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Nutranail 5 to 7 Day Growth Aloe Formula .45 oz.

Now you can grow longer, stronger nails than ever before with this nourishing formula containing aloe, protein and multi-vitamins. It works on contact, as vital moisture is absorbed into dry, thin nails to help restore them. Nails are instantly conditioned to stop them from peeling and breaking as they grow. Transform dry, fragile nails into beautiful longer nails in just days!

Key features

  • Helps to nourish and condition
  • Absorbs quickly into nails to help restore moisture
  • Helps stop peeling and breaking
  • Works in just days

Honest reviews


We Shall See……

Only 4 stars because it just arrived today – and I just applied first treatment. I am very optimistic based on the other reviews…..I wore acrylic nails for more years than anyone should and it left my nails in deplorable condition. I took them off about 6 months ago and my nails have finally stopped peeling, but they are very weak. I am ever hopeful this will be the solution-I have tried EVERYTHING!I will return and revise after I have used for a week- According to the packaging I should see improvement in 5 to 7 DAYS. We’ll see – that’s almost too good to be true…IMOUpdate: It’s been a bit over a week-using faithfully per directions 2X a day—NOTHING

Bernice Slingerlands, NY

doesnt work for me

after reading all the positive reviews on this product, i was excited to try it out. i have average length nails but i wanted them to grow longer and i have been applying this product on my nails 2 times a day and after 5 days, i have not seen a difference. my nails aren’t growing any faster or longer. well at least i don’t notice it.. it may work for others out there but i wouldn’t recommend this product..

Joan Rushsylvania, OH

it works finally !?!

I bought this prod because of the positive reviews, but I’m disappointed. It really a waste of money, I used it for 7 days two times day, but absolutely nothing happen, my nails still in the same health, no improvement !!!Maybe it doesn’t work for me!!or maybe it need more time, I will see what will happen in the next days ?Update :After weeks, I can say now for sure that it works, I niticed that when I was using this product my nail was healthier, so I will change my rating from 2 to five stars !!!!

Karin Gunlock, KY

eh doesnt make my nails stonger at all

I have been using this for a few weeks now, it has not made my nails any stronger at all, it has not helped my cuticals any at all, and I cant tell any difference really, well I may not have as many chips, but my nails are still really weak and break super easy, and I have not grown them out any at all, sill extremely short (nail line or below nail line short), and I used as directed, applied 2 times a day everyday… at first I applied over a polish I had on, since it said it was fine to use over polish, it is NOT, because 2 days later all my polish was coming off, like all at once, in one big piece each nail, so don’t use over polish. next I took off the polish, filed and shaped my nails and cleaned them, left completely polish free, and used this for over 3 weeks, and nothing, so I give up, I have used over half the bottle, and no improvement really, mabey a little bit, like I said, not as many chips, but that’s about it, but its just not worth it, not the price,ordering, or the trouble of using, and not painting my nails for something that doesn’t really work!

Alana Allakaket, AK



Antionette Parker, CO

It works!

I purchased this product because my nails were very short.I saw results in about 5 days,but very minimum results.If you need FAST results,dont buy this.As for strengthening my nails,that is a con of this product.My nails peel very easily and on the box it listed that this Growth treatment could help with that.It didn’t.Overall,I wouldn’t purchase this again,But this does somewhat work!

Shirley Shorter, AL


I bought this as a gift and my mom said it worked well. I didn’t actually use it myself so can’t otherwise comment.

Cassie Caldwell, TX

Works great!

This is great to use if your nails are dry and crack a lot. The aloe is very soothing. I love it.

Marva Spirit Lake, IA


I have actually never had nails! All the sudden, my nails started growing a little so I bought this stuff to keep them strong! Now..they are definitely stronger now! Will continue to buy and use this! Also my nails look healthier, including the cuticles!(sp)

Hester Drake, ND

5-7 day

I Like this product really well. My nails now have a nice healthy sheen to them. I did not notice if they were growing any faster but they are definitely growing healthier.

Dale Chippewa Falls, WI

It works!!!

I bought it 2 weeks ago. My nails are weak and brake easily, after using this product my nails are hard and growing!! I haven’t seen my nails this long in 15 yrs!! I will be buying this product again!!!

Kristin Torrington, WY

Really good product for…

nail strengthening and growth. I try never to be without one of Nutranail’s nail products as they have really improved my nails.

Adrian Eminence, KY