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NYX Matte Lipstick, Nude

NYX matte lipsticks are highly pigmented, richly formulated lipsticks that glide on smoothly, stay put and impart a non-glossy, high-fashion matte finish as they envelop lips in brilliant color. From pure red to nude, matte lipstick is available in 22 rich, shades.

Key features

  • Highly pigmented, richly formulated lipstick envelop lips in brilliant color
  • Glides on smoothly, stay put and impart a non-glossy, high-fashion matte finish
  • Easy-to-apply formula that stays put all day

Honest reviews


Great Cheaper Lipstick Alternative

I have these lipsticks in Whipped Caviar (Matte), Butter (Matte), and Euro Trash (Round).Although these lipsticks are, in my opinion, not really the same quality as a brand like MAC, I believe they are some of the best cheaper options available on the market today. They are creamy, non-drying, and are very well pigmented. I have bought many colors so far, both on Amazon and from places like Ulta. For the price, these lipstick are an amazing deal.As far as the colors, I think Euro Trash was a bit more glossy than I expected, but it’s still a beautiful color. I think it might be more of a shiny version of the Matte in Butter.Some things to note: it’s best to make sure your lips are exfoliated. Dryness seems to cause this lipstick to patch up and cause the roughness in your lips to stand out, but that’s pretty standard. Although I find the staying power on these SO much better than brands I find in Wal Mart like Revlon, I still find myself applying these fairly frequently, maybe once every two hours, give or take. It seems to smudge very easily, too. Even when I blot, it smears onto tissues even when they just gently brush by my lips.If you have a lip gloss or balm that isn’t a runny consistency, I find that it helps to “seal” this lipstick. I use Mirenesse Lip Bomb, as I find the Nyx glosses are a bit too liquidy in consistency and thin my lipstick out, causing it to smear around and give less coverage. I also find Nyx lip glosses a bit too intense and glossy for every day or work purposes.Everyone has such great things to say about the Revlon lipsticks, but I found those to be thinner in comparison, and much more clingy to imperfections as well. I think with Nyx lipsticks, less is needed and they stay a bit better than the standard revlon sticks you find at Wal Mart. Love that the Nyx lipsticks don’t make my lips super dry as well.For the price range: this is my favorite brand. Will definitely be trying more colors in the future.

Bernadette Waverly, IA

Color mismatch & flaky look

I’ve seen a lot of recommendations about this lipstick, and thought I would get the Hippie Chic for its nudy, slightly pink color. Well, as can be expected of buying makeup online, the color doesn’t match what’s on the screen (it’s less nude, more pink, and brighter/color stands out).HOWEVER, when I applied it, it did make my lips look nuder, and with a bit of lip gloss I can get it to look like what I wanted it to.BUT, there is another down side to it: when applied, the lipstick gets a bit flaky at certain deeper creases of your lips. It’s fine if someone’s looking from afar or on a camera/in photo, but if someone gets close enough in real life they’d be able to see these conspicuous spiderwebs on your lips. Putting on lip gloss doesn’t help either. None of my other lipsticks/lip gloss does this.

Josephine Campbellton, TX


Love love love this lipstick. So much so that I purchased another soon after. No complaints about the delivery or the product. Highly recommend it.

Gina Williamstown, NJ

Best Lipstick

I just got hooked on lipstick, which is a little odd because the last lipstick I bought before my obsession (Bobbi Brown’s Party Alice) wasn’t amazing. But this is better than BB, it doesn’t dry my lips out and the color lasts for the whole day. I’m medium skinned and Tea Rose is my color. I apply when I leave for work/school in the morning and when I come home at night, it’s still on! I’ve gotten countless compliments for my new color.

Suzanne Callahan, FL

Literally like greasy chalk…

Okay — maybe the color isn’t too bad. But honesty this won’t even look smooth on a balloon! My lips are always exfoliated and I never have issues with clumpy looking lipstick, but this stuff goes directly into lip creases and just looks awful!!

Nicole Pachuta, MS

not a good shade of red

I put this on and its more like a orange color. Its definitely not a "pure red". I never wore it just threw it away. I like nyx brand but this lipstick is not for me. I bought Revlon lipstick in red and that was a much better choice.

Latoya Rockland, MA

Love it

I love all NYX products and this lipstick is a really beautiful color, goes well with my skin, and literally wears with any color cloths except orange or maroon. I love it!

Kristin Willamina, OR


i love thislipstick.ik actually bought it thinking it was pink but the color i saw when opened highly pleased more of a subtle purple/ not loud ,i really did find thematte effect a plus .loved itplus shipping was fast and product was intact

Pam New Albin, IA

Nice Color But…

It’s very drying as most matte lipsticks are. I already have very dry lips to begin with so I recommend moisturizing a lot if you plan on using (really any) this matte lipstick. Also, exfoliate with a lip sugar scrub to remove any of the skin that can look like flakes, then put a lip primer on.I know it sounds like “you have to do a thousand things to wear this!” but really it’s not that bad. Lately when I am not wearing lip stick I wear lip balm. Then when I want to wear this I apply the primer and dab this on using my fingers or a lip brush. I don’t recommend slathering it on just straight from the tube. Layering it and blending are the way to go.After saying all that, I do really love the color! It reminds me a lot of 60s/70s fashion (so the name is perfect). The formula is also creamy so it applies nicely when I use my lip brush or finger. It’s a good little lipstick for the price.

Rosanna Millis, MA

Feels Cheap

Right away upon receiving it I noticed that the plastic tube felt cheap and brittle. The lipstick itself had a thick, sticky texture that did not go on smoothly. It seems to have some staying power, which is a point in its favor. Or would be, if it didn’t look about as cheap as it feels. It’s not a product I would buy again.

Eddie Zullinger, PA

beautiful lipstick, looks good on everyone!

I wasn’t sure what to expect with such a pink lipstick (don’t usually wear pink), but surprisingly, it looks very attractive! It’s quite true to its actual color on the lips and has good texture. I am Asian and I think it looks fine as long as you don’t put on a ton of it (I usually layer it over something more sheer). My friends tried it too and it looks good on them as well.

April Eden, NY

Color is strange,

I ordered this lipstick in nude, thinking it would be more tan/flesh color. When i tried it on it ended up being some weird alien orange color that looks totally unnatural. I love NYX products, but the color of this one is just too weird.

Cortney Clarksdale, MO


This lipstick is a dark pink. I have fair skin with yellow undertones, blue eyes, and medium brown hair, and it looks very dark on me. I wanted a natural looking pink, but this isn’t it. It might be for someone with darker skin though. The color is rich and long lsating and isn’t too drying. Regardless, I think it’s a very pretty color to wear at night. I probably won’t purchase it again, but I don’t see anything wrong with it. Just wasn’t what I was looking for.

Shirley Potrero, CA

Darker than picture reveals

I purchased this lipstick because I like Matte & in the picture on Amazon it looked like a pretty pink called ” ANGEL” well it’s alot darker in color than the picture. I made me look washed out with my skintone. and it was so drying that it seperates on your lips and loooks very drying. It gathers in the corners of your mouth literally and you have to apply again and again and then it looks awful and orangy/dark pink. Very dissappointed now especially for the price! I thought I liked it when I first put it on but now it’s going in the trash.

Krista Princeton, MA

NYX Matte Lipstick, Nude

NYX Matte Lipstick, Nude is very good. And the color is fantastic. Loved it! is my favorite.I recommend to everyone.

Carmen Wanchese, NC

Loving so far

I have medium/dark skin and I have been looking for a matte lipstick that would give a nice pop to my lips without looking outrageous with my skin tone. This color works well for my skin, but you have to use it wisely. I dab it on so I can have more control over the color and while the lipstick does go on smooth it leaves mt lips feeling kind of dry. Nothing an application of baby lips in grape vine can’t fix, but still an overall great lipstick

Stacie Grapeland, TX

Five Stars

Beautiful color and nice consistency. Item exactly as described.

Angie Riegelwood, NC

Not very nude…

I bought the shad in “nude” and it was very, very pink. It might have been a cool color pink, but it was matte so I looked like I was wearing my grandmother’s lipstick. It was very nice, however, when I applied just a little bit and blended it with my finger.

Patti Oran, MO

Great Product

This lipstick is a beautiful color. I love this color, this is my first time using nyx lipstick matte. I’m happy with the purchase.

Darlene Columbiana, OH

ugly color

i didnt like it when i put it on it looked cheap, also it seems like a color someone with a dark fake tan would use, it like and organe pink color.

Queen Clarington, PA

its okay

not the color i was hoping it to be its a dark purply pinkish color wouldn’t repurchase again right now im trying to use it up by applying it in patting motions over another color

Georgette Ovid, CO

eh.. just ok

The color was much more peachy and bright than I expected. It was all smeared in the tube, and the tip was smooshed upon arrival. The lipstick was loose in the box, and the poor packaging probably causes the damage. I still would like to try other colors in the NYX line, but I am as impressed as I thought I would be.

Genevieve Pikeville, NC


my go too lippe for dressin up or down or jus want a stand out look to have all eyes on you very pigmented sexy and matte!!

Odessa Gap Mills, WV


I love so far all the NYX products they are very affordable and good pigment and formula. Will order more of course!

Melody Scotland, GA

Tea Rose – nice pink for WOC

I purchased this as a spring lipstick – I am a caramel brown complexion & its pink but not too light – depending on what you like it could need a liner. It’s a velvety consistency initially but quickly dries matte.

Keri Riverside, WA


Perfect red is really the perfect red lipstick! It’s matte but not drying at all. The pigmentation is beautiful. It lasted all night. Love!

Leola Suncook, NH


The color is great. It is pink, vibrant and matte!! My lips are being very dry lately and this lipstick makes them worse! I still could use it with a gloss on top, but then it looses the matte finish I was looking for. I think there are other brands that offer matte lipsticks without drying out more your lips. It may wok on normal lips. Give at try, at least for the colors.

Eugenia Ridgeway, SC

I love it

What a pretty lipstick this is for such a low cost. I saw this was compared to "yum yum" Candy. This was a lot better bargain. Thank you!

Eloise El Portal, CA

Awful Color!!

This lipstick is worst than Revlon Matte Nude… It’s very orange/pink… not nude… at least the Revlon Matte Nude is not such a weird color!!Too expensive to buy it here too!! Much less elsewhere…

Leah Chartley, MA

Not for me…..

I just wanted a pink lipstick, and it just makes my mouth look really I just dont look like myself.I do want to try this, with a lipgloss over, maybe that will change my view, but not for me….

Sherrie Portland, NY