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NYX Eye Brow Shaper Wax

Tame unruly eyebrows with this ingenious wax eye brow sharper pencil. The blend of waxes is enriched with vitamin E and leaves arches in tip-top condition and impeccable shape, with just a few strokes.

Key features

  • Wax stick that shapes unruly brows into perfection
  • Carefully formulated with blend of waxes to naturally hold brows in place
  • Enriched with vitamin e

Honest reviews


Keeps brows inplace

My brows can be very unruly and I was excited to find this. I love NYX to begin with and I think this product is a great concept. I did find that my brows did move out of place throughout the day so it was not a total fix but it definetly helped a lot.

Janis Carrollton, MO


It’s not the best but It’s still convenient to have on days you want to be lazy with your brows.

Angelina Irvington, VA

Wonderful for arching brows

I have pretty full, naturally arched eyebrows but this makes them look absolutely perfect. The wax doesn’t have a greasy, sticky feeling like other brow waxes I have used do and it’s easy to manuever because it’s in pencil form.

Terrie Macomb, IL



Jessie Subiaco, AR

Brow Shaper Wax Pencil

Excellent in the beginning but went down really fast and I didn’t have a pencil sharpener that was fat enough for it and so I had to use a pen knife which was a pain. I left it and moved to moustache wax – far easier.

Nettie Mount Angel, OR

Works beautifully

Nice, soft wax pencil that keeps my eyebrows looking good. I don’t have completely funky eyebrows, I just use this to smooth out my look and keep a few wonky hairs in place and it works well for this. I read another review comparing it to candle wax, but it’s not like that at all to me. The wax is soft enough to go on your eyebrows easily, but not so soft that it comes off in clumps. I love using this with my eyebrow powder.Just a note: I received and used this product during a warm Summer. I will add to my review if the consistency of the wax pencil changes in the Winter with our house temp dropping by 10-15 degrees.

Amanda Homer, MN

Best Brow Product I Have Ever Used

Out of all the different brand brow gels and waxes. This is by far…way far…the best and the most easy to use.

Mayra Glen Aubrey, NY


I should have read the description a little closer when I ordered this product as it is not a waxing tool, it is a pencil that leaves a layer of wax on your brows to make them stay in place. It works well for what it is, it just isn’t exactly what I thought it was!

Rhoda Keeseville, NY

does work as advertised

I am one of those with very little brow hair. I use this wax to shape the few hairs I have. It lasts all day. It also makes my brows look fuller/thicker and more defined. I am a fair skin 44 year old woman with brown hair. I use Dinair airbrush make up mostly and this wax works well with airbrushed make up. I have also tried it with a regular eye brow pencil or a powder and it works well with all types of make up.

Fanny Osceola Mills, PA

The wax is fine but the product gets used up quickly

What can you say about brow wax? It does the trick. It’s a good wax with a nice consistency, but every time you sharpen it, you lose about a fifth of the pencil. This product disappears FAST!!! For this reason, I would not buy it again.

Renae Cassville, MO

Buy stick glue it’s cheaper

I bought this thinking it was going to be like the wax that is provided in the NYX eyebrow cake powder, but I was wrong. This reminded me so much of stick glue and I am highly disappointed in it. It does hold done your eyebrows in place but for the cost I would find something else.

Jana Hartsburg, MO

I will never use gel again

NYX has done it again. They have the best products for cheap. This keeps your brows in perfect shape and even seems to add a little texture to them. This is all I will use on my browns now.

Yvette Baxter, MN

Five Stars

Good hold

Shelia Wilseyville, CA

Tame your brows

This isn’t an extraordinary thing. It’s a stick of wax. It goes on matte, not shiny, and is, for all intents and purposes, invisible… so apply as much or as little as you need. I use this for taming my brows and keeping them neat looking. I don’t use a brow powder with this. I definitely prefer this stick as opposed to the poured pots that you apply with a brush, which I think are better if you are applying brow color. I think the stick really helps mold things down and keep them looking tidy. It’s especially good for in-between tweezing/trimming, when your brows are looking a little unruly. It molds them into shape with ease. It is a little hard to stick down unruly hairs that are really long or have a curl to them, so when I encounter those I usually just pluck them out. Would repurchase. I have occasionally seen drugstore brands of this that seem to work the same for cheaper.I am also a fan of Revlon’s Brow Fantasy, but the brow fantasy gel doesn’t last as long as this (8+ hours).

Lawanda Unionville, IN


I like this wax pencil. I had doubts that I would like it but it works pretty well. Would buy again.

Maureen Mathis, TX

I can even re-apply make up over the wax.

Waxy without the shine. This product helps keep my eyebrows nicely shaped and I can even re-apply make up over the wax.

Charlotte Clinton, NY

use it often

this works really well to keep eyebrows in place but it is a hassle to sharpen as the wax gets caught in the sharpener you buy separately. also dont use too much or it will look like clown eyebrows lol. i use it often though to look polished through my day.

Millicent O Neals, CA

Not a fan

I bought this item based on the great reviews but it does not work for me. Why you ask? First of all, it takes 2-3 eyebrows hairs off every time I use so I might not have any left if I was to finish with the pencil. Second, it leaves the eyebrows with a greased up look. Third, it doesn’t fully get my brows in place so some of them are sticking up and out and I would have to use a brush to comb it down. My previous eyebrow shaper came with a built in brush and I am going to stick to that.

Aimee Hearne, TX

Eye brow wax

This eyebrow wax is great. It’s not too greasy and it does keep your brows in place most of the day. It is still wax so there is a bit of the waxy feeling. Just groom them with a eyebrow brush and they’ll stay in place. I gave it three stars because this wax will get the job done but you do not want to use it every day. And if you over do it they’ll look gelled on. So use a light hand and and eye brow brush and you’ll be set

Myra Bridgeton, NC


this keeps my unruly brows in place when I av new growthsvery nice makeup purse must have. NYX muah!!!!!

Daphne Falun, KS

This works.

The hair in my brows has never grown in the same (upward and out) direction. This holds every hair perfectly in place.

Isabelle Lorton, NE

NYX Eye Brow Shaper Wax

I used to use a more expensive brand of wax that looked very similar to the NYX wax. I like this one just as much and it’s a lot cheaper. It holds my brows in place.

Adrienne South Point, OH

nyx eye brow shaper

just like the rest of their products, works well and is just as advertised,i have recommended these products to my friends.

Kirsten Nine Mile Falls, WA

Love it!

I have thinning wayward brows, and saw this, priced very reasonably,Wow! I just "lightly" go over my brow definition, apply my brow powder, brush to blend and I don"t have to worry about fading away until I take it off @ nite. Great "little" product!

Lawanda Olaton, KY

Five Stars

Seals the eyebrows into place without a waxed look.

Fay Seneca, OR


This stuff is great if your eyebrows don’t stay in place or you have some strays. It makes them look well groomed. I also use iton my hubby’s unruly brows. It looks like it will last a long time.

Shannon Walker Springs, AL

This replaced my old one

I was using the Mac eyebrow wax, but this one works just as well. You just need a jumbo sharpener. Will buy this again and again!

Rosie Manitou, KY

eyebrow shaper wax

It doesn’t keep about half the eyebrows in shape. For some reason the tail end of my brows stick straight out in places and this wax is not able to keep them flat.

Cecelia Charlotte, IA


The product works well enough for four stars. I think I need a little more time to work with it, but I like it.

Lou Arvada, WY

Excellent Product, Requires NYX Sharpener

I really like this wax crayon. It does tame flyaway eyebrow hairs and the large size saves time as you can smooth an eyebrow in one swipe. What you must know is that you have to use the NYX Sharpener or you will ruin the wax point. Another sharpener with a large hole will not work. It’s a good price even with the added sharpener.

Ingrid Connersville, IN