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NYX Doll Eye Mascara, Extreme Black, Volume, DE02, 0.28 oz

Hello doll-face! For irresistibly fluttery eyelashes, try this mascara on for size. Doll eye mascara uses a unique blend of natural oils, vitamin E and nylon fibers to extend eyelashes to almost faux proportions. This mascara will add the volume in your lashes that you desire.

Key features

  • Provides the thickening formula to give your lashes the volume that you desire
  • Natural oils and vitamin e moisturize and protect
  • Microfibers extend and add volume

Honest reviews


Knockout Lashes!

I read a review (not on Amazon) of this mascara. Sounded good, so I checked to see if Amazon carries it. They do, and I decided to try it. I needed a new mascara, anyway.When I shop for mascara, I check out price, product, performance, and packaging. I want a product that works well, costs little, and is packaged in a manner suitable for use and preserving the product. I prefer non-waterproof mascaras, and I like lots of length and volume. In other words, I’m demanding, and not so easy to please.When I received this, I thought at first I’d received old product because it is SO THICK, it appeared to be dry. Usually when you open a new mascara, you’ll see a bit at the end of the brush you need to wipe off before you start applying it. No, that wasn’t there. I started putting it on anyway, and SHAZAM! It does add incredible volume and length, plus, if you twist the wand upward and outward, it adds great curl. At first I thought, oh, I have too much of this on, but the curl softens a bit.As far as volume goes, you can get it with Cover Girl Lash Blast in the orange tube, or the L’Oreal or Maybelline volumizing mascaras. They’re very good. But THIS one gets the lower lashes, too, without clumping.This mascara does not flake or smudge. Even when my eyes are watery from allergies, my mascara stays perfect all day long. It will clump if you dawdle when you apply it. Just go at it with confidence. You can speedily add layers while simultaneously brushing out any clumps.I’m ordering this, or the lengthening version, again. I haven’t tried the lengthening version yet. This is a great mascara. It exceeded my expectations. The only caveat I offer is that because it is so thick, it does take me a little extra time to remove it. I dab on somePond’s Deep Cleanser & Make-Up Remover with Cucumber Extractto soften it before washing my face.

Jeannette Munford, TN

For the Girl w/ Weird Lashes

For some reason I couldn’t get my Boxxum mascara to work with my lashes for the longest time.. I saw this gem at Sephora but hit up Amazon to get it cheaper. Im SOOOO glad I did.My lashes curve down on one of my eyes, making anything too heavy clump easily and weigh them down, even with a heated lash curler. This mascara is light weight with a lot of body. Staying power to no end and a deep black color. LOVE IT!

Tara Robbinsville, NC


I was really excited about this mascara after reading all the good reviews, but it didn’t turn out to be as good as I was hoping. The biggest problem is that IT WEIGHS DOWN my lashes, which is the most annoying thing for me. I don’t have natural curvy eyelashes like some girls do, so I have to curl my lashes and hope that my mascara will hold the curve. That’s the most important thing in a mascara I think, the ability to hold up lashes, not to weigh them down. NYX doll eye mascara does give my lashes volume and my lashes look fuller, but I just can’t deal with the fact that my lashes are pointing down after applying this mascara. I’m very disappointed, but I do think if you have curvy eyelashes, this can be good for you. It’s very black, and it does add volume.

Simone Artesian, SD

Product was unsealed!!

I am so unhappy about this product.First of all it came in dirty package (There was a foot print on it Looks like someone stepped on it) very disgustingsecond product was unsealed!!Third I check it and it looked dryfourth I tried it on and it didn’t give volume nor length.Fifth made my lashes clumpy so they ended up looking like little spider’s legs!

Monika Castle, OK


I read the reviews and made my purchase based on what i read. I am totally disappointed tho’. The item I received was a dried out, empty container. I did not get one good use of it. I had to purchase an ordinary revlon for much less and was a very satisfied with the result. My money just wnet right dow the drain.

Nannie West Fork, AR

Possibly the best mascara I’ve ever used

I’ve tried every mascara on the planet over the past three decades (really!), and I’ve never been happier with anything as much as with this product. Other mascaras would either have a good brush, but a lousy formula – or vice versa – a great formula with a bad brush. Or, like Great Lash by Maybelline, it would lengthen but no volume. Or, like volumizing mascaras, you’d get volume, but no length. This mascara has it all in a perfect balance. It builds your lashes quickly in one coat with just enough volume (no globs on lashes) and the most length of any “lengthening” mascara I’ve ever tried (no fibers that flake off in your eyes.) The brush is perfect. Other volumizing mascaras have a fat brush that gets product on your skin. This brush is fatter at the ends and thin in the middle, which places the right amount of mascara on your lashes without getting any on your skin. And although it’s not waterproof, this mascara has stayed on through tears and when I accidentally sprayed myself in the face with the garden hose. I’ve even slept in it (I know, I know. Not good.), and it stayed put – the upper lashes anyway – with minimal flaking and no running. The bottom lashes will flake off after 8 hours or so. I’m almost afraid to like this mascara too much for fear the company will discontinue it. I’m tempted to stock up. Highly recommended!

Rhea Pittsfield, ME

Not worth the money!

I thought this product to be very cheap for what you are paying for it. Not worth your money. Dont buy.

Crystal Lake Monroe, FL

Hate it!

Not only did my eye lashes clump together with this, but this costed me breakage of eyelashes, hate this stuff!

Earnestine Hampden, WV

Its OK …

As I’ve reached the age of 50, my lashes have thinned out quite a bit. NYX Doll Eye Mascara does add volume, but it can get a bit thick and waxy on the second pass of the brush. If you can successully apply only one coat without drying, it looks great. It doesn’t smudge and wears well. It is a bit difficult to remove, but I am only using warm soapy water when doing so.

Aurora Parker, CO

Finally found a winner

Like another reviewer, I also have weird eyelashes, my right lashes curl down over my eye, but my left side is just fine.Every mascara I’ve tried in the past has just pulled the curl right out of my right lashes and down go my lashes over my eye, very annoying.I bought this based on the rave reviews, it shipped literally the next day so I tried it out, didn’t expect much, but to my surprise my lashes held a curl! They didn’t curl back down over my eye. My lashes on both sides also had length they never had before, but not fake stiff looking length. Also no flakes, no clumps and I didn’t have to scrape it off at the end of the day, it came off like nothing with just a little eye make up remover.SO happy with this mascara, I finally found a winner.

Dina Crescent, GA


Well, this is pretty Great I have short to medium lashes and I just swiped a little bit on and BAM! Instant length although kinda costly [8.99] at ulta … cheap jsyk wiggle lashes upward to get the length desired and there are two doll eye mascaras one in a silver box and one in white choose the silver box! Hope this helps

Tammy Pickering, MO

love this

Im always looking for new mascara, this has become a regular for me. No clumping, flaking. its soft, not harsh, it lengthens and thickens but looks more natural after it dries. when i use this i dont even need to use my lash comb

Cleo Keisterville, PA

It’s okay

I have been looking for a better mascara than I usually use (Maybelline Volum’ Express Falsies). I gave this one a try and wasn’t that impressed. It feels like hardly any mascara actually gets on your eye lashes so it looks very light. It’s easy to take off and I haven’t noticed any running but I am looking for a much more obvious looking mascara so this didn’t quite cut it.

Ines Whiterocks, UT

Love it!

I live in Japan where there is a lot of emphasis on lashes. Since wearing fake lashes every day is out of the question, I’m always looking for a new mascara. This one really delivered! No clumps on the first try, and you can build it up. I will def buy it again!

Christy Vivian, SD

Save your money and buy this!

The most I had ever spent on a mascara was about $6 and never ended up being happy with my lashes. I’ve tried all sorts of brands that promise volume, curl, length ect, but I guess I was never to surprised with my outcome considering the price. Despite that, I could never see spending $20 or more on a tube of mascara that would only last me maybe 6 months, and worst yet, what If I spent the money and still ended up dissapointed. I bought the NYX Doll Eye Mascara on a whim, but it turned out to be the best mascara choice I’ve ever made.I always start out curling my lashes with a revlon metal lash curler. Usually my lashes don’t hold a curl, once I apply mascara there back to their usual straight selves after drying. With the NYX Doll Eye, my lashes held a perfect curl all day. My lashes also looked ALOT longer and I have pretty long eyelashes to begin with so the result was very dramatic.The first time I used this, I only applied one coat and was very happy with the results, minimal clumping but the formula is thick enough to coat each lash nicely, perfect dark black color, shiny and noticable. Since I only wear eye makeup I want my eyes to stand out and mascara is my favorite for this.The second and third time I experimented with more layers. If your going to put on multiple coats I would recommend not waiting in between coats for it to dry. If you do this the result is clumps and messy looking lashes. After curling, I applied a few coats ( the brush holds alot of the mascara on it so unless you wipe of the brush before applying you may not need more on the brush for 3 or 4 coats ) angling the brush to fit in with my lashes which adds volume and oomph because of the way it is shaped. I used to prefer the spoon brush ( for extra curl ), but this style brush gets every lash just right and it is fatter at the ends where your lashes are the shortest and sparse and really plumps them up. The result of 4 coats were beautiful “baby doll” lashes which in my opinion looked even better than falsies ( which to me look funny and fake ).If your struggling to decide whether to try this or not, you really should. For the price of only $9 you will not be dissapointed.

Libby Gnadenhutten, OH

packaged poorly

came on time. for the price it is bad quality in the way it is made. This mascara does work well in giving the appearance of doll like lashes doesnt really give much volume. I would and wouldnt recommand this to a friend simply because it does half of what it is advertised to do.

Aurelia Big Sky, MT

i love it!

i’ve repurchased this several times. i MUCH prefer the volume one to the lengthening one though. it did dry out within a few months though. *i have quite a few mascaras that i use interchangeably"

Lucy Cornwallville, NY

nyx mascard clumpy mess

I purchased this product based on reviews. Not impressed. Won;t buy again. It made my lashes stick together and smears.

Alexandria Ray, MI

It’s decent

The packaging is cute and this mascara does not clump your eyelashes together. Instead, it made my thin asian eyelashes more visible and it was very easy to use. I actually like this better than Clinique’s mascara! I did not experience any problems with smudging and it came off easily when I wanted it to. If it was cheaper, I would give it 5 stars.

Maxine Valley Falls, NY

too clumpy and dry,

I’ve been switching to cruelty-free products, and thought this would be a good mascara for me. It clumps too much, and I just bought it! seems very dry. not sure if I got a bad tube or if this is the way the product works. But I can’t use it. Pity.

Kaye Richland, TX


Not messy, came new, and i love how it separates and how long my lashes look…reminds me of a mac product for less money. I cant complain and i wont be using any other mascara again. THANK YOU!!

Lakisha Guerneville, CA

Not as good as the reviews I read

My Maybelline Falsies Volume Express mascara adds length and volume a lot faster than this mascara. I bought this based on the good reviews I read on line but was disappointed.

Monique Dille, WV

Pretty but plain

I bought this because it had a really high rating but it thought it would do alot more than it did. I like how it spreads my lashes but that’s about it. I probably won’t buy it again.

Jeanette Jackson, NC


I was excited to get this mascara after reading the reviews, and to be honest, I wasn’t all that impressed. It costs a little more than drugstore mascara and doesn’t reallly do too much more. To me, it’s just average. My lashes didn’t look any different than usual.

Roslyn Cliffside Park, NJ

I really wanted to like this one

From the first application this mascara went on clumpy and made my long eyelashes look stubby, I guess I may have read the package wrong though, I do see where it promises volume, I like mine to be full and long, not clumpy as this came out on me

Sandra Stuyvesant, NY

i love it

best mascara I have had in years,will buy again for sure,it doesn’t clump and it lasts all day long awesome

Francisca Renwick, IA

This is a nice mascara

It is waterproof, the wand is nice, color is fine even on a fair person,no clumping and comes off easily with remover.

Johanna Kenney, IL

Great Mascara at a Great Price!

Great mascara! I definitely like it better than any of the drugstore brands of mascara I have tried, and it’s not that much more expensive. It’s at a good price on Amazon (the same or cheaper than what I’ve seen it in the stores). It gives my eye lashes a nice full look, without the clumps. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants something more than the drugstore brands can offer but less that’s less expensive than the department store mascaras.

Lawanda Dry Run, PA

Love it!

I absolutely love this mascara. I love the shape of the brush, it makes it easy to get to the base of my lashes, which I need because of my very blonde eyelashes. It doesn’t clump up on me, and the brush is the perfect size. It makes my lashes look great! I’ve tried a lot of mascara brands with a lot of different formulas and brush shapes. This is definitely in my top 5 favorites!

Germaine Colfax, WV


This is my favorite mascara of all time and, coming from a middle schooler obsessed with makeup, I’ve tried a looot of mascaras. If you are looking for length, this will give you length. Even if your lashes are short and stubby, this mascara will make your lashes look long and luscious. It doesn’t do much for volume though so if you are looking to thicken your lashes this isn’t that mascara for you. Although I would recommend the NYX doll eye volume waterproof mascara.

Carmela Woolstock, IA