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Nutra Nail Gel Perfect, 0.59 Ounce

5 minute gel-color manicure. The first and only patented UV/LED light-free gel-color technology. Applies like a polish. Quick and easy application. No basecoat or topcoat needed. All you need in this box. Sets in just 5 minutes. No more dings, smudges or sheet marks. Lasts as long as a regular manicure/pedicure. Creates a patent leather shine that lasts. So glossy it always looks wet. Protects nails from breaking. Gel-color activates for form a rock solid shield.

Key features

  • 5 minute gel-color manicure
  • Sets rock solid in 5 minutes to a patent leather shine
  • New gel-color technology
  • No UV/LED light needed
  • Ding-Free Protection

Honest reviews


Not a salon manicure, but still a good product

I can never get manicures to last- my salon gel manicure a few months ago lasted a week and a half, and they’re supposed to last three weeks. Regular manicures maybe last a day, and regular nail polish I do at home? A couple hours, if I’m lucky. My nails just don’t hold polish. I bought this on a whim, because I like the look of a nice manicure, but I can’t afford/don’t have time to be at the salon every 2 weeks getting gels.I will say that it’s no salon manicure. You really need to do your cuticles first, and if you have really short nails, you can’t seal the ends like the how-to videos say. But at the same time, at less than half the price of one gel manicure, this stuff is a good product. My first time was a little sloppy, yes, but it’s still perfect two days later, which is a small miracle for the way I go through nail polish. It dries super shiny and hard within 5 minutes, just like it says. You can’t rush this stuff- it’s not throw it on and then pick off the stuff that gets on your fingers later. You need to set aside 15 or 20 minutes and do it carefully. But I didn’t notice a bad smell (no worse than other nail polish, at least), the remover pads are easy enough, and it didn’t dry streaky at all for me.Not the perfect product, but definitely a step in the right direction.

Carmen Port Saint Joe, FL

Terrible Product

I have very thin, brittle nails. I don’t like using acrylics because they are expensive and ultimately leave your nails in horrible shape once they are removed. I was interested in the Shellacking process they do in the nail salons, but that is expensive as, well although they say it doesn’t damage your nails like gels and acrylics. I tried this product a week ago. I applied it to clean, dry, manicured nails. No oils or creams applied. The first coat, in my opinion, seems to be just crazy glue. Then you apply the color. Then repeat both steps. In between cleaning the brush in acetone, which they call “cleaner”. It went on okay and dried very quickly. It did create a hard shell. However, within 2 days the entire finish was crackling and started to chip off and lift up. All over the entire nail surface. I had heard at one time that you could actually paint your nails with nail glue to strengthen them and this was the exact same result I got with this product. To remove it you must either use their remover, or pure acetone. Soaking your nails in pure acetone is not “good” for your nails and I can’t imagine using this product on a regular basis and improving your own nails. Their remover says it has aloe and other things in it that are “good” for your nails, however, when you come right down to it, it’s still acetone. I removed it with their remover and it still left a very thin layer on the nails in certain spots that later peeled off. I did not want to keep rubbing and soaking the nails because you could see them drying out. It was very expensive in CVS and found it after wards for less than half the price in Wal-Mart. Even at $10.00 it is not worth it as far as I am concerned. I will be throwing it away. I do not recommend it to anyone.

Georgina Terra Bella, CA

Don’t do it!

As other reviewers mentioned, this is a terrible product. I should have read the reviews before purchasing but I was in the store and the idea dazzled me. First of all, it is way too expensive for the amount of polish, cleaner and activator you get. I believe the activator is something similar to super glue. Just the vapor burned my eyes to the point where I my eyes were watering really bad. Anyway, it’s really easy for the brushes to get stiff even if you follow the directions very carefully. The application process takes much longer than advertised on the box. My manicure looked really good the first, and even the second day. Now on day 3, it has chipped on several of my fingernails. The ones that aren’t chipped look very dull and have lost their shine. I messed up the first application and tried to take the polish off but it was very difficult! I had to purchase the acetone pads they suggest and still it was a task. This is not a good product at all. I will save my money to buy something that works!Update: I removed the polish. This is where things get worse. Not only was it extremely difficult to remove but now I can see damage to my nails. It seems to be dry, cracking, flaking of the top layer of my fingernail. I had to gently buff out the dents and scratches and condition my hands with moisturizer. If I would have known it would be so inconvenient to apply and remove this product, I would have definitely skipped it in the first place!!!!

Shawna Chemult, OR

Great if you like gel nails

I’ve had gel nails and was interested to see the at-home version. The thing I liked about the gel nails was that the color lasted a bit longer than traditional nail polishes, and the thing I didn’t like about it was the way my nails felt – heavy. It was hard to get the color and "activator" off my nails with traditional nail polish remover (I believe that the product says as much). It’s good for exactly what it is; unfortunately, I realize that 99 times out of 100 I’d opt for traditional manicures, so I decided to give this to my teenage niece. 🙂

Monika Milan, NH

Really Bad!

This stuff is worthless, it looks good for the first 12 hours or so but by the next day it loses it’s shine and starts to crack/shatter really bad. It’s like painting your nails with colored superglue, hard and not flexible at all. I only used the really sheer beige color so I’m not sure about the more colorful ones but don’t waste your money on this! I just invested in the gelish kit and lamp and it’s a million times better, exactly what i was looking for.

Janice Sibley, IA


When I first saw this product at CVS, the marketing department made a great job of making it sound like this product was much easier than the other gel nail products where you have to use an LED or UV lamp. I must be an idiot because I really thought it was just a matter of putting the nail polish twice and then a top coat, wait 5 minutes and you are done. As other reviewers said, you have to go through a process that takes just as much time as if you are using other gel products. What was annoying was that I messed up two nails and not even half an hour later when I went to do re do them, the gel applicator brush was stiff as a board. What’s up with that? IT IS TRUE THAT IT CHIPPED AFTER ONE DAY. What a rip off!!!Girls, save your money. All those gel products don’t work unless you do them right which means going to the nail salon which is what we are all trying to avoid. Avon now sell gel base coat and UV top coat. Avon’s nail wear pro+ color has always had staying power with out these product but if you use all three and if you have (optional) a UV lamp, the nails last at least week if not more. Do yourselves a favor and try it. You do not need a lamp for Avon, it just speeds up the process. The plus side of using these Avon products is that the bottles are bigger so they last longer and there is so many different shades of color.Another option that I found to be just as good is use your favorite nail polish (2 coats) and then use Hard As Rock topcoat sold at Sally’s Beauty Supplies. If you don’t have a UV lamp this topcoat will dry by itself or you can hold your hands near a light bulb to dry them. This also last a week depending on how rough you are with your hands.You might ask why I tried Nutra Nail and the answer is simple. I am looking for a product/at home procedure that last at least two weeks if not more. Still haven’t found it. Tried Gelish nail products and Sensationail and neither work for me.Also beware that these gel products sold in stores or online or on TV are very harsh and damaging to nails and cuticles (otherwise why would you have to soak your nails in acetone for so long?). With my two options, you use acetone nail polish remover but it comes off easily with a cotton ball.I hope I have helped, if so, write me a comment. Mitzi

Kelli Rye, NY