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Nutra Nail Gel Perfect Manicure 12750 Sheer Pink

Nutra Nail® Gel Perfect™ 12750 Sheer Pink Manicure. No UV, LED light needed. 5 minute gel-color. Sets rock solid in 5 minutes to a patent leather shine. First self-curing gel. Ding-free protection. Activator net wt .25 oz/7 g. Gel-color .17 fl oz/5 ml. Brush cleaner .17 fl oz/5 ml.

Key features

  • No Basecoat Or Topcoat Needed
  • Sets Rock Solid In 5 Minutes
  • Patent Leather Shine
  • Ding-Free Protection
  • No UV Light Needed

Honest reviews


Nutra Nail

This polish is only good for a one night event. It chips too fast, as soon as the next day. Perfect if you have a quick event that night and want your nails to look good.

Cassandra Pulaski, GA

Not the best experience

I got this product in another store but is the same product. When I applied the activator smell that crazy glue. Be careful your eye could get irritated. After I applied the first coat I thought it was bad, really bad…but I repeat the process again activator and polish over and I was thinking I need another coat of shine so I applied activator again…yes…and it looked really good!! Considering that my right hand was done by my left hand… if a friend do it for you I think it will look better. All you need is practice!I gave this product 5 star before but next morning it chipped!! This is worse than taking off acrylic nails!! This stuff is glued! I had to use paint thinner and scrub it!! Some part of my nails still have the crazy glue…

Elba North Branford, CT

So Disappointed :/

I got this in “Cha-Cha” (not off amazon) and as a nail polish junkie, I was sooo excited to try it! I just put it on 15 minutes ago and I’m not pleased.The activator smells like super glue, and the color is so streaky! It looks awful! I’m not sure if it is just my bottle but the brush is like split in half so when I go to paint my nail, it doesn’t spread evenly (which may have contributed to the streakiness).Would not recommend and would not purchase again. So sad :(I gave it two stars because since it has only been 15 minutes, I’m giving it hope that it won’t chip. We’ll see.

Billie Portville, NY

What a let down!

I bought this at a local store in Snapdragon and was very excited to try it out. Well, I am not a fan! It started chipping off after only two days and now at day 6, I only have some left on the middle of each nail.It takes four coats per nail. One: activator, Two: color, Three: activator, Four: color. I can do four steps of any nail polish and it lasts at least twice as long. One: base coat, Two & Three: color, Four: top coat.I will stick to the way I’ve been doing my nails for A LOT CHEAPER and LONGER! I also will not recommend this to anyone. Sad.

Olga Goodlettsville, TN


it doesn’t come off at all unless you have the kind of nail polish remover you have to buy with it wont come off with regular nail polish remover at all

Kate Saint Helen, MI

Not impressed.

Not really impressed with the kit. I followed the instructions and felt it went as it was meant to, but just not impressed with how long it lasted. It seemed no longer than a normal polish with a good base and top coat. I won’t be spending my cash on this product again.

Gwen Llano, CA


Regular polish is much better (and easier to get off!) than this! I couldn’t stand it after a day because of the chipping and cracking. It feels like (and smells like) you are brusing super glue on your nails, very hard, not flexible, streaky, yuck! I invested in Gelish products now and that stuff is awesome, my nails look perfect, I thought this was a cheaper alternative but it doesn’t compare at all. I’m much angrier about the 10 dollars I wasted on this than the 60 I spent on gelish supplies.

Taylor Kingston Springs, TN