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NYX Eyeshadow Base Eye Shadow Primer ALL 3 Colors

Eye Shadow Primer

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One of the Best!

One of the best primers I have used. It really keeps your shadow on!

Beulah Bogart, GA

I got what I ordered.

This arrived on schedule with time to spear. Each go on very smoothly and work better than anticipated. I recommend this product to makeup lover who is looking for a good quality product to help keep their eye shadow on. I would definitely buy from this buyer again.

Lakisha East Galesburg, IL


I really love this product! I don’t know how I could live without it!The "skin" color is perfect for all types or skin (I’m a medium type and it works VERY well) (I wish have a 3-package of this)The white one REALLY POP-UP the colors of your shadows but it’s a little hard to blend.And the shimmery one… I haven’t used it yet.I recommend it. =)

Noreen Desha, AR

Amazing product

I am very pleased with this product. The order arrived fast and the product lasts you a long time, you dont need to apply much.

Elba Jersey City, NJ

Pretty good

These are pretty good but not as good as my Rimmel primer but it’s a great price for all three

Rosanna Sprakers, NY

I use the skin tone one.

I personally use the skin tone one frequently i only put a VERY small amount over each eye lid and then apply a earthen tone eyeshadow and or powder. This works nicely and looks lovely. I have read where some girls are experiencing an oily smear later on, when i first began using this product i also had this problem so i cut down the amount i was using and BAM perfect after that. I had no more smear on my crease line. As for the hold up of eyeshadow it stays on perfectly all day until i wash it off. I love this product it keeps my eyeshadow looking flawless all day and night. This will be a continued part of my eye beauty routine.

Brenda Bristol, GA

Best eye shadow primer I have used! Great price for three!

I bought one primer six months ago at around $7 at a local store- This is a great price for all three- When I don’t use my eyeshadow bleeds on to my eye lids making me look like a clown… I use the base colors depending on how bright my shadow is going to be, and how tired I am. The Pearl color seems to make me looks less sleepy and makes my eyes pop more- A little goes a long way as well- Love my NYX primers- So affordable compared to other premier products, works better then my Urban Decay primers..

Antionette Milford, IA

Say “Wow” with your eyes!!

I love this stuff! When you use the white the colors of your eyeshadow just POP! It also has some amazing staying power too. I haven’t tried the pearl one yet, but I am sure I will love it too! Thank you RuPaul’s Drag Race for featuring Nyx cosmetics!! Do you remember they gave a lifetime supply to the Queen who won…Wish it had been me! I love all of the Nxy products that I have tried…I highly recommend this set of primers to anyone who wants to say "WOW" with their eyes!!

Denise Alexander, ND

eye shadow base

This is an easy product to use and it seems to work very well in preventing your eye shadow from dreading.

Miranda Peach Springs, AZ


I had already had a primer base but when I got this awsome item I was in aw love this you can do so much with this item like line your lower eyes and put on your favorite shadows on like a super model you should just buy this and then go on UTube to learn the proper way to use this item buy buy buy trust me you can go wrong and every women will think a professional makeup artist did your makeup I promise you that!!!

Terri Galion, OH

Not bad but I don’t like that much

As a MUA I don’t find NYX base eye shadow primer to work the way I thought they would. They tend to go on thick and pasty and it takes a bit of blending to get them to even out. Also, they also tend to crease a bit which can be frustrating when applying loose powder shadow. When applying a primer I want something smooth to go on the lid since it’s so sensitive (the skin is delicate here) and I don’t want to have to rub, or pull a product on the lid. I wouldn’t purchase these again.

Joan Hanscom Afb, MA

Great Product, Love It!

I am very pleased with this product. I’ve been wanting to by these for a while but just never had the time. I’m glad I finally did! I use them all the time. It makes my eyeshadow pop in color and it lasts all day long. You don’t need to apply much. A little does go a long way! I’m buying again in the future!

Leola Powersite, MO

Use daily.

This works good. I like being able to switch it up and use the different colors for different eyeshadows. It really helps the eyeshadow color pop more, and stay on longer. I doesn’t last all day, but it is better than just straight eyeshadow.

Georgette New Berlin, WI