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NYX Cream Blush, Tea Rose, 0.12-Ounce

Rouge cream blush offers radiant, long-lasting color in the form of a velvety smooth cream. The creamy texture provides a dewy glow for natural, fresh color.

Key features

  • Velvety smooth cream blush
  • Offers radiant long-lasting color
  • Infused with mineral oils that hydrate and condition skin

Honest reviews


It is creamy blusher

It is creamy. I do not like creamy blushersThe colour is OK. The tecsture of it is for younge girls.\

Jeannine Teaneck, NJ

Came cracked!

Sooo upset. The blush came completely crushed! The cream blush was all over the bubble wrap, not to mention how long it took them to actually ship the item out. I wont be buying from here again

Silvia Imlaystown, NJ

The worst blush I’ve ever used

I knew I shouldn’t have expected much from this product since it was cheap, but I wanted something to take along with me on vacation. First of all, the color is different than it looks on the picture. It is a very light, hot pink. Yes, I know the name is “hot pink” but it looks darker in the picture. Secondly, it has a greasy consistency. Thirdly, it leaves almost no color on the skin, but what is there is a very fake pink color. Let the buyer beware…. you get what you pay for.

Meredith Unionville, MI

I love the color and moisture of this blush, but I do not consider it a true red.

I enjoy the moist consistency and color intensity of this blush. You only need a little bit to get a big pop of color. I dab my finger in the blush and dot color along my cheekbones and then use a brush to buff it out to a nice blended look.I also love that the blush has no fragrance, as I am fragrance sensitive.My problems with this blush are these:1) It is listed as a red blush, but it is really a deep fuschia (pink). It is, indeed, a very deep, vibrant and beautiful color, but if you’re looking for a true red (and I was), this is not it.2) It is called a CREAM blush, but the consistency both looks and feels more like lip balm; i.e., more gel-like than cream-like.I like the product enough to continue using it, but will keep looking for a blush that is more of a true red without so much pink in it.

Corina West Jordan, UT

NYX Red Cheeks cream blush review -5 stars!

This has become the #1 used blush in my makeup stash! (& I have A LOT lol ;D)I have 30yr old, very fair, warm toned skin for reference, but think that this blush is great for any season, outfit, OR skintone! It’s cream, not powder & quite pigmented, so it’s imparitive to use a light hand w/this or you
• will
• get the “clown cheeks” look ;D Lol!For application I like to use a wedge sponge or a dense fndtn brush, then blend out with fingers or sponge. It’s the perfect “in from the cold, I’m naturally blushing” look, which is the look I prefer on a daily basis b/c I like to play up my eyes and/or lips. I highly reccomend this & will continue to repurchase :)The only issue I have is the way that Amazon packaged it to send me.. I clicked the option to “send all of my items at once” but they decided to package this blush (and ONLY this blush)separately…It arrived alone in the largest possible size yellow envelope, w/no bubble wrap! Needless to say the lid was cracked&broken; in 3 different places & I had to pick pieces of plastic out of my cream blush 🙁 I was able to tape it all back together but it’s very flimsy now & I cant carry it in my purse or the peices of plastic get all through my product again…VERY DISAPPOINTING AMAZON!! I did leave negative “packaging feedback” but didn’t ask for a refund or replacement bc this was only $6. Had it been more expensive this would have been a
• problem.. &I; will think twice before ordering cosmetics from Amazon again which is unfortunate b/c NYX products aren’t available in my area which is why I purchased from here in the 1st place.. -This is just a friendly warning..If
• are thinking of ordering this blush from Amazon, I’d definately call the 800# & politely ask that they bubble wrap this before sending :)Otherwise, I do very much
• this blush!! 😀

Luella Port Tobacco, MD

Not the shade of the picture above!

I love the packaging, i think it looks good, i love this natural shade, it doesnt look anything at all like in the picture, it’s definitely more pink, i think it does looks like natural blush in fair to medium skin, i think the undertones are warmer, it’s not an icy pink. What didnt work for me is that i was really excited about trying these new cream blush thing and i found it a little bit difficult to apply, but it does blends with your skin and you dont have the powdery look that you could get from a regular blush, another thing that i didnt like was that i didnt see the stain power, the product per se is very pigmented, but it wears out in like an hour or two tops.

Charity East Point, KY

It’s fine if you like peach

The product itself looks good and I like the creamy consistency. However, it’s far from a "rose" color. It’s actually peach, and not what I was looking for.

Leanne Alkol, WV

no applicator?

This pink is definitely hot. I was looking for a bold pink, since so many shades all look the same. I also wanted a cream blush that would last longer than powder, which often fades within an hour. This appears to do the job well. Plus, a little bit goes a long way.However, I am disappointed that this compact has no brush, sponge, or other applicator. I do not like to have to use my fingers to apply makeup for fear of getting it on my clothing – especially a bright colored “cream.” Still, if you want hot pink, this will provide it. And, the price is better than powder blushes available in stores (though they are cheaper on Amazon). I would have given this five stars if it just came with a sponge the way cream foundation does…

Kathi Stella, NC

It’s bleh.

I have dark skin, and finding blushes that actually show up has been my main obstacle. I found a YouTube review for some oranges blushes that were positive and urged viewers with darker skin to go out and try. So I took a leap of faith, and because I can’t really afford Nars blushes at this time, I thought NYX could work just as well. So I received it and did some swatches on the back of my hand. Then on my face with a stipple brush; it showed up all right. But a little goes a long way. It looked a bit out of place on my skin for me. But as time progressed it grew on me a little. It’s just okay. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m thinking about getting the powder blush version of this, though.Hope this helps, ladies. ^.^

Clara Wingo, KY

There’s a reason it’s this cheap

First off, the colors in the pictures are nothing like the color you receive. Glow looks so nice and muted, but it’s not. Think bright pink. And the texture? Like spackle. It doesn’t glide on your cheeks, it coats them like theatrical paint. It might work for Halloween, but that’s about it. Save your money.

Lolita Edward, NC

Used as a lipstick now…since color is off….

I bought this hoping for a more warm-toned brick pink, to add a bronzed look to my cheek. I am black, medium skin toned (lots of yellow in my tone though), so when this arrived and I tried it on, I was shocked to see that it is more of a “Nicki Minaj bubble gum pink tinge” to it! It doesnt work as a blush for me as it is too “cool” in undertones. BUT it works great as a liptick that stays put! Perfect for that bubble gum pink look!

Jodi King George, VA

A little goes a long way

This is a great product. Other cream blushes can be very expensive, but this stuff is just as good and way more afforable. A little goes a long way so you have to be careful or you can look like a clown. I’ve got olive toned, half asian skin and this color works well with my coloring.

Gwendolyn Lindside, WV

Great Bronzer I can’t use

I’m not sure if it’s old or the ingredients used, but everytime I used it broke my whole face out. I like the color but I ant use it at all. Gave it away to my sister to try

Christa Galien, MI

Doesn’t stay on

While it looks good when I first put it on, it doesn’t stay on. I read that other people use powder blush over this and it will stay very long. I’d rather just use powder blush than to put two different blushes on.

Corina Vance, MS

So pretty in Pink!

I got this blush and was skeptical about the way the picture looked. I did my research on youtube for the color and it is a pretty pink. Don’t let the picture on amazon fool you. Do your research! Overall it has a nice dewy glow to it once on the skin. I definitely recommend it if you like pink! =)

Marina Dowell, MD

blush beauty

This cream blush in Boho Chic is really pretty on my light skin. It has a dewy finish and is a delicate color.It stays on quite well. I highly recommend.

Maggie Pine Apple, AL

Great cream blush

I love this cream blush and this is the 4th one I’ve bought from NYC. Would compare to the old Nars cream blush….great color, can use finger-tips or a brush to apply and it’s great! This is a great color for all skin types as well

Johanna Elrod, AL

thank you ipsy!

I received this blush in the color ‘Natural’ in my ipsy glambag during the month of June and I love it! At first I wasn’t sure how to apply it effectively, but I figured out that if I dab a stippling brush into the product and sweep it onto my cheeks, it works wonderfully. This is my current favorite blush and I cannot wait to try other colors. (‘Glow’ and ‘Orange’ are already on my Wishlist!) ;D

Amber Missoula, MT

The key to this blush is a stippling brush-GET ONE!

This blush is FANTASTIC. Recently, I decided to change up my makeup routine by experimenting with different forms of blush (powder vs. cream), foundations, primers, beauty tools, etc. You get the idea. I’ve been using powder blushes for as long as I’ve used makeup (maybe 20 years!) so I decided to give cream blush a shot. Now, there are TONS of cream blushes on the market, and because I was a newbie on the cream blush scene, I didn’t want to spend $25/30 (or more) on the popular brands like NARS and Stila (brands that women swear by). NYX is also a brand that I’ve learned is quite popular, and at a FRACTION of the cost. Alas, I made my purchase (for like $6 bucks) and I’m hooked.SO… to explain the heading of this review, the ONLY way (IMO) to effectively apply this blush is to use a stippling brush (I purchased the Real Techniques one here on Amazon-amazing). DON’T use your fingers- it just doesn’t apply as nicely and I think the people that gave this product bad reviews just don’t know how to properly apply cream blush (i.e. using fingers or the wrong brushes).First, apply color to the stippling brush by running the edges of the brush over the color pan in circular motions… you don’t need a lot of color so apply it to your brush sparingly, as you can reapply until you get your desired result. Now, stipple (or lightly dab the brush repeatedly on your cheek area)… I follow the natural contours of my cheek bones. You can add more color to the brush and repeat until you achieve your desired result. Your blush will look natural and flawless, TRUST ME. It does take a little more time than my usual powder blush, but totally worth the end results.Now, as far as the blushes, I cannot compare them to any other cream blushes, simply because I have not used anything but NYX… and to be honest, you really don’t need to spend a lot of money because NYX has SO many colors and really does last long- all day for me! I purchased both Glow and Natural and love them, however, I think Glow will look better when I have a tan (I have fair skin), as it is more pigmented than Natural. Natural is just that-very "natural" looking and great for fair skin. I plan on buying more because the price point affords me the opportunity to test a variety of colors.I also have the NYX cream blush sticks and absolutely LOVE them. You apply them exactly the same way as I indicated above.

Marcie Thermal, CA

My go to Everyday blush

This was the first cream blush that I ever tried. I love it! The Natural color looks excellent with every day makeup.

Mollie Delta, PA

Stays on all day!

I’m not sure if my foundation is keeping this on or if it’s just the blush but I am sooo in love with this long lasting product! I am a nurse and work 12 hour shifts. Take into account drive time and wake time and I need a makeup that will stay on a good 14 hours! This does the job and looks so beautiful. Don’t be swayed by the orange color, it’s not really orange on, looks more peachy, a really good strictly peach color IF you use a light hand. I apply with the Real Techniques stippling brush and only dip ONCE! I love this because I have rosacea and can’t really wear any red or pink blush because it tends to accentuate the redness on my skin. Great formula for me, does look dewy so if your not into that you won’t like it. Great buy!

Alfreda Roanoke, VA

Great Color and Texture

I am 37 with very dry skin. The Makeupgeek website recommended this cream blush for my fair skin tone, and I couldn’t be happier with the product. A little bit goes a long way and asts all day. What a great deal!

Mercedes Plains, KS


Love the shade Tea Rose! Really subtle cheek colour for a medium skin tone. I apply it either with an index finger by tapping on my cheeks, or the Real Techniques stippling brush!

Jan Plantersville, AL

very creamy

Darker than appears on picture. A little goes a LONG way!! As long as you lock the product in with a powder it will stay for a while. Very glittery. I use it for contouring and in the summer the shimmer to the product looks amazing!!

Velma Dillon, CO

I love this blush!

My package came with the plastic broken, and the blush smeared.. Though, I salvaged what blush I could and put it in a container of my own. This blush works very well, it lasts a long time, and a little goes a LONG way! I use professional products such as Mac, Lorac, and Nars, and this is the best blush I have ever used!!The only problem I had was the container being broken (Which was probably the mailman’s fault) and the fact that if you apply too much, it is very bright, so as I said, a little lasts a long time and goes a long way!!

Janna Daleville, VA

NYX cream blush in Glow

I love NYX products and this didn’t disappoint. I want more cream blushes by NYX now. (There shouldn’t be a minimum word count for these reviews.)

Briana Bueche, LA


personally im not a big fan ! i watched a youtube video about this product and fell in love but when i actually used it i wasnt a big fan !

Valeria Baileyville, ME

Nice Rose Petal blush color

I’m an NC30 and this blush color is beautiful! I have combination skin so this works best during the winter/cold months. I sometimes layer a powder blush to ensure an all day and night staying power!

Lavonne Pond Eddy, NY

Great Summertime Blush for me

Good blush color for Summer, looks great with a bit of a tan on my face. Nice creamy formula and you don’t have to use much at all.

Ma Millington, TN

Pretty and Pigmented!

Coming to expect great quality from NYX, and this blush does not let down. So pigmented that I actually have to be careful not to overdo it when applying! The color is a very pretty, natural pink. I can see it suiting well for many skin tones. Generous size, especially given the price. Considering the amount I use per application, this pot will definitely last me for a very long time!

Dionne Industry, IL