Nutra Luxe Lash MD Beauty Eyelash Conditioner 1.50ml, Box

NutraLuxe MDNutraLuxeLash MD – Eyelash and Eyebrow Conditioner lets your lashes and brows reach their full potential with an amazing serum that contains potent peptides that take short, thin lashes to new, staggering heights while thickening and darkening each strand. Give sparse or overly plucked brows a boost and experience thicker, fuller brows that lead to a younger-looking appearance. Infused with ginseng root extract to help repair hair damage caused by harsh cosmetics, you can ensure healthier follicles.

Key features

  • Physician Formulated, Ophthalmologist safety tested, Alcohol Free, Fragrance Free
  • Natural antioxidant help to protect hair and follicles from environmental damage
  • Helps your lashes reach their full potential in length, fullness, thickness and darkness
  • Promotes hydration and helps lashes and brows to appear shiny and strong
  • Can also be used on eyelashes to fill in those blank spots

Honest reviews


It does really really work!

I was recommended this product from reputable hair an cosmetics company from Cal. so I tired it an they were right. This is the best price I’ve ever seen it for also.My lashes b/4 Nutra Lux MD had thinned and fall out easily an were short an thin. If I pulled them gently when trying to get a chunk of mascara off often I’d end up with a few lashes with it. Yes we lose lashes everyday and they regrow in 6-8 weeks, but mine would leave spaces for weeks. My bottom lashes are not even visible an barely there with mascara.After Nu Lux MD use for 3 weeks (twice a day) I started to see the new lashes growing in a little thicker an a few more. By 6 weeks they looked good enough for me to just put one coat of mascara on an leave the house. By eight weeks, I tinted them black an could leave them an feel Ok, even without mascara and I couldn’t do my usual crimp with the eyelash curler since they had grown long enough that they touched my top lid after I did that. So then I started using a curling mascara formula instead. As matainance I cut back to once a day for 3-4 weeks.All was good, then I got lazy an didn’t use it at all for 6 weeks. Mistake! As they fell out the grew back in thin an yucky again. Hate it, have to use for life I guess.I’m back into my 4th week again. Only thing is it is slightly irritating to eye, making lids redish, so I have to put concealer on in morning. I’m still on my first tube but nearing the end. I’d say I got 3-4 months out of tube. My eyes are my best feature (with lashes that is). Won’t go without it again.

Beverley Home, PA

I have lashes again!

I purchased this as another product I was using stopped working for me. I am age 55 and my lashes started falling out (bare spots) and the length was no longer there. I also used on my brows as they were becoming very sparse too. My brows have filled out a bit more, but have seen the bigger difference with my lashes. I would not have minded losing the length of my lashes, but was very unhappy with the bare spots as it was very noticeable. So right now I have the length (as in years past) and no bare spots. I have been using since September 2011 and starting seeing results by the end of November and ordered another to have on hand when this one runs out (which it has not yet).Just as an aside, I had been having problems with my lashes since the late 80’s which I thought was caused by some stress I was having at the time. After that, every once in awhile – my lashes would have bare spots and grow back, but once menopause started the problem increased (along with brow loss) and the length of my lashes had diminished.I have not had any issues with my skin though I did notice a little irritation after a month (red eyes) when using every night, but once I saw results I now use every other night. I don’t know if anyone will have this issue, but someone else mentioned in another review and kept that in mind. I do use it every night on my brows.I recommend it highly.

Jane Coraopolis, PA

Harsh and irritating! Sensitive people beware!

This product is very harsh for me. For several years I have used and been happy with Rapid Lash by Promaxyl. For whatever reason, Amazon stopped carrying Rapid Lash for several months and then when it returned, it was more expensive. I decided I would try another lash product at or around the same price with comparable reviews. Unfortunately, that was a big mistake! Instead of heeding the reviews that mentioned redness and irritation, I thought I would be fine since I had been using a similar product for years with nothing more than a bit of hyperpigmentation on my upper lids. After one use, I noticed redness, itchiness and an uncomfortable burning sensation not unlike sunburn on my eyebrows and eyelashes. After the second use, I woke up in the middle of the night from a sound sleep, itching my eyes and feeling like I was having a hot flash only in the eye area. Needless to say, I have not continued and since it’s an opened product, the Amazon retailer I purchased from will not work with me in any way. I am out forty dollars but I plan to send this back to the original company with my complaints, hoping that they will do a better job in the future making a product that can accommodate those with sensitivities.

Claudine Staten Island, NY

Nutra Luxe MD Beautylash

I have been using this product since Sept. 27, 2010. So far very little, if any change. I will give it another 2 weeks to see if my lashes grow. It does make my eyes a little dry but have had no other negative side effects. I am disappointed that my lashes have not grown like the other posters have. I am beginning to think it is a waste of money and should try something else.

Yolanda Ipswich, MA


I’m 16 years old, and I’m VERY sensitive to mascara. I didn’t want to spend 100+ dollars on an eyelash enhancer, and Nutra Luxe MD seemed the best. When I read the directions I was a little bit disappointed by it saying that it is not to be used under the age of 18. Regardless, I spent the money and wanted to try it out.Pros:- VERY easy to apply- Not messy at all- See results in a couple of days or weeks- Quick, simple- Longer/thicker eyelashes (I think I grew a few more!)- If you skip a night or two, it won’t diminish the resultsCons:- Try not to get it in your eye, it stings a little (but it’s not harmful)- Not so effective on eyebrowsOverall, this product is amazing. I’m giving it 4 stars just simply because of the eyebrow part. This might be because sometimes the area gets waxed.

Alice Northridge, CA

Who knows??? ha ha, seriously though…..

How many times have we purchased a product along these lines that promises something somewhat hard to measure and it falls into that category where you cannot say for sure it does not work and you surely are not convinced it does work either.For me, that is this. I feel it surpasses one other I have tried: I am not prepared to buy the “good stuff” yet with the triple digit price tag.I would ‘err’ on the side of saying this product DOES do a little bit of enhancing. And truthfully, I am not applying it as instructed although I have been applying it daily. Give it a shot. What the heck. Me, not sure yet if I would buy it again. It’s far superior to the little blue one for sale out there in the tube…. : )

Mable Far Rockaway, NY


To say I am stunned would be an understatement. I am 65 years old and have NEVER had lashes this long or this full. Everytime I put on mascara I am just amazed. I mean I REALLY have very long and full lashes. Just blows my mind. LOVE IT!!! Make sure you use it everynight and the product will last a long time too!

Yvette Lyndon, KS


I got one for me and one for my sister = we both saw eyebrow and lash growth in the couple months we used it. I stopped becuz growth was so much and now plan to start using again. We are 63 and 61 so loss of brows and eyelashes happens. Im also sensitive and was concerned about eyes watering. Like my sister said "just use one line of it – don’t over apply" and no watery eyes

Sherrie Hudson, IN

Surprised me

I’d read that it sometimes takes this stuff weeks to work, so that’s what I was prepared for: to wait weeks before seeing anything really noticeably different about my eyelashes. And that is not how it went down for me at all.I have red hair (not Weasley red, more like Isla Fisher red), so my eyelashes aren’t very obvious without mascara. Almost immediately after the first use of this product, I noticed that my eyelashes stopped falling out. It was encouraging, but it wasn’t exactly unexpected. Tonight though (literally ten minutes ago), after I washed my face, I was in front of the mirror getting really annoyed because my eyeliner wasn’t coming off, and the directions say to put this stuff on bare skin. I mean, I was standing there with lotion and q-tips, completely frustrated, when I looked in the mirror and realized my eyeliner
• had
• come off, and what I was seeing was a significantly darker lash line. It floored me; I hadn’t expected to see results for at least a month.At this point, I can’t say it’s making my lashes longer, but I haven’t been using it for long. I
• can
• say that now, without the aid of mascara or eyeliner, my eyes look like I’ve got a natural cat’s eye lash line. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not super smokey and sultry, like I’ve spent minutes getting it just right. But it is there, it is noticeable, and it does make a difference. All of that, and I’ve been using it for maybe two weeks.

Edna Mason, MI


I love this stuff!! I have been using it for three months now, and my lashes are long! the only thing that I don’t like is that the price double. I had to buy another tube, and I was disappointed to see the price had gone up so high.

Christine Knights Landing, CA


I like this stuff and will buy it again when I’m out, but the tube seems to be lasting a long time. I use it on my lashes and eyebrows. It seems to work on my brows. Not sure on my lashes, but I bought it mainly for my brows.

Twila North Ferrisburg, VT

Seems to work

Been using this a few months now, and although progress is slow, it does seem to work as advertised. My lashes seem maybe 20-30% longer and fuller, although it also seems to have darkened the lashes a bit.I suppose everyone is different, but it’s worth a try if you want longer, fuller lashes.

Luann Riverdale, MI

Amazing lashes

I was skeptical at first with this product. I have a thyroid condition and my eyelashes were very thin and sparse. I had used Latisse in the past with good results but could not afford $100 a mnth. This product is amazing! My lashes are long and full. People always aske me what mascara I use..I cant give away all my secrets. Be patient with the produutct as it does take a few weeks to start seeing results but it DOES work! I have been using it for almost a yr now…I will use it forever!

Vicky Cass City, MI

good stuff!

This really does work….2 my surprise!!! Something that works and does what it says. You don’t find that 2 often! Will buy more.

Barbara Jacks Creek, TN

Rose to the Top

I gave this product a “ho humm” review a few months back: it seemed better somehow from a “dud” I ordered previously around the same price range. I am now waiting for my second tube.Ladies, honestly, for the price range we are in here (especially) this stuff is EXCELLENT. This product is GOOD. It is NOT a ripoff. It is an honorably, honestly marketed product that lives up to the claims.I am impressed, I really am.If you are anything like me, you cannot afford the price of a new car to plump out natural eyelash reality. I am telling you, this product is really good.Do you wake up in a week and magically look like Betty Davis eyes in her twenties? oh come on, you know not. But it is unmistakable that after a few weeks, even with sloppy application (fairly regular – not religiously perfect! 😉 you will begin to hesitate a second and look at your lashes and as the weeks go by be very pleased and beyond a doubt see a real significant improvement in length, color, and maybe a bit in thickness.This product is Good!! It’s honest. It delivers. It is a definite yes! Try it. You’ll like it. I swear. If not, oh honey, go have lunch with Paris and pay thousands for whatever miracle products may or may not exist.Good stuff!!

Tanisha Prospect, VA

Be careful

If your eyes are the least bit sensitive I would look elsewhere. I used this product for about 3 weeks, and my eyes were literally red and bloodshot all the time. My co-workers were commenting! Finally it started to make my eyes itch, and I had to stop using it.

Hazel Conifer, CO


After using this product for 3 months, I really see a noticeable difference in my lashes. I highly recommend this product.

Luz Rantoul, IL

Long, dark lashes on their way!

You’re gonna love this stuff! Use daily and in a few weeks, you’ll have longer and darker lashes! Keep using daily, and you won’t even remember NOT having long lashes! Use on your eyebrows too! People notice how nice my eyebrows are more than my eyelashes…can you believe it? The older we get, the lighter and fewer our lashes and eyebrows get. This gel changes all that, so don’t worry! By the way, I’ve used it daily for 4 years now, and it’s still great.

Clare Moshannon, PA

It Works!!

I am 65 and my lids were practically bald. But now I have a full set of lashes to die for. I don’t have to wear mascara! I highly recommend.

Ollie Jamaica, NY

Makes eyes super puffy and irritated

I’ve used Latisse and had great results despite it being a little irritating, this however is just irritating with uneven, poor results.My eyelids became super red and looked like I had allergies. After a month there were a few long lashes, completely uneven. I returned the product.

Kenya Forsyth, IL

Didn’t get to try, made eyes red

I had high hopes for this but didn’t get a chance to try as it made my eyes irritated and red for a few days. Wasn’t worth the bloodshot look…I’ll be searching for another product.

Dale Waynesburg, OH


I have been using this product since April of 2013. It is unbelievable what this product has done. I am CONSTANTLY commented on my eyelashes. They are so long and lush. I am a natural blonde with darker lashes that as I have gotten older were not very long or healthy anymore. The change took some time and in fact I was skeptical that it was even doing anything but thought I would at least use up the product. I got the 4.5 ML and still have quite a bit left. I use it every night and LOVE it. I have the most beautiful long healthy almost fake looking lashes. I highly recommend! It is WORTH every penny!

Holly Bayou Goula, LA

works wonderful after two months

I can not believe how long my real lashes are when I wash off the mascara. This is not a scam— this stuff really works. Highly recommend. Much better than fake eyelashes that inevitability damage your regular eyelashes. I see my lashes are longer and more of them. Love this product!

Terrie Summerville, GA

Good product

I haven’t had this item that long to see results, but I will continue to use it. I’m excited to see the end results

Bethany Overpeck, OH

A slight noticeable difference

I used Nutra Luxe Lash regularly for about two weeks and did notice a slight difference. I have very short lashes and wanted something to make them fuller. It is easy to apply with the fine, tiny brush. When used regularly, you will see a difference, but not a huge difference.

Noelle Lincolnville, ME