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NutraLuxe Nutrasonic Essential color Blue

Brand new in a sealed box. Color is BLUE. Manufactured by NutraLuxe MD. Full size includes NutraSonic Face Brush Essential 4-Speed System includes The Universal Charger The Face Brush with 4-Speed selection 1 brush for sensitive skin 1 brush for normal skin 1 body brush Beautiful lightweight zippered travel case Instruction Booklet and Warranty Card. (NO CD included) Buy now and it ships today. Buy from an authorized dealer and get MyBetterSkinCare from our Amazon store. Thank you.

Key features

  • Gentle enough for any skin type
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Removes makeup better then manual cleansing
  • Clears pores and reduces the appearance of pore size
  • Helps reduce acne

Honest reviews


GREAT PRODUCT, Contact Manufac. for problems – NOT FACEMEDIC

Would like to give ZERO STARS rating not on the product, but on FaceMedic’s customer non-service.I loved the way the NutraSonic works, but after about 2 months, during which time I used it only once a week, it no longer charges up. I used and charged it correctly and for almost […], this is truly disappointing. I asked FaceMedics for a refund, explaining the problem, and they quoted me their “30-day return policy.” There was no way I could have found out prior to 30 days that the unit would totally crap out with only 4-5 uses. I’ve filed an A-Z claim with Amazon and hoping someone will see reason on a defective product; I am very disappointed in FaceMedics unresponsiveness to their defective product, and as a 100% satisfaction eBay seller, know better about customer service!New information 2/18/2011: manufacturer will replace/repair if I send in for shipping; no problem. Amazon did not back the A-Z guarantee (not pleased about that). But manufacturer has good customer service so far and I’m willing to work with them; however, will probably never buy from FaceMedics again – their customer service replies were arrogant and non-responsive.

Roxanne Bangor, MI

Once a Day!

I purchased this because I emailed clarisonic to verify that all of the sellers were unauthorized. I understood that as of the time of purchase they weren’t really asking where you purchased your clarisonic unit- or that I could say it was a gift, but I wasn’t sure if that policy would change, so I bought the Nutrasonic Basic for 89.00 here on Amazon. I knew I wanted a body brush, so the Mia wasn’t an option.Okay, so! I’ve been using this product for about a week.-It’s really strong! I’m not pressing or anything, but it definitely is strong- the sensitive brush is the right option for me, and I like to use it on sensitive and jitterbug. While I can use it daily, I definitely cannot use it twice daily.-It needed the full 24 hours to charge the first time.-It does splash water in your face that first few seconds. I just wet my face with my hands really good, and then wet the brush, but wait for the spray to finish before getting it near my face or my clean mirror.-Totally waterproof, I am a bathtub bather, and so far no issues whatsoever using my bodybrush however I wish.I really like the jitterbug feature, though I suspect it’s not really taking advantage of sonic anything. It’s kind of like the “massage” function on a sonicare toothbrush, so really nice and pleasant.I have not noticed myself using more or less facial cleanser either way!Now, so far, my results have been okay. I have clear skin already, but I wanted the clarisonic to help me on my road to wrinkle prevention. I like the feel of my skin after, but I previously cleaned with a ecotools sponge, which gives me a great clean too.I actually overdid it the first two days and went for twice a day, which had my face feeling quite raw and upset.My nose has been significantly shinier, but I can tell the pores are not as visible as well. SHINY, though. I’m hoping once my skin gets used to this I’ll be really impressed.I’ll update this after a few weeks with my before/after photos. 🙂

Rosemary North Montpelier, VT

Gentle yet thorough

I used to use the Neutrogena wave. I saw it in the drug store. It was the only powered face/body cleanser that I was aware of. But, Neutrogena made several changes that did not work for me – discontinuing their more effective exfoliating pads, alterning their original pad to one that feels like a foamy cotton ball (not exfoliating at all), and creating a pad that spins instead of vibrates (I wash my face in a circular motion anyway so this wasn’t additive). That besides the forever hunt for a decent price on the single use pads caused me to look around.I am now happily using Nutra Sonic (bought mine refurb for $55). My first thought was no more pads! And, I can use my own cleaner. The brush is soft but it does the job. After I turned the unit on, there was questioning whether my skin is exfoliated with the sonic brush. The brush was definitely a step up in terms exfoliating. The bristles feel prinkly against your skin like they really get in there. My skin felt thoroughly clean in a short amount of time. After the first time, my skin looked much better. No scratches. After the third day, my skin looks beautiful again.Yes, the sonic brush costs more upfront than Oil of Olay and Neutrogena, but to me it is so worth it to get results without having to purchase special grit and disposable scrubbing pads again and again.

Abigail Ellabell, GA

Worked ok for a while

I loved this at first. It really made my skin feel soft after using it. The only thing I didn’t like is that it splatters everywhere. Even with my face down in the sink, the counters and mirror were a mess after using it. But maybe they all do that. At about the same time as the warranty expired, it started shutting itself off about every 5 to 10 seconds and I’d have to restart it. Now it only runs about 10 seconds tops and goes dead completely. I have to toss it out.

Shawna Paguate, NM

I love it!

I am a male and I have started using it 10 days ago.I was very confused whether I should go for the cheaper product ( worth 26 us$) or the more expensive one ( worth 135 us$) but I decided to go for it. I am to disapointed.I have to see the other products but this one does wonder to your face.Pros1. Nice color.2. Nice covenant charger3. No confusion on how to use4. One extra brush5. Nice priceCons1. NoneNo..No-one paid me to write this!

Catherine Willard, NM

cleans gently and thoroughly

I have been using this twice daily on my face for a week. I use it with Phisoderm for sensitive skin with the sensitive head. I love the way my skin feels. I have sensitive skin with an oily T zone and it works for all areas of my face. I compared this product with Sonicare and found this product gives more the the money: cheaper, 4 speeds, 3 brush heads (sensitive, regular and body), and a universal charging base. It can be used in shower or tub. The Sonicare product charges $50 extra for a universal charging base. This is a good product and a good deal.

Faith Paia, HI