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NYX Liquid Crystal Liner, Crystal Pink, 0.17 Ounce

NYX cosmetics liquid crystal liner mixes intense color with finely milled glitter for a perfectly dazzling effect. The liners are available in a variety of hip and eye-catching shades, and the fine point applicator is perfect for drawing precise lines of glitter for a show stopping effect. Liquid liner that combines sparkle with intense color. Thin brush draws precise lines of glitter on the eye. Infused with moisturizers to hydrate and condition.

Key features

  • Liquid liner that combines sparkle with intense color
  • Thin brush draws precise lines of glitter on the eye
  • Infused with moisturizers to hydrate and condition

Honest reviews


Clumpy and comes off

I got this in the pink as well as the gold and champagne and they are really fun to add a little sparkle to your regular makeup routine. I have been wearing the pink on my upper lid for the past few days and it really doesn’t seem to stay on for the whole day. I wore it on the lower lash line and it seemed to just wear off and clump in little glitter pieces. It ended up looking like a little girl playing with kids makeup! Just for a night out it is okay but it won’t last for the whole day.

Heather Fairview, SD

Used it for Fairy Kisses

Honestly, I don’t use this as liner. My daughter thinks that the tooth fairy is all glittery and drops glitter stuff. All over the bed, the kid, and the house. Well, our tooth fairy does. So I had an old tube of glitter blue eye liner. I used it to put fairy "footprints" on her bed. She was over the moon the next morning. So while looking for more glitter to sprinkle (did I mention EVERYWHERE) I saw this liner.Used it for the first time on vacation. It shows up beautifully and has staying power. She thinks that the fairy kissed her face. It stayed on all day until she showered.Good times! Excellent value for the price.

Casey Loma, MT

love it love it love it!

This eyeliner is soooo pretty, & it goes on so easy with no skipped spots. It brightens your eyes up and really shows off the color of them. I am now a permanent customer for this product. It was a great price and arrived in 5 days. It is a great product for everyone from 16 to 60(or more). I am 57 and I love it! I will shop at forever.

Kathleen Ebensburg, PA

I like this…

It’s fun and a sassy! Pink sparkle is hard to find, so I was glad to be able to find this online! I would definitely recommend.

Elizabeth Onia, AR

Very pretty liner

This NYX glitter liner is really very pretty. I got it in the color “crystal pink”. This is a darker pink and it almost even looks a little bit purple but it is still a great color. Basically this product is glitter suspended in a clear base. It has a very thin brush applicator. I think that it applies easily and smoothly. It is quite easy to get a very precise line. Once it dries it does seem to stay put quite well. Really there is so much glitter it looks almost like a solid metallic liner than glitter from a distance. You can also use this on your eyelashes to add a little extra sparkle. Overall this is beautiful effect and great quality for the price.Of note: On thing I found somewhat amusing is that even though this is eyeliner….the one I bought had a warning label that stated “not intended to be used around the eye area”. I find that it is quite difficult to not use eyeliner around the eye area….LOL. Perhaps this is to protect them for legal action if you happen to get an eyeload of glitter.

Tisha Rio, IL

Good, But…

It’s a good color. I got it as a gift for my friend and she absolutely loved it. However, it isn’t a lot of product for the price.

Natalie Hazel Green, WI