvet-textured lipstick formulated with mineral oils to provide moisturizing benefits and rich colors. NYX’s top selling lipstick, the Round Lipstick offers long-lasting, non-smudging color.

Key features

  • A velvet-textured lip cream formulated with rich color and moisturizers
  • The round lipstick is creamy yet non-smudging and long-lasting
  • The color you see on the lipstick is the color you get on the lips

Honest reviews



As with all NYX round lipsticks, the consistency is extremely creamy. This color comes off as mauve/rose with neutral undertones.

Jennie West Middleton, IN

Love This But I’m Amused At Lipstick Reviews

First and most importantly (to me), I personally love this lipstick. I love the smooth application, the texture and smell. I agree with an earlier reviewer that it provides a clean, polished look. I too would call it a nude with pink undertones.That said, it’s a bit unfair to review a lipstick based on color. We all have our own color preferences! What may be ‘nude’ to one person, isn’t to another. And We know that colors on the ‘web can be truly deceiving.So I’m quite amused at all the negative reviews of lipstick because someone may not like the color. To me, a quality lipstick is one that goes on smoothly, isn’t sticky and feels good on your lips. :^D

Sonia Clarendon, AR


This lipstick feels really moisturizing and luscious. The color is just lighter than my own lip color, so it looks very natural, but mostly it feels really good!

Lucile Jefferson Valley, NY

Great Lipstick!!!!

Great Lip Cream. Beautiful Color. I was looking for something that’s a little nude in color, and this did the job. Very Neutral and Would Recommend.

Roxanne Imlay City, MI

The perfect nude/pink

I am not one to wear lipstick but this has made the exception! It’s the perfect nude with pink undertones. It glides on creamy, and looks very nude. I smooth it out with my index finger or a lipstick brush so it sets more pink. Its my first lipstick I have bought that I’m completely happy with and don’t have buyers remorse!

Gladys Eldena, IL

It Is Indeed Creamy

Like the description says, its creamy. At least it is for me, and I’ve been through a lot of lipsticks that claim to be moisturizing and fall short. And I found the color to be long-lasting, which is just as important as moisturizing!

Thelma Hoxie, AR


really pretty simple color. not too flashy, i would think compliments any season. a rosey nude-ish hue. goes on smooth

Laura Huntington, IN

product is ok…color is not

this color looks NOTHING like the shared reviewers photos. its like dark purple…not even slightly nude or pinkish. sad. i’ll never wear this shade.

Annie Reno, OH

Good lipstick

For the price, you can’t beat a good lipstick like this. The color is nice although it is a bit darker than I was expecting. But that’s not a huge deal as I usually slick on some lip gloss over my lipsticks anyway, so I wear a lighter pink/peach color on top of this and it’s very pretty! The texture is nice and creamy and long-lasting too.

Josie Clyman, WI

Great Lipstick

Wife says looks great, lasts a long time, and doesn’t get sticky or clumpy. She also loves the color…and so do I.

Connie Poplar Bluff, MO


Beautiful color, awesome, creamy consistency. Only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is I just wish it would last longer.

Lilian Clovis, NM

Love it!

I am giving this product a 5 star because it is the best lipstick color I have ever tired. The lipstick goes on very nicely and does not dry your lips. Definitely try it if you are Indian 🙂

Meagan Massey, MD


An amazing delicious creamy long lasting color XD it is kind of nude with light purple shade? You will love it

Rosalind Bryn Mawr, PA


It’s the color that I’ve been looking, love everything about it: is so creamy, nice case. Definitively I’ll continue buying NYX Round Lipsticks.

Bonnie Suttons Bay, MI

Thalia Lipstick

Very pretty color. Glides on easily and matches my skin tone perfectly. It’s a purplish brownish color. Very lovely color, now I know why Thalia is a popular color.

Maxine Chatham, VA