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NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder, Black/Gray

Our recipe for cooking up exquisite eyebrows includes wax, tools and a pair of complementary powders, black and gray, which can be customized to create the ideal shade. Each eyebrow cake powder kit includes a slanted brush and a round wand to shape, style and tame eyebrows.

Key features

  • Eyebrow compact that includes two shades of powder to fill in and define brows and a pot of wax to hold brows in place
  • Shades can be blended for a natural match
  • Kit includes a slanted brush for precise application and a roundwand to shape and style

Honest reviews



Am using it for gray hairs and thinning scalp and smoky eyes,that’s it i can’t write more because you demand it

Terra Enka, NC

Like Anastasia only cheaper!

I bought this due to the fact that it got great reviews on another makeup review site and I needed to replace my Anastasia Soare eyebrow powder without having to rebuy it for another $22. I wanted to see if I could get similiar without spending the extra money.Well, I did this product works just as well – same amount of pigmentation in the brow, better colour (ash brown) and very workable and buildable colour.Excellent for your brows and for a great price!

Frankie Avawam, KY

Excellent – minus the wax???

I agree with one of the other customer reviews that this product was just thrown in a box, no outside packaging, no product literature, nothing. I wouldn’t have known what that clear “wax” was had I not read the customer reviews. I think they could have left the wax out –it’s greasy –as soon as I put it on I my eyebrow powder just smeared right off. I had been using Maybelline brow powder and I do like this one better– I can actually use either brown and it looks really nice. It looks more natural. I also use my Maybelline brow powder brush to put it on; I didn’t like the brush that came with it. But for setting my brow powder, I still prefer my Maybelline clear great lash. .I think I’ll be purchasing this again and again–when you find something you really like you stick with it. Sorry Maybelline you’ve been replaced.

Mandy Walkerville, MI

You get what you pay for.

This product is really cheap and you can tell when you get it.It comes with an angled eyebrow brush and spooly brush which are both made of hard plastic material.The pigment has a red tint and the darkest powder is actually pretty light when applied.If you have light brown hair, it would work. Or red hair, it would be even better.However, brunettes and black haired girls will be disappointed.

Marguerite Flasher, ND

it’s perfect for me

I have dark brown/black hair, and my eyebrows are even darker. Don’t know why it’s so hard to find black/grey colors at the store. The only colors available are the light tones and light to medium browns. I can’t be that unique! Anyway, I love the wax, it keeps everything in and the two tones are perfect for blending. For the price, this was awesome. I would highly recommend.

Helen East Dover, VT

the eyes have it

I have only used this product once because I find using a pencil (purchased at the same time) works better and is easier to apply. This product is a good one and I will use it.

Amparo Plymouth, WA

You look good, not made up, very natural.

I had never heard of this company but figured I’d give it a try, the price was right. I have sensitive skin and it hasn’t bothered my face at all. I love the application tools, they are small but easy to hold and use. The powder is lightweight and looks good, not heavy. The wax-y stuff holds your brows in place and keeps them shiny all day. You look good, not made up.

Fay Groveton, TX

Best for Auburn Hair!

This is the ONLY brow powder I’ve ever tried for reddish hair that doesn’t turn chester cheeto orange on me. I use the dark color when my glaze is fresh and the lighter one the rest of the time. I love that it comes with the spoolie. The wax is nice for when my skin is dry but I otherwise don’t use it. Go ahead and throw away the brush that comes with it unless you plan to use it with the wax. The color payoff and the staying power is stop notch and the price is unbeatable. I have used all range of products, high end/ prestige to drug store brand and this is the only make up product I continually stick with.

Ann Conway, WA

Good quality, inexpensive product

I have auburn hair and very blonde eyebrows. I have had a hard time finding eyebrow grooming products that are marketed for people with auburn/red hair, and this fit the bill. I have found that the combination of these two powders can be blended to match my natural hair color well. I use my own brushes rather than the brushes included as they are a bit on the tiny side. Overall, this is a great product.

Cheryl Winston, GA

it looks powdery

it looks powdery and unnatural. I think an eyebrow pencil is a better option. I do like the wax for the few hairs I have that want to stand at attention.

Leann Reserve, NM


I keep this stuff with me at all times because I have Alopecia of the eyebrows(Irish curse) and this is a must-have for me and all the other eyebrowless women out there.

Effie Watson, MO

I like it

Please keep in mind that I am new to makeup and only kinda sorta know what I’m doing :)I have strawberry blond hair, my brows are really light and blond. I use the color on the right. The color on the left is too red for me (it doesn’t look red until its ON your brow) so unfortunately it’s going to go to waste. It seems to last several hours.The size is surprisingly small so it will travel very well. The lid closes rather securely. The angled brush is rather stiff and plasticky so you may want to use your own. The spoolie brush is rather, I don’t know… harsh? pokey? Maybe they’re supposed to be like that?There is definitely enough product to make this worth the price. I wouldn’t mind trying something similar after or even before it runs out, just so I can have a more matching color, but for now this is as good as it can get for what I can afford.

Hattie Cedar Glen, CA

NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder, Auburn/Red

Great color that matches my auburn hair and includes two brushes (application and shaping). I ordered two, one for home use and one to pack in my travel bag and so glad I did.

Tanya Clam Gulch, AK

It’s only Okay

I bought it because it was cheap, and it surely is cheap. It’s smaller than I had expected and the pot of wax is messy to deal with. The black was still a little too dark for me, so it takes me some time to make the color more charcoal. But overall, it still does the job.

Earline Sac City, IA

Great, Inexpensive Alternative

Every year I qualify for Sephora’s VIB card, so I spend more than $400 on makeup. That’s ridiculous. I’m trying to tone it down and I bought this to replace an Anastasia eyebrow product. It’s great. The color is a little dark for any true blonde, but I use the lightest shade and it stays for the day. Overall I recommend.

Adriana East Brookfield, MA

Great for Brunettes

I have brown hair and even darker brown brows. Black looks horrible but these colors are dark enough to not contrast horribly with my natural hair color but at the same time they dont make my brows super dark. I find i used the lighter shade during the day and the darker one at night. The wax is also pretty handy. The tools are small but that makes this so much more portable. Overall a pretty cheap but worthy product.

Lacy Nesmith, SC

Works Well…

This little kit works well for what it is, not sure I would pay much more than the $6 I paid for it though. I read some of the other reviews that says that it doesn’t come with instructions, but what makeup does? Eye shadow, blush, mascara, eye liner, lip liner, lipstick… foundation… none of these things come with instructions, so I don’t understand why this product would be any different. You just take a little wax though, smooth it into your brow, and then add color. I didn’t have to mix mine to get a match and it did significantly enhance the depth of my eyebrows… so, I am happy about that. Other reviewers stated that the brushes are on the cheap side, and they were right, I’d like to have seen a mini lash and brow groomer (I’ve seen those done well) rather than a mini mascara wand… and, the angle brush could have been a little thinner (I have at least 3 other angle brushes thinner than this one), but overall, I feel you get what you pay for. The wax, when used correctly is not too thin, not too thick, not too shiny, and the color held up well over hours of wear. So, this little kit works well and I would definitely buy it again, even though I kind of think this powder is gonna last a long time since you don’t need much to do it well.

Stella Reyno, AR

Love The Product, The Color, Not So Much.

I LOVE NYX products. They make professional grade makeup at an affordable price. My issue was not with this product. The color, however was off. This is supposed to be for a person with cool toned light brown hair. I found that the color was harshly dark, and not at all for someone with light brown hair. It also seemed to have just the slightest twinge of a reddish cast to it. For me, it was just too dark for my fair skin.

Jacklyn Fawn Grove, PA

Eyebrow kit

This kit is so amazing. I love it so much. It looks extremely natural. I have black hair and olive toned skin. I would definitely buy this again.

Edith Greenwell Springs, LA

This thing is awful…

The idea is fantastic. A super small case with two powder cakes, two little brushes and some wax. It sounds awesome!However the powder is on some weird voodoo magic stuff that makes it look like the perfect shade of brown, but once it’s on your brows, *POOF!* you’ve got red eyebrows -__-If you have dark brown eyebrows like myself, don’t waste your money on the dark brown/brown one. It’s way too red, it makes me look like I’m trying to make people think I’m a ginger who dyed her hair brown… or like I’m insane…

Jaclyn Atlanta, IL

could use an extra brush

Shouldn’t there be an extra brush for the wax part? or you just mix it up? My other similar products came with two different applicators for wax and powder. The colors are great though.

Bobbi Purdy, MO

Was Not For Me

I have brown hair, its not very dark and looking at the other eye brow kits the others looked as if they would be too dark for me.The blonde kit matched pretty good, but I did not like the results it gave, I was hoping for a natural look but the brushes were very stiff and I tried the wax and it did not really do anything

Tonia Franklin, MO

Pretty decent product

I have dark brown/black hair, and these colors work well with me. I used to use a lighter brown/taupe, but it had too much red in it for me. I find eyebrow pencils are okay to fill in, but don’t do anything for the crazy brow hairs! This set works well. The wax helps control the brow hairs, the two colors are easily mixed to help with a more "natural" look. The two tools are amazingly appropriate too. I use this product by dipping the brush tool lightly into the wax, then two times "gently" in each color (back and forth)…then start in the middle of my brow (in case it’s too dark, it’s not at an edge)…then gently fill in my brows and repeat. I’ll apply a light layer of just one of the powders (or mix) to set the wax, then use the spoolie to even anything out as necessary. It takes just a few moments, and my brows look hundreds times better with NO red hue.

Lakeisha Ola, AR

Poor quality

I’ll start off by saying I know the price is low, but I was still disappointed by the quality, especially given the good reviews this product has received. I’ve been looking for an eyebrow-filler in powder form because I think the pencil I use gives a heavy look. I ordered this, but don’t like it.My main issue is with the brushes it comes with–both are very hard plastic, and are too stiff to work well. I tried using brushes I have, which worked better, but still not well. I have medium brown hair and found the brown too dark–it looked like dirt on my eyebrows, which was definitely NOT the look I was going for. I’m not sure why this was, as the brown looked like the correct shade. I’ll be trying another product, and would not recommend this one.

Alice Rocky Mount, NC

Brow Obsessed lady loves this product

This is the perfect brow kit. If you have beautiful eyes but imperfect, straggly, unruly blonde brows like me, you’ll love it. The wax paired with the kit makes certain that my brows stay in place and look professional. I started to buy a separate brow wax but I’m glad I bought these together in one little kit. Don’t use too much wax, a little goes a long way.

Helen Lewis, WI


I have dark/black eyebrow hair, and I use the gray one to fill in and it looks so natural and beautiful. Highly recommend for people with black/dark eyebrow hairs.

Bethany Dixmont, ME

Drop the pencil in the garbage!

This is fantastic! Love it! I use the wax after applying the powder. There wasn’t any instructions. I use the gray more than the black. I touch it in the black and then several swipes on the gray does the trick for me. I will never go back to the pencil again!

Valarie Dixon, MO

NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder, Dark Brown/Brown NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder, Dark Brown/Brown

its cheap and its ok for the price. I cant afford high end brands las ABH so this its quite nice.But the color doesnt last all day, the brushes are so small, but de wax its great, le powder has nice pigmentation.If you have the right tools ill work fine.

Evangeline Albers, IL

not bad

It does what it says it’ll do, except for the wax. It doesn’t really do anything to my eyebrows. I love that it has a gray powder, because black can sometimes look too overpowering.

Olivia Beaver, KY

Comparable to MAC eyebrow pencils

Works great and matches my eyebrows perfectly. Great find and very cost effective. Better than $15 for a skinny eyebrow pencil!

Dana Grandy, MN