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NYX Cosmetics Make Up Setting Spray, Dewy Finish/Long Lasting, 2.03 Ounce

Demand Perfection. For that fresh make up look that lasts, NYX Makeup Setting Sprays are lightweight and comfortable while working hard to make sure your makeup stays put. Available in a gorgeous Matte Shine-Free Finish or Dewy Fresh Glow.

Key features

  • A lightweight makeup setting spray that works hard to make sure your makeup stays put
  • Sets your makeup resisting unwanted color fade
  • Long lasting dewy finish

Honest reviews


Dewy finish is true. Long lasting

I saw this project on I have yet to have one of her recommendations let me down, and this is no different. I get a lot more life out of my makeup application when I apply this over the top. Sometimes I overdo it, and have to blot off the extra but it always looks great. Thank you!

Jan Holstein, IA

Refreshes Makeup.

This isn’t my go-to for a finishing spray but I do like it to refresh my makeup. It works well with a small spritz on a facial sponge to lightly dab on if my face powder looks too heavy or my makeup starts to look "stale". I also use it to spritz on my foundation and blending brushes. It makes blending easier, gives my foundation a bit of a dewy look and it’s not sticky feeling on my skin. I didn’t feel like it made my makeup last longer but I did like it for freshening my face.

Jo Cressey, CA

Not excited about the alcohol

I ended up abandoning this bottle for one that I made myself out of glycerin and water, which ended up working better. Either I will keep making my own, or I’ll try a different brand next time around. For me, it didn’t seem to keep the makeup from moving.

Flossie Eagle River, WI

Dewy finish looks cute

Summer can be harsh and I wanted something that would help my makeup from disappearing at the first sight of humidity. NYX Dewy Finish does a great job of doing that. Recently I was out and about in humid 80 degree weather and felt the heat, but to my surprise my makeup still looked fresh even after 3 hours of the sun. When I first sprayed it on I felt like my makeup was being washed off, but it was not. It was just the cool wet mist doing it’s job to set it. I didn’t blot any excess off and I did get a dewy look which I loved.It did wear off by the end of the day, but this was a 10 hour day in the heat. Without it my makeup would have been gone within an hour or two. It lasted a good 4-5 hours in 99% humidity. In normal conditions it has lasted a good 12 hours. I love it!

Leanne Lisman, AL

doesn’t inhibit sweat

I bought this because my forehead sweats and my makeup comes off. I tried this NYX Makeup Setting Spray over makeup, under makeup, and both at same time. I could not tell ANY difference with the product on, none at all!Here is the ingredients of the spray: Water, Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, PVP, Phenoxyethanol, Disodium EDTA, Niacinamide

Marissa Naoma, WV


I really enjoy this spray! it makes makeup last longer! and really works!! I would buy another one right now

Malinda California Hot Springs, CA

Dewy Finish Makeup Setting Spray

This spray does give your skin a nice sheen, make up stays fresh longer fewer touch ups needed. The actual size is 2.03 fl.oz.not 4 fl.oz. I like this product, did not like waiting nearly one month for it to arrive.

Esther Prince George, VA

blah! thumbs down

I dont get they hype over this setting spray stuff. There is not dewy finish and my make up does not stay in place any better or longer

Dayna Lebanon, OH

Great inexpensive make up spray

This is a great inexpensive make up spray, though I like the matte version better. I use this spray after my foundation and the MAC setting spray after I’m done with everything. Using the two this way makes my make up and my foundation stay on all day through work at a restaurant, me touching my face, and when its hot. This is a good purchase and worth the investment. It doesn’t make sense to spend time and money putting make up on when it doesn’t stay and this product makes it stay.I like the matte version better because I have oily skin and the dewy finish can make my oily skin look really oily by the middle of the day.

Sheri Ostrander, OH

doesn’t feel like worth its price

It smudged my mascara the first time i used it.I guess i didnt wait till they got dryi cant tell if it’s doing its job

Melody Homeland, CA

Love it!

I was trained in esthetics. Makeup has been a thing for me since I was in Jr. High. So when I say great stuff, I know great stuff. I am 50 and don’t wear anything but BB-cream for cover. I do not want to shine, but after a light powder, I need moisture. I used to use Evian. I found this and the difference is amazing. Powder plus this equal a face that looks real, supple, and the benefit is you will stay that way all day until you take off your makeup. HA!

Rosanne Bettsville, OH

Perfect for summer

Perfect for summer makeup, when you don’t want to look cakey and too made-up. I always go for the dewy look; winter, spring, summer, or fall.It works very well, and keeps makeup on.Highly recommended

Taylor Saint Robert, MO

Did nothing.

Takes away some of the powdery look if I overdo my powder. Did not look dewy and definitely didn’t make makeup last longer. Alcohol is the 2nd ingredient. No thanks.

Audra Fairview, WV

it is ok…

Not nearly as good as the Skindinavia I used before. But it does keep my makeup on a little longer that without.

Chelsea Pahala, HI

Makes me look great!

I spray it 3 times on my face after applying all my makeup and it makes is last all day while making the makeup completely even. I recommend!!

Jo Tipton, OK

actually works great for drier skin

I have very strange skin. It’s dry, yet constantly breaking out. So, what I end up with is my foundation always looks caked on and crusty where the breakouts are. When I generously spritz my face with this spray after applying my foundation/powder, the end result actually looks dewy, which I didn’t think was possible with my skin! I was worried that the spray would "wash away" the makeup on my face, but it actually did just the opposite…it set it so that it lasted all day.

Lois Dorsey, IL

Love this

Works great. If you apply too much powder, this fixes it without taking it all off. I use this before I do my mascara and lipstick and it gets rid of the "powdery" look, keeps me from looking cakey, and keeps my makeup on all day.

Paulette Bannister, MI

Works but a little messy

I used it around my eyes. It seemed to set up the mascara, eye shadow and such but the spray was quite vigorous — getting on much of the rest of my upper face and even my hair. I might cut a hole in some paper to keep it confined to the target area.

Traci Graysville, AL

Can’t see any difference.

I don’t feel the spray did much. Felt like I was misting scented water on my face. I will stick a setting powder instead.

Amelia Palmer, TN

great setting spray

this setting spray is great. it leaves a dewy finish and hydrates the skin. i use it after i apply my makeup. the shipping was fast and easy and the packaging was

Polly Crossville, TN

love the dewy look.

I use an illuminator mixed with my liquid makeup or bb cream and then set it with this spray. It helps my makeup stay on for about 5-10hrs. And boy do I look amazingly dewy(healthy shine).

Marquita Soda Springs, ID

It does what it claims

Great setting spray. Makes your skin feel great and makes you look dewy!! It makes me feel like I’m wearing no makeup at all after spraying… and is just a great finishing touch to any makeup application. Wish the bottle was bigger.. But for $7.. I will happily purchase again and again.

Flora Manhasset, NY

Love it

I would definitely recommend this product. As someone with oily skin, it gives me a healthy glow without being too shiny. It also helps to keep my makeup in place and it can be used before foundation or after your makeup is on.Great product and very reasonable price:-)

Aisha Farwell, MN