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NuFACE Microcurrent Toner for Lifting and Toning the Face

Lift & Tone Your Skin for a Younger Look!!! NuFace Microcurrent Skin Toning – The only microcurrent hand-held device the FDA has cleared for over-the-counter use for cosmetic facial toning, this petite, portable device uses a gentle microcurrent to help lift and firm your face, lessen the look of lines and wrinkles, and pump up production of collagen and elastin. Literally reprograms muscles to their original shape. Delivers immediate and long-lasting results in just a few minutes a day. Includes NuFace® device, toning gel, moisturizing mist and instructional DVD. Refill includes 8-oz. Optimizing Mist and 250ml Derma Gel. 7″L x 2½”W x 1″D. USA. Microcurrent Device Kit Includes: NuFace Micorcurrent Device Derma-Gel – Hypoallergenic gel helps in conductivity from the device to the skin Optimizing Mist – Firms & Hydrates skin after use of the device Instructional DVD User Manual 9 Volt Battery USE ONLY ON DRY CLEAN SKIN How Does Microcurrent Work? The NuFace Microcurrent Device emits harmless low-level currents into your facial muscle stimulating blood flow. This increase in blood flow facilitates cell reproduction which in turn creates collagen, elastin and connective tissue. It is the reproduction of collagen, elasin and connective tissue that will rid your face of unwanted lines and wrinkles and leave your face feeling softer and smoother. Common Questions: Can I lift my face more than once a day? No more than once a day is recommended How much current will I feel? Microcurrent is a low level current that is very soothing and relaxing. A slight tingling may be felt in certain areas, and is a normal sensation. Facial sensitivity varies from individual to individual. You can lower or raise the intensity during any segment of the treatment.

Key features

  • Toning device provides facial rejuvenation for a youthful look
  • Delivers low-level microcurrents to create microcontractions
  • Adjustable thumbwheel provides customizable settings
  • Includes instructional DVD for advanced techniques
  • Backed by a one-year warranty

Honest reviews


It works for a short time read my update

I started a big skin care panic attack when I woke up one morning and noticed I was starting to look my Mother. I ordered 30 books, vitamins, chemical peels, devices, sling shots etc., EVERYTHING! I started eating everything to perfection. Each item studied for hours. Anyway after several thousand dollars later, I am 6 months into my new life style and am going to start reviewing all the wonder items I have found. This NU Face is one. I had a double chin and I wanted it off! I also wanted a more toned face and my skin tone to look even. I wanted baby skin. I did not get it! However What I got was 15 years off my face, neck and chest and jaw line. People are shocked and amazed. I have erased 90% of my chin and erased fine wrinkles and toned up and plumped up my face. My jaw line is back. BACK! Granted I used alot of products to find what was working but this little device helped me get there. I will admit, it says 3-10 min a day? WEll I used it for an hour a night, I even would smash the balls on the double chin and grind my jaw line and double chin with my head straight back like a wild woman. I used up the gel in two weeks. It does help with the snapping on the skin, but it has stuff in it that should not be on your skin! SO I used extra virgin coconut oil to glide it on my face. I got used to the stinging snapping. I even glided it on my lips and fired off. Coconut oil is a miracle for the skin and body. A must read for skin is The Coconut Miracle! Anyway screw the gel. Use whatever. I noticed when I got busy and held off this device my skin didnt look as tight and baby soft pink, so I will use this until death or until the wrinkles do take over and I dont care anymore. I am now going to order a Quasar and see what I can get out of that. At this stage people think I am 25-30. I am NOT! No where close. So I will keep up the fight. Why? I have no idea. I hate my husband and dont want another one, but looking in the mirror and looking like a mummy is not fun. READ directions and go at it a little harder and longer than directions, drink water, eat fruit, veggies, take vitamins and use alot of vitamin C and vitamin C lightning liquids, chemical peels, and a little face exercise and be really smart about everything you do all day 24-7 and even be aware of how you sleep at night on the right pillow, in the right position and be a fanatic to the point you read what other countries use on their faces and put into their bodies and throw some seaweed and other weird funk on everything, watch Dr. OZ and then have no time to do anything but study your face, and you too can take off 15 years like I have. Now that i managed it, I am angry cause what for? Why is Johnny Deep not banging on my door? Hollywood is not calling. So I sit on my bed looking young and pretty, for myself. Whooppeeeeee….. anyway buy the product.UPDATE!!!!! Several months later. Go the plastic surgeon, these devices are nice for skin, like a facial, but will ot take help sagging skin, jowls. Its to much of a battle. I went and had my neck done and a refresher lift with fat injections to the cheek area where I lost baby fat over the years. Botox, fillers after the surgery and my world has changed drastic. Will this machine do amazing things? No. It will work for a temp fix, like a facial. I used it so long and hard every day, I of course thought it was making my skin look great and improve, which it did and does, but after a week of not using all these devices it went back to lava melting skin, so I hit the plastic surgery route. Best money I ever spent.

Lidia Plymouth, ME

Get The NuFace TRINITY it is so much better

This older model runs off batteries which need to be replaced frequently. The new NuFace Trinity is fabulous. It is rechargeable, comes with its own charger stand. The Trinity has an ergonomic handle which makes it comfortable to hold during use. The Trinity has a removable head – the company will introduce exciting new heads which should available in 2013. The NuFace microcurrent device has many benefits. After using it for six months, my facial skin is more tone. My jowls are diminished and my jawline more defined. The change occurred slowly, at first a very subtle change. No irritations, no redness, no downtime, no problems. I prefer aloe vera gel for conductivity, it does not dry up as fast as the NuFace gel and is gentle on my sensitive skin. After one month, I really did not notice anything but I made the commitment to use it daily for 60 days, so I continued to use it. After 60 days, I believed my skin felt more toned although I still had not noticed a visual change. After 90 days, WOW! I finally “saw” a change in my jawline. After six months, YOWZA! My jowls and jawline really showed the change. Bottom line: it takes a commitment to use the device daily at first and then at least 3-5x a week after that for continued improvement and benefit. The device holds a charge quite long. I use it 5x or more a week. I typically recharge it every two weeks although it still has plenty of charge remaining, I charge it anyway. I use the device on my thighs too, a cellulite cream for conductivity.

Lesley Newark, CA


I had high hopes for this product, but after using it for 2 weeks I didn’t see any difference & gave up. It’s now sitting in a drawer, & I’ll probably never use it again. For the amount of time it took to use each day, I was hoping to see at least some kind of change. If there was any improvement, it was too minimal for me to notice. I got discouraged & bored & chalked it up to one of my dumber purchases. Oh well. Maybe I have the wrong kind of wrinkles.

Katherine De Armanville, AL

I can tell it works.

I have not been using it daily as I should, but it has a nice firming effect when I do. I couldn’t use the gel, as it broke out my face, so I am using aloe vera gel, instead. It seems to bring more moisture to the skin, which is great. I did turn it up too high evidentally and got a zap.

Frances Hyattville, WY

Too good to be true- this is definitely that- a real ripoff

I am 51 yrs old and have maintained pretty good skin and still trying. I have used it all like many of you. I have had micropeels for 10yrs now on regular basis, botox, and fillers a few times. I love botox in small amounts, too much never looks good on me. When new products come on the market I always pray it’s for real this time. I would spend up to 500 on any machine I could use at home, but it had better work. One peel alone at the spa is 100 bucks or close.I would love to say yes this is great but I have to say it’s not worth any amount to me. Let’s face it, if you get a facial massage or do one yourself, your skin looks a little rosier, plumper etc..this gives you no more than that honestly. I did it on one side of my face alone for 8 wks and no difference in pictures, mirror or my personal judges, lol.Stimulation is great for our skin, it works temporarily, you can do this with your own hands. As for me, I use a small massager that works good to circulate the blood and plump. If you use a massager, get a very gentle one, lay back and get comfy, forget the world, breathe deeply and slowly, use the massager on your pressure points around your face, mouth, cheeks, chin and jawline….along with a little botox now and then, you will be good to go. Diet and exercise without a doubt makes a huge difference. A biggie for sure, SLEEP, no pills, just restful sleep.I am always open for more suggestions. Thanks

Tessa Knights Landing, CA

Bought for my 76 yr old mom

She loves this gadget but complained that the 9 volt battery that came with the unit did not last long. Not a big thing as she probably left it on…she loves it though and is noticing a difference the fist week after using!

Kay Mount Marion, NY


You see immediate results when you use this as directed. And when you use it daily…the results just get better and last longer. I really love this product.

Cassie Pottersdale, PA

Love Love Love..except the gel, I don’t love the gel

I bought the blue model from the Nuface website during their sale a couple of weeks ago. My eyelash technician who is an aesthetician, raves about Nuface. I complained about my round face, and she suggested Nuface. I have a round face. I workout, but my face stays round. I considered going to Sonobello’s (chin lipo). My face looks like a chipmunk, and my chin continues to be doubled. My chin makes my face looks like a round rubber ball. I bought the device, watched the Youtube videos, and began to use it.I’m taking pictures. After one week, my face is thinning down, not round or puffy. You can really see it in the mirror. I was using it exactly as written, but now I use it 4 times instead of 3 times, as the instructions say.I have a sample of Clinic serum, which did nothing for me, so I use it before I do the Nuface. Then I use the conductive gel (oh so little, it’s lame, the gel is my only complaint.), on just the area I am working on. I do the sides of my neck, my chin, both cheeks, the sides of my eyes, and my forehead in 3 parts.It doesn’t take 5 minutes, more like 20. I’ve had it a week, and haven’t skipped a night. 2-3 times a week, I exfoliate with the Ulta version of Clairsonic, with Oil of Olay Regenerist cleanser before using the Nuface.. You can’t use a cleanser with oil. Using the sample of Clinque serum really makes a difference. I’m not about to pay $132 for a serum only to use it with Nuface.I might get the Nuface Serum, on Amazon it’s slightly affordable.I ordered;=1 because throughout these reviews, I’ve read where others have done the same. It even suggests Aloe gel in the instructions, which is cheaper than Nuface by far. At this point, I wash my face after, Then I use Oil of Olay Regenerist serum, which is worthy of what it does.When i begin using the Aloe gel, I won;t wash my face after.Using the device 4 times on my face, instead of 3, has firmed it up. It’s starting to not look like a rubber ball, Infact, I can really see a difference which is nearly phenomenal. It looks like I had Sonobello or Botox.. The Nuface Classic is a keeper, for the price I got it at. I also added a 2 year protection program, due to the reviews here.

Brittany Hardin, MT

Takes some time to see results, but worth it

Me: Late 40’s, with dry sensitive skin. I’ve been using the NuFace for almost 2 years. You have to be consistent with it just like physical exercise. There is a wealth of information on the NuFace and other microcurrent machines at “essentialdayspa”.com. The FaceMaster and the Serious Skincare Egg are not true microcurrent machines and will do more harm than good in the long-term, although short-term you will see some toning. The NuFace has current that is under 500 microamps. The others have current that is much too strong and will destroy your ATP. The NuFace is so gentle you will not feel any twitching, etc., if you do feel anything, it’s because you don’t have enough gel on your face.It took me a good 3 months before I noticed any positive effects using the NuFace. Now I use it 3-4 times a week for about 10-15 minutes each time. I had the beginning of jowls but they are gone and I have an overall rested appearance. There are many good videos on YouTube showing advanced techniques. Now I won’t be without it. As far as the Classic (this model) or the Trinity (a rechargeable unit), they both have the same number of microamps.And the reviews that complain about the NuFace stimulating their thyroid? I doubt the complaints are valid. I am hypothyroid and I’ve been taking thyroid meds for around 5 years with bloodwork done once a year and during the time I’ve had my NuFace my TSH levels have not changed.

Lydia Courtland, MN