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NYX Mood Lip Gloss, Romantic Love, 0.41 Fluid Ounce

In the mood for love? This astonishing lip gloss goes on clear and then self-adjusts in just five seconds to a gorgeous shade of reddish pink. NYX mood lip gloss a real transformer and a reliable performer.

Key features

  • Love-themed mood lip glosses in 4 different colors and scents
  • Lip gloss goes on one shade then self-adjusts in just five seconds to another gorgeous shade
  • Provides a soothing moisturizing texture of relief with a hint of color

Honest reviews



This lip gloss just like any other colored lip gloss, except that the color does not appear evenly.The color unevenly turns pink/red. Also, the pink/reddish color is not that pretty. It’s almost identical to regular pink/red colored lip glosses. I wouldn’t recommend this.

Sallie Lebam, WA

it’s a love/hate relationship

On the one hand, I love this lip gloss. it goes on clear but then changes into a subtle candy apple red/pink shade. a very natural and healthy looking shade that goes with everyhing and your dont’ look heavily made up. Unfortunately, i find myself thinking twice about using this gloss because of the heavy and funky chemically taste and smell of this lip gloss. and it gets worse if you drink something with the gloss on cause your beverage will have the funky weird taste as well. I wish they can change the formulation and take care of this problem. it’s really a 3.5 star.

Tammy Williamsburg, IN

Love this!

At first, the pinkness threw me a little. But after about ten minutes, I loved it. I get so many compliments. It isn’t a blazing pink, but it definitely adds color. The color stays after the shine of the gloss wears off. It is a definite goto now for me as I am pretty low maintenance and this is not hard to maintain. I am on the paler side of dark complected…like a pale Spanish or Italian complexion…this is a thick gloss that turns a deep pink when applied. It isn’t a bright or harsh pink, but I normally wear browns and raisin colors so i am not used to pinks.As a side note, I have worn this over darker brown lipstick and it ads a very pretty pink hue and shine!

Corrine Berlin Heights, OH

Love the color.

When it comes to affordable makeup brands, NYX is my favorite. They always have something new to try. I seen this gloss while browsing Amazon. The color is great, but I think it was a little sticky. I just wish it was less "tacky", that is why it did not get five stars.

Velma Glen Cove, ME

Perfect Gloss!

I had the blue gloss and loved it because of the incredible shine (even though the blue never changed colors for me), and it lasts a long time. This made me want to try this one as reviewers said this one did leave a color on your lips. I LOVE THIS ONE! The great pink color is very natural looking and it stays on, so even if you wear the gloss off the color is still there. Just a nice rosy pink that looks very natural. This one too has the amazing high gloss as my other one, I get compliments every time I wear it. It is by far the best gloss I’ve ever used, and this one with the nice stain is just a huge plus, especially for summer.

Evelyn Esmond, ND

lip gloss/lip stain in one!

I’m a real sucker for anything that changes colour, so I couldn’t pass this up. The gloss comes out of the tube clear and then turns pink after a few minutes on your lips. The pink is a subtle shade that’s not too bright and looks like your lips are naturally a bit pinkish. The great thing is that even if your gloss wears off during the day, the pink stain stays on.The only thing I don’t like about it is the sickly sweet artificial smell it has (like a few other lip glosses I’ve used in the past) but it’s not a big deal to me so I’m still giving this 5 stars.

Patsy Turtle Lake, WI

Beautiful Pink!

I love this lip gloss! I wore it out with my friends not expecting anything more than a typical gloss, but as the night went on it turned my lips a beautiful shade of pink that lasted for HOURS! I would go so far as to say this acts as a lip stain and gloss in one. It’s now one of my favorite lip products! It’s inexpensive and just as good (or better!) as the expensive brands.

Kayla Papaikou, HI