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NYX Cosmetics Powder Blush, Mauve

Silky textured blush. Featured in a signature quilted compact. Rich pigmentation provides long-lasting wear. Delivers a healthy, radiant natural glow.

Key features

  • Featured in a signature quilted compact
  • Rich pigmentation provides long-lasting wear
  • Delivers a healthy, radiant natural glow

Honest reviews


Not a dupe for NARS Orgasm, still beautiful!

NYX Pinched is a beautiful color. It looks close to Orgasm, but the color isn’t as orangey and the shimmer is more like a golden sheen. So no, I would not say it is a dupe.Flattering on warm skin tones, probably better for us lighter skinned ladies. 🙂 Love this color! I prefer this to Orgasm any day.

Trisha Roxboro, NC

Good Dupe

I heard on youtube (emilynoel83) that the NYX blush Pinched is a great dupe for Laura Gellars blush in Mimosa (which is quite pricey but beautiful). I really loved Mimosa as part of a Christmas set but I had to send it back to Ulta because other items in the kit didn’t work for me. So, when I heard this NYX blush was a good dupe I went ahead and purchased it straight from Amazon. I wasn’t disappointed at all. It is very beautiful and buildable. It has a gorgeous glow to it that looks healthy. I’m very pleased and swipe this on the apples of my cheeks after I use bronzer.

Stephanie Ericson, NE

Made in China

This blush is made in China. I don’t know if I trust the ingredients. The description should disclose that it is made in the P.R.C.

Nellie Metz, WV

Pretty good but cheap packaging

This is often compared to MAC wedge eyeshadow (for contouring cheeks). I bought the product for this reason, but it’s a little cooler toned compared to MAC wedge and almost has a purple hue (while MAC wedge is a completely neutral brown color). Overall I’d say MAC wedge might be a better option than this, this can easily look muddy – but with a lot of blending it looks nice. I think this will work for fair to fair-medium skin tone. I am half asian with fair yellow skin, but I actually have neutral undertones. I think the warmer your skin, the stranger this product might look on you (a bit grey/purple). It shouldn’t be confused for a bronzer.For $6, this item is pretty great. My only complaint is the poor packaging both in shipping, but mainly on NYX’s part. I received this item broken. The clear NYX plastic fell into the blush and now I will have to fix it. This could be because it was wrapped only in a clear plastic bag and shipped in a bubble-wrap lined envelope, but I have received other pressed powders without a problem when they are shipped this way. If NYX made the packaging stronger then this would not have happened.

Cora Westover, MD

Perfect contour for pale people!

I am a very pale girl, and have always been looking for the perfect contour shade. I don’t like ‘contouring’ with a bronzer or anything brown toned. This is the best I’ve found and it’s cheap! If only ULTA sold it in their NYX section! :/

Adriana Saint Michael, MN


I have several blushes by NYX and love the texture, shading, and pigmentation. This is such an inexpensive beauty product yet, is a very good quality that rivals many of the department store (over priced) brands. The “taupe” is a neutral shade that can be used for contouring and when used sparingly with a flat top blending brush gives a soft neutral and natural finish (for when you want to look polished but with little effort). Other shades I recommend: Angel, Espresso.

Brooke Boyds, WA

Great for contouring

I am very pale with cool undertones and this (powder blush in Taupe) is the first product I’ve ever been able to use for contouring without looking like I had a bronzer accident. The shade is cool enough to just look like a shadow and it is buildable. In the past I have been unhappy with NYX powder blushes because the staying power just isn’t there but the taupe shade seems to wear most of the day on my oily skin.

Ruthie Valley Springs, AR

Bad shipping?

It’s a pretty color and all, but when I got it the clear center plastic piece was broken and had fallen in. And the powder was crushed and banged up. I’m guessing it’s the product of bad shipping, but I’m going to return it and hopefully get a new one.

Trisha Lascassas, TN

Great on darker skin believe it or not!

Bought this because I saw a girl on youtube wear it and was so surprised. I tend to go for pink hues and this looks amazing on my skin. I wear MAC select tint in Dark Deep for my foundation so you have an idea. Nice!

Marilyn Mount Rainier, MD

Barely visible on my skin- update

I have an olive/medium tan skin tone. It seems like no matter how much of this blush I put on, it just will not visibly show up! I was pretty disappointed as the color seems nice, almost coral and pretty bright in the pan.While it does not work for me I could see how it would be great for other skin tones (perhaps fair/light tan).EDIT: I changed my review from 3 stars to 4 stars as I figured out what was causing the product to not show up on my skin. After using it only twice a weird film had gathered across the top. Perhaps my foundation had transfered onto the blush from my brush? This has never happened to me with my other blushes before and my brushes are always clean. I used a razor (not a shaving razor a blade razor) to shave off the film. The product then applied nicely to my cheeks with a flattering faint pinkish coral color. I actually do find this color very flattering and think it would be for many skin types.I gave it 4 stars because I still prefer the texture and consistency of my Nars and MAC blushes better. However you can’t beat this blush for the price.

Marisol Lincoln, MI


Do NOT be fooled by the picture here on Amazon OR on NYX’s web site. I don’t know what the deal is, but this blush is NOT a “matte soft pink” as described on NYX’s web site. It is more of an orange-y bronzer that is [mis?] labeled “Angel” on the back. Maybe there’s just some mislabeled NYX blushes floating around and I got one, but [shrug]..I dunno. I’m using this as a bronzer/contour [I am SUPER pale]. It’s not a bad color and I actually love the soft formula and the quilted look. It’s just not the sweet, soft, angelic color I’d expected. Oh well…back to the [blush] drawing board…

Lori Tuskegee, AL

Love it, but the photo is deceiving

I agree with the other two reviewers – the color is deceiving. I’m pretty pale – this is more like a bronzer for me. It has pretty remarkable staying power, as well.

Corina Meriden, CT

Use as an eyeshadow

I bought this originally as a contouring color, but ended up leaning more towards using it as an eyeshadow. The taupey color is good for blending. I would say this would probably look great as a contour for someone with lighter skin than me (I consider myself to be medium to medium beige).

Marylou Pickford, MI


I love this blush! (Mine arrived broken due to Amazon’s poor packaging but hey.)I am very pasty pale, and this blush barely shows up as a blush. But it works really well as a contour, surprisingly! I played around with the sides of my nose and cheeks and eyes, and went outside to laugh at myself. But, it looked good! Some blending in and it would have looked natural, in the ‘not wearing any makeup, look how contoured her features are’ kind of way. I think for a blonde or really pale strawberry blonde, this would make the ideal blush.Does not exacerbate redness!!! An amazing thing.

Guadalupe Fallentimber, PA

Ohhhh yes!

This is an amazing *little* blush. The pigment is wonderful and goes on so smoothly and blends beautifully. I found I could put a little swipe of color or build it up for a more intense flush. I was worried about ordering a blush online, as the screen display is almost always different than the true color. In this case, it worked out and was a terrific buy.I have a new favorite!

Alexandra Brownville Junction, ME

Favorite Blush

Love this blush. Very pigmented and gives a gorgeous glow.

Lenore Madison, NY

Awesome blush!

I bought this blush in Pinched and I use it every day. The color is perfect and so is the texture of this blush. It is definitely worth the $5. A must have for makeup lovers!

Brenda Corbett, OR

A nice warm shade for cheeks and contouring

I am a fan of nyx products, and the cocoa blush is a staple for me…I use it as a contour and also by itself as a nice cheek warm up for my complexion. This one isn’t too shimmery and it lasts the work day.

Monique Lodi, CA

Wonderful Contour for the fair-skinned!

I use this powder (taupe) to contour my nose, cheekbones, forehead, chin, and jawline. I also use it as an eyeshadow. It applies smoothly and evenly. It has a subtle sheen that looks very natural on the skin. In the pan it looks a teeeeeensy bit sparkly, but on the skin it doesn’t. I know you are supposed to use matte to contour, but this is almost matte. It blends seamlessly into the skin.It doesn’t contain mineral oil, but it does contain parabens. I know some people avoid those, so fair warning.

Georgia Plentywood, MT

Not so easy to blend

This blush isn’t the one I reach for in the morning, but it does the job when I can’t find mine which has been a couple times now. It has good staying power, I think the issue is more with the color not looking good on my skin tone. I have a fair skin tone and this looks too bright even when I use a light hand or try to blend it more. Oh well.

Dona Arlington, IN

NYX makes great blushes

Great color, very pigmented. Kind of a muted plummy pink, maybe a bit of brown. Certainly not the color of any actual cafe mocha I’ve ever had, but whatever, it’s just a name. Looks nice when used with a light hand on my NW10-15 skin. Would also be nice for medium to medium dark complexions if you build up the color a bit. Very natural, not glittery or shiny.

Charlene Deerfield, NH

Love nyx products, aint no different with this one

I just wish I picked a more coral, bronzed color. It’s an excellent size and packaging to take in a purse or for travel.

Thelma Kinzers, PA

Great blush, but check swatches elsewhere

I bought this blush because I didn’t see a point in spending a lot of money on blush. There are plenty of colors and surely something for everyone. I bought the color “Mauve” and am very happy with it. I have light skin and the color looks very natural on me, which is what I was going for.I would strongly suggest looking for a swatch of colors rather than going by the colors on Amazon. There are some that are really off. I googled “swatch NYX blush” along with the color name. If you go to images you will surely find some pictures of the color and it will give you a much better idea of what it actually looks like. You can also find lots of reviews this way. Do not trust the colors displayed on Amazon.

Laurie Clarkson, NE


I purchased the NYX blush in pinky to go with my ever growing NYX collection. I LOVE these blushes. The color pay off is awesome and they last all day. I have several colors and I love all of them. Def recommend buying them.

Shelia Lavon, TX

Love the silky rose color

I use the silky rose blush almost everyday. I seem to always come back to this brand of blush but mostly the silky rose color.

Marion Belgium, WI

Perfect color to give a natural flush to the cheeks!

Love this blush. The texture and pigmentation are ideal to work with. It blends out nicely on the skin to give a gorgeous flush to your cheeks. I have fair skin, and this is my go to everyday blush.

Bettye Gwynedd Valley, PA

Very natural! Awesome!

I use this for all my contouring, and even as an eyeshadow. I contour my nose, cheeks, jawline, and chin with this…and then use it as an eyeshadow as well if I’m going for a really natural look. It doesn’t have too much "red" to the color, so it ends up looking really natural, like real shadow on my face. Love it! It’s also fairly pigmented and a little goes a long way. I think this will last me a long time, and I use it everyday!

Kimberley Pipestone, MN

Staying power blush

I absolutely loved this blush. It definitely has that “staying power” a woman wants for their makeup. I work 7:30am-4:30pm & I do not have to do any touching up w/ this. Nor do I have to plaster it on the initial application. However, the actual color is more of an orange/peach rather then the mauvish/pink/raison picture portrays. I loved the blush so much, I purchased some NYX eyeshadows & lipsticks too. Wonderful makeup without breaking your wallet!

Glenda Brownsville, CA

NYX Angel Blush review – It’s OK, definitely not the best blush from this line.

I have 8 or 10 of NYX’s blushes now and this is the only one I wouldn’t repurchase. The shade Angel shows up like a "sheen" on my skin, where the rest of the blushes in this line are matte so I’m having a difficult time making it look flattering on myself..Maybe it suits someone with a different skintone better? (I’m quite fair, typically wearing the palest foundations in every line and also mostly neutral undertoned)Onto the good, it IS nicely pigmented (as all NYX blushes are) and doesn’t irritate or break out my picky skin. Overall, I just think that there are better NYX blushes so this is a shade I wouldn’t repurchase. However, I WILL update this review if I find a way to make this work for me, as I keep on tryin lol 😉

Theresa Currie, NC

High pigmented super long lasting blush!

When I first went to apply this blush I did it all wrong. I got used to the lesser pigmented blushes and went for the gusto. I ended up looking like a circus clown. Second try.. One sweep and a blow on the blush brush and I get the perfect blush glow. Because of the high pigment this blush has lasted me forever and a day. Well done NYX!

Rocio Ethel, MO