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Nutricology Ox Bile, 500 mg, 100 Vegetarian Capsules

Derived from a bovine source and freeze-dried (lyophilized) to maintain its biological activity, Ox Bile is a suitable supplement to the liver’s production of bile. Bile is naturally produced by the body and is used in the process of digestion. Symptoms of constipation and a tan colored stool may indicate that the body’s production of bile is less than optimal.;

Key features

  • Derived from a bovine source.
  • Suitable supplement to the liver’s production of bile.
  • A dietary supplement.

Honest reviews


Very high dose.

Ox Bile is essential in helping with digestion of fats in older people or in people who have had their gallbladder removed but this dose is very high. I spent the night of the first dose in great pain, throwing up a very strong acid bile that burned my throat and mouth for hours. The diarrhea was just as painful and it took several hours to clear my system. 3 different bouts of vomiting and diarrhea. Just beware if you are a first time use of Ox Bile, to take a smaller dose, start out with 125 mg and work up as needed. I will purchase some empty gelcaps and break down the doses to manageable levels so it is not a waste of money, but it was sure a shock to my system.

Louella Osage, OK

Very upsetting for me

I was excited to try this product especially reading that it helps in absorption of foods after having the gallbladder removed.I took these as it said on the label, however, I had some serious adverse reactions to these. They made me sick to my stomach as though I had diarrhea. Perhaps the strength was too strong for me, but I threw these out! Perhaps I will try the one’s that are 125mg.

Ruthie Wesley, AR



Judi Hartland, MN

Not bad.

I am unsure what to say about this product. It hasn’t harmed my digestion but I am unsure if it has helped. I have noticed an increased ability to digest high fat foods but only those of non-animal origin. No side effects. I would recommend at least trying it. Just because it wasn’t a “miracle” for me doesn’t mean it might not work well for you.

Janelle Lee Center, IL

I am hooked

My digestion is challenged due to a chronic illness. Oxbile helps me digest my food, especially fats.I notice when I run out. My ND recommended it and she was right. I used to take a lot of mylanta, etc.I changed my diet and take this stuff. No more indigestion.

Corrine Weldon, IL

Excellent product, but I usually prefer their lower strength.

These are good for when I have eaten a fattier meal. I take the 125 mg from the same company if I have eaten a basically low-fat meal. I continue to buy both strengths.The only down-side I have noticed is that my cholesterol levels are higher by using this product. Normally, the body ‘recycles’ some of the same bile that you currently have, and by doing so it uses up part of the cholesterol that goes into making the bile. By taking bile supplements, your body does not have to ‘use up’ cholesterol to make bile, and thus your cholesterol levels will go higher. Don’t know what to do about it though, as I have no gallbladder, and really need bile (at a meal) to digest fat-soluble vitamins.UPDATE:I have gone to the 500 mg, and use only that strength for my meals containing fat, as I have gone off a vegan diet, and gone to Paleo, so I need the stronger amount for the fat content now in my meals. I am doing very well at this strength. I do occasionally take the 125 mg for meals containing just a tish of fat.

Abigail Grand Isle, ME