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NYX Cosmetics Slide On Pencil, SL12 Azure

Silky soft yet delivers a powerful robust color to line eyes. The formula is waterproof, doesn’t smear or smudge, and provides extreme color. It’s like a liquid eye liner in a pencil without the mess. Available in 18 intense shades.

Key features

  • The formula is waterproof, doesn’t smear or smudge, and provides extreme color
  • It’s like a liquid eye liner in a pencil without the mess
  • Available in 18 intense shades

Honest reviews



I wore it for 2 hours and it smeared. I never had this experience of smearing except for summer time. Well, I live in chicago and it’s snowing outside right now. I hope that helps the buyers have some clarity as to how poorly this eyeliner is made. Additionally, I do not have sensitive eyes, nor do I wear contact lenses, but this eye liner made my eyes blood shot RED.

Stephanie Social Circle, GA

Barely shows up

Well, I messed up a while back when I visited my local Ulta. I had tried an eyeliner pencil of a girlfriend’s and LOVED the way it looked. It was a deep purple, very vibrant, glided easily over my lids – I wanted it. I checked with her after the liner held up through the night, and she said it was from the NYC brand. So I promptly went out and bought an NYX pencil. Duh! It was immediately recognizable that this pencil was not what I used previously, and when I texted my friend back, she pointed out the error of my way. I really, really don’t have anything good to say about this product. I bought the purple – going for the look I had previously – and I had to continually run it over my eyes and press super hard for anything to even show it up. There was zero vibrancy, and the color turned out to be a very light silver-ish color. Usually I can at least find something good to say about anything, but I immediately threw this product away and would not recommend it for anyone. I’m also really disturbed that the product information talks about its lasting power- pretty impossible when it refuses to show up at all!

Marie Oilton, TX

My favorite pencil for a beautiful smoky look

I have this pencil in several shades and they are all fabulous. They glide on like a gel but you have the control of a pencil and time enough to smoke it out if you choose and then they last all day without smudging. The only drawback is the fact that they must be sharpened but they’re inexpensive enough that I don’t mind the loss of a little product in order to get a nice sharp tip.Gunmetal is my absolute favorite, go-to pencil for a quick smoky look. It’s a slightly metallic blackened grey and really enhances blue eyes without ever looking harsh.Glitzy Gold is gorgeous for lining the lower lid. It’s a true gold with sheen.Golden Olive is another beautiful shade to perk up a daytime look. It also looks fab when used with Glitzy Gold.Black Sparkle is a bit harsh for pale me so I use it sparingly. The sparkle is so fine it does not make the eyes itch and it doesn’t make you look like you’re trying to relive your tweens.Jewel is a pretty plummy shade that runs a wee bit too pink and makes me look a little tired so I use this carefully and usually over a black shade to tone them both down. It would be much better suited for someone with green, hazel or brown eyes.These pencils definitely deliver on their promises and are worth checking out.

Lorena Davenport, FL

Too soft…

This was too soft for me. I could see where it would be good for the waterline because it glides on easily. But when I went to do my top lid it broke. Yeah, it’s just too soft… Maybe I’ll try one of their other liners because I hear alot of great things about NYX.

Kirsten Stirrat, WV

Great Eyeliner

This was recommended by a friend and I agree – stays on like nothing else. Great smooth line and very easy to use.

Lea Blenheim, SC

Stays put

This rivals the high-end pencils I’ve gotten. It’s a beautiful color, and although it looks gold, it applies as more of a soft brown-green that emphasizes but doesn’t overpower my eyes. It has minimal smearing throughout the day, and there’s still some left on my upper eyelids in the evening. I really like it and would recommend it. Kudos to NYX.

Luisa Trenton, MI

Great buy!

Bought this here after I had a hard time finding gold eyeliner at Target. It seems that this has became a hot item, especially since Lenny Kravitz wore this on his part on the movie, Hunger Games. It does look good on brown eyes, I must admit, and this pigment writes clear and precise. I would invest in a make-up primer before you put this on, but it isn’t necessary. This brand, I find, is as good as sephora brand but not as expensive. A great buy, if you are looking for an eyeliner that is of metallic color. I reiterate that this color is good for brown eyes, and maybe hazel eyes, but that’s it.

Lupe Huntington Park, CA

Good pencil for what it claims to do.

Got this as a gift and she liked it. This pencil is affordable and does stand up to its waterproof claim. The color is vibrant.

Polly Lavaca, AR

Very creamy and smooth

This is very creamy and smooth, very easy to apply and seems to wear very well. I have the bronze color and it is really pretty. I would definitely order again.Update: I’ve realized the bronze color is more red than I like. I have been adding some brown shadow on top to neutralize the red. I still really like the pencil, but wish the bronze color had less red.

Geraldine Steger, IL

Solid Product.

This is great for the morning after those long nights or when your eyes need a pick me up. Would buy again.

Melody Mc Farland, CA

Slide On Pencil = FAIL. Try their mechanical pencil instead.

I ordered 4 of these pencils through Amazon, and two of them arrived damaged during shipping, with all the color rubbed off the end. When I tried to see if they were salvageable by sharpening, I learned that they are impossible to sharpen, even though they are made for it. The wood peels away just like a pencil, but the colors are so creamy that they just jam up in the sharpener, leaving you with an empty top when you pull it out of the sharpener.Pros:Very pigmented color.Extremely creamy texture.Cons:Very fragile.Can’t be sharpened due to creamy texture.I did also try Nyx’s mechanical pencil (a twist up version) in Silky Cashmere, and it is phenomenal. Long lasting, waterproof, no irritation on the waterline.I love Nyx products, but the Slide On Pencil was an abject fail. Try the Mechanical Pencil instead. That is just as creamy, plus it’s long wearing, comfortable, and waterproof.

Brenda Templeton, PA

Not Good for Water Line

I bought this in hopes of finally finding a white liner that would stay on my waterline. Alas, this isn’t it. It does go on smoothly but the pigment isn’t as heavy as I’d like and, as mentioned, very little staying power. My search continues.

Jeannie Mount Hope, OH

really awesome

I heard this was comparable to the Urban Decay 24/7 liners. When I applied it, it didn’t rub off after it dried but it’s not waterproof. I haven’t tried wearing it for long periods of time but I love the colour and the way it applies smoothly.

Mayra Hazen, AR

Great color

This is one of my favorite colors to use with a smokey eye! It runs out a bit fast though because the formula is so soft, which makes it easy to smudge for your desired effect.

Juliet Adams, TN

Best Budget Waterproof Glideliner on the Market

Best gliding waterproof pencil on the market, in my honest and not-so-humble opinion. I have a LOT of cosmetics and have tried pricier $22+ pencils… even the eExtreme made for use with lash extensions, and these are great.

Joanna Cedar Ridge, CA


This eyeliner is one of my favorites! I originally bought the Urban Decay Glide on pencils, but those sticks were a little out of my price range. I would compare those directly to these pencils. These slide on wonderfully, and stay on throughout the day. I love them, and will buy more!

Letha Carthage, SD

Nice product.

Super soft. Melts with body heat as soon as it touches. Blends, smudges quickly. Can be placed heavy or lightly. Very nice product all around.

Bethany Midway Park, NC

Smooth like butter

Pros:-Glides on smoothly and easily – feels really great going on.-I love the golden olive color, it really brings out the green in my eyes.Cons:-I have very sensitive eyes and while I don’t have a full-blown reaction to this eyeliner, my eyes are irritated by it.-I disagree that it is smudge proof. I don’t really mind this as I prefer a softer look – but mention this because of the product description.-You do have to sharpen this pencil (When I ordered this I had looked at many different eyeliners and thought I was gettingNYX Mechanical Eye Pencil, Golden Olive- my fault for not reading more carefully.)

Hester Ermine, KY

It’s just as good as more expensive brands

I have purchased pencils of all different prices. So far I have purchased from MAC, Benefit, as well as urban decay stay on pencils and for the price it’s great. It’s just as good as the afore mentioned for half the problem. Only thing is you must keep the top on or it will get hard and will be useless (lesson learned with the white and brown to this.) I also realized that with the other brand pencils, if you don’t keep the top on them they get hard and is useless. It is sad that it’s not mentioned from any of the brands. I always blamed the pencils until now. Anywho, I would recommend this. I can say though that it stays on better than regular pencils but not perfect. I have yet to find that perfect pencil, and I doubt I will find the one that works best in the water line, but this comes close enough. I would definitely give it a try.

Rosella Driver, AR

Great Liner

This is a great liner, highly pigmented. It goes on very smoothly… very creamy formula for a pencil. And the black is very black. Great liner at a great price.

Julie Williamsville, VA

Love this liner!

It’s so bright and beautiful! It’s a definite must have! It’s smooth and creamy too. I wasn’t a fan of NYX (except for the jumbo milk pencil) but I think I will continue to purchase their products.

Serena East Wareham, MA

Easy to use

I purchased this as the comparable brand was more than two times the price. The color was easy to apply and didn’t smudge

Tricia Red Oak, VA

Gotta Love NYX

I love this Glitzy Gold…it is a true gold and you can tell you have it own when it is worn…The only issue I have is removing…I can’t put makeup remover around my eyes so I had to literally go to bed sleeping in left over eyeliner…I can also add that it doesn’t smudge or smear when worn.

Kerry Laddonia, MO

very good eyeliner

This is a very nice eyeliner. It glides on and there is no tugging on your eyelid. Its a good product especially for the price and i will be purchasing more.

Dawn Northumberland, PA

Didn’t stay

I got this eyeliner because I had read that it was comparable to Urban Decay’s liners but this eyeliner did not stay put on my eyelids and I was disappointed in it

Sybil Hamptonville, NC

Great product but it does smudges

I bought like 6 colors of the slide pencil, and let me tell you that i love the colors and that they are soft, but i don’t know its because that i have oily lids or else but it does smudges in the waterline and in the outline of the down lid, im very disappointed about that, i had many expectations about this product and didnt deliver in that feature. but i love the colors and the creamy and easy to apply feature. so i gave it 4 stars, hope this helps

Patty Annabella, UT

Too sparkly

This liner was too sparkly for my taste. I was hoping it’d be subtle. I’ll only use it lightly over black shadow to spruce it up. Also, I have sensitive eyes and the glitter irritated my eyes. Make sure you take off before going to bed (all of it!). I liked the creamy consistency tho. I bought another in just black waterproof so hopefully that’ll work better for my needs.

Lilia Gallupville, NY

Love the liner!

I Love NYX products but I like the waterproof pencil better,it stays on really well I always get the bronze but this color was alittle to golden for me I like the plain Bronze better.The retractable is Better..

Serena Huddleston, VA

white liner

it really does brighten up your eyes! it goes on light and creamy, not flaky. I noticed on the close up shot on American Idol some of the girls are wearing the white liner.

Joy Junction City, OH

Great product

Bought this for back stage makeup for a theater production. The price was right knowing that I would not need it after the show.

Abigail Saint Lawrence, SD