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NYX Cosmetics Concealer Jar, Lavender, 0.21 Ounce

Super concentrated lightweight concealer. Provides medium to heavy coverage. Natural finish never looks caked-on or clumpy.

Key features

  • Provides medium to heavy coverage
  • Emollients keep eye area hydrated
  • Natural finish never looks caked-on or clumpy

Honest reviews



Let me start off by saying I have been a faithful Amazon customer for yrs. I loved them up until today. So I tried to buy this product along with 3 other products that was not sold by Amazon but sold by outside vendors. When I went to checkout, I couldn’t purchase this item I could only do an “add on” and would have to purchase 25 dollars of products that is sold by Amazon in order to purchase this!! I called thinking this must be some mistake but it was correct. In order to purchase this, I had to spend more money!!! Reminded you, I was already spending $70.00 on other products. But because is wasn’t sold by Amazon, it didn’t count. I was told the reason for this is because this is such a good price for the product. It’s the exact same price on NYX website!!! Amazon will no longer get my money…account cancelled!!! I have to spend 30 dollars to get a 5 dollar concealer??!! How dumb is that!!!

Allie Morton, IL


I’m very pleased with the NYX Concentrated Concealer in a Jar 01 Porcelene. It blends perfectly with my very light skin tone. I am a Classic Ivory in Neutrogena foundation which is their lightest color, as is the Nyx concealer. Covers up under eye darkness perfectly. It seems like this jar will last a long time since the product is quite firm and well packed into the jar. I used it today and did not make a dent in the product, a little bit goes a long way. I’m pleased.

Kara Metuchen, NJ

terribly dry

This was terribly dry and difficult to blend!Definitely does not perform like a concealer should.I have no clue how those recommending this product are using this.I just know this concealer is terrible and does not work for me.

Karyn Newtonville, MA

good for medium coverage

I have extremely dry skin and horrible dark circles that my even my stylist called “scary”. She was doing my makeup for a special event and said every time she touched them they turned darker. This is a pretty good concealer and the color matched my skin tone, but it couldn’t hide my dark circles enough. You can layer with this, but too many layers left me with the tell tale signs of concealer especially with my dry skin. It didn’t glide nicely onto my skin because it dried out quickly. I have the worst dark circles out of anybody I know, so this should be good for people with less severe problems.

Nan Bolt, WV

Not For Fair Skin!

This was my first experience with a color correcting concealer and sadly I did not have a good experience with this product. I have very fair skin – my foundation shade is almost always the lightest available. For starters, this concealer is quite dark. I cannot stress enough how little of this product you need; a little goes a LONG way and it is highly pigmented. But a very thin layer of this still managed to show through my foundation and setting powder.The foundation I use is Estee Lauder Double Wear in the shade “Bone”. It is a medium to full coverage foundation, so I expected it to cover up the orange completely. It did cover up most of the orange, but it didn’t look natural under my foundation at all. There was definitely an orange tint showing through, so I added another layer of foundation on top. This extra step also did not improve things much and the coloring was very unnatural. I made the mistake of trying this out during my makeup routine before work and had to go to work and school afterwards with my botched makeup. It was very embarrassing and only drew attention to my problem areas.I have to emphasize again that I used a very thin layer of this concealer, but it is extremely dark and bright on my very pale skin. I don’t recommend this for porcelain/fair skin tones at all. I believe this would be much better on medium to darker skin tones. I gave this product 2 stars instead of 1 because it is a very long-wearing concealer and with the very tiny amount you need it is an excellent value. This lasted all day on me, even though this was one occasion where I wish it hadn’t lol.

Monika Hamtramck, MI

NYX Yellow Concealer in a Jar Review ->

this is very *meh* -I own countless concealers due to my terrible (genetic) undereye circles -some of my fav’s are Laura Geller Real Deal Concealer (very heavy duty stuff!)& Maybelline Dream Lumi pen (great for highlighting the undereye area). I think I wanted this to be more like the Maybelline Lumi pen (except in pot form) but wasn’t the case.. I don’t think it was a TOTAL waste of $6 +free shipping -I’ll definately try to use it all up as I find it “useable”.. just not “ideal”… It would probably be GREAT for someone with minimal under eye circles -that person is NOT me Lol

Lizzie Savannah, NY


I honestly expected better coverage and quality from this concealer. It works good on a normal day, I used it under my eyes and settle in with loose powder. It does not dry out, but does not moisturize either. It works ok. I’m going to use on my normal skin days, but I would not buy it again.

Angelique Essex, VT

Love this!

I’m 18 and have dark circles under my eyes from a lack of sleep haha and this concealer does exactly what it’s supposed to do. The yellow concealer is for dark circles and it covers mine beautifully. I only need a small amount because a little goes a long way. I use a concealer brush to blend it and it’s perfect under foundation or when I wear tinted moisturizer. It lasts all day for me and doesn’t make my skin oilier (I have oily skin). This tiny jar will last me a lifetime!

Georgette Secondcreek, WV

Makes dark circles worse

First thing this concealer makes my under eye look dark grey in color, I have been using MAC concealer till date, I though I might give this a shot, hate it. It accentuates my dark circles.

Lucy Glencoe, MN

A must have

This quickly became a must have product in my beauty kit as soon as I realized how well it works. Works so well that I even bought a couple of extra ones to put in my backpack and purse so I am never without one. Tried applying this with my finger, a brush, and a qtip. For me patting it on lightly with my finger worked the best then following it with a bit of foundation. Fast, easy, and no more dark undereye circles ; )

Joan Pearblossom, CA

Nice but NOT full coverage

Not a bad concealer but I was disappointed that it was not full coverage as advertised. It may be OK if you don’t have serious blemishes but I have some brown spots and this concealer just couldn’t cover them. No concealer I found will cover everything and not look cakey. This one does help to diminish (if not cover) all my blemishes. I still use it everyday and am pleased with it. I will order again.

Lilia Madison, PA

Great product

This is by far the best concealer I have ever used. I am very fair and it is hard to find a concealer that doesn’t turn my skin yellow or orange. This looks like the actual color of my skin, which is awesome. It doesn’t clump or look caked on at all. I use it on dark circles every morning, it doesn’t irritate my skin and after putting the concealer on I just use my regular foundation and it’s completely smooth and seamless. I LOVE this!

Frances Sontag, MS


love,, perfect packaging and price, its works so good , i recomended. i get it to my friend and she loove it

Matilda Farmersville, CA

right idea

when covering under eye circles, i wanted to go with something with an orange undertone, i didn’t think it would be quite so orange.none the less, i used it on myself using my same makeup routine and it DID cover my under eye circles – but it was much to orange for my natural skin stone. I had the right idea though.i did however use this on one on a friend who was much darker in skin stone, african american skin toned, and it worked wonderfully.the product glides on gently and smoothly, it doesn’t run and IT IS NOT GREASY! having a non greasy product makes for less creasing in the makeup. love it, im going to try a different per the handler, my product arrived much sooner than anticipated! love it.

Selma Pierz, MN

Lover it

If you have dark circles under your eyes, or on those days of the month, this little jar is magic. when I first used it I though it wasn’t going to work, its a very dark orange. But one you put your normal concealer on top, bye bye dark circles. A little bit goes a long way. Highly tinted. Works!

Therese Dilliner, PA

Okay Product

I think it does an ok job. It’s a very thick cream and can make the skin look dry if you don’t take the time to spread it out evenly. I really like that it comes in a jar so that you can use only the amount needed. Not sure if I would recommend it…

Carrie Elsie, KY

Very good canceler – for covering purple of blue discoloration

I am surprised with this canceler , very small but really working, the color is bright orange great for covering dark purple or blue discoloration , just use a brush to blend it and , then use transparent powder over it and after the actual color foundation and works perfect, my foundation was water based but working as well over it .. I like that the color is bright as it work better lighting the dark areas . highly recommended !!!!!! for under foundation canceler

Alberta Benedict, MD

dont like

i bought the orange concealer for dark circles under my eyes… didn’t like the consistency kinda cakey and didn’t give much coverage….. thought it a waste of money

Whitney Preston, MS

not the greatest concealer out there…

I love NYX eyeshadow base and was using it as a concealer too. I thought this might be a better match for my skin. The color is fine because I put my makeup over it. Unfortunately it doesn’t hide my under eye circles as well as the base does. It works better with a brush than my fingers but it doesn’t last on my skin and ends up caked in wrinkles after a few hours. The base works much better for me.I was dissappointed with the lack of pigment. Having said that, I did give it three stars because I can use it on light freckles and to prevent my lipstick from bleeding. I put it on freckle with a soft lipstick brush after applying my foundation and it works for that.If you have fine, dark skin under your eyes I would recommend finding something that you can apply with a wand. This will not give you enough coverage.

Celia Ione, WA


I wanted a salmon-based concealer to hide my dark circles, so i thought this would help. NOPE. just made it waaay to orange. When I put my foundation over it, it seeps into random wrinkles and looked worse than I did before. It stays on all day, but the color is not something you want to have stay on all day.

Ofelia Utuado, PR

Don’t waste your time

This product creases and isn’t super creamy like I thought it might be. It’s drying and not very full coverage. I wouldn’t repurchase it.

Rae Atka, AK

Very good

Love this concealer, but the problem is the bottle is small!, but It really conceals dark spots, and will buy more

Marylou Felda, FL

If you have dark circles

I have to be honest. When I first used this, I hated it. But I have learned a lighter hand is needed, I use it to counteract the blue/dark circles under my eyes, with a nice top coat of foundation or powder they all but disappear. I like my look to be seamless which is why I add the foundation. This is a great product, and the price is amazing. To all my dark circled sisters and brothers, this is the one for you.

Latanya Gas City, IN

wasn’t impressed

I’ve heard good things about this brand so I decided to pick this item up. The problem is it doesn’t cover well and even after I powder over it, it creases. I would not purchase this product again.

Elba Loyalhanna, PA

Best concealer there is!

I’ve used MUCH pricier concealers, but none of them compare to NYX jars. The Porcelain shade fits me perfectly, even though the picture makes it seem very orange–and I wear the absolute fairest shades that exist in all my makeup. I am cool-toned, though, so if you’re warmer, Porcelain might not be your shade.

Lidia Ellis Grove, IL

It corrects but does not stay that long

It gives a nice coverage but the staying power is not that great, but at least it does not irritate my skin, so I will give it 4 stars for that

Jeanne Lockbourne, OH

I like it.

But I don’t LOVE it. It started creasing under my eyes only minutes after putting it on. I use it for blemishes now instead of under eye concealer. It does well on other areas, I just didn’t like it under my eyes.

Olive Spivey, KS

Complete Waste of Money

I was expecting more from this because it has better reviews, but it BARELY covers my acne spots. It also comes out a lot more orange than it looks, and trust me, I *did* get the porcelain one. The texture is nice and I am usually a HUGE fan of this brand, but I was not impressed with this concealer. I’m not sure what it would even be good for. Covering up a 90% faded freckle, maybe. The coverage is terrible.If you’re going for NYX products, stick to their eye products and their primers–the green photoready primer is DIVINE. NYX really knows their stuff and usually delivers. But this concealer is a waste of money. It doesn’t hold up under the eye. It won’t cover up an acne scar. Really lackluster performance.

Carey Fort Dick, CA


This product has full coverage as it says and goes on smoothly. Overall a good buy for anyone with dark spots. If you have darker skin it does look somewhat unnatural.

Camille Gregory, SD


I have indian skin tone ( nc 42/ 43 in mac) with dark circles not severe or anything but it works for my skin tone rather than the yellow corrector looking fake on me. I apply this with a fluffy domed brush my favorite is the sigma F05. it gives me the most air brushed appearance while this corrector giving me amazing color pay off after I applied it instantly it looks like i have no darkness whats so ever and then i use my cover fx concealer and its like perfection topped with my make up forever hd setting powder it last all day and does not crease even in my fine linesif you have questions please comment i’d love to help

Ursula Walker Valley, NY