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Nubian Lemongrass and Tea Tree Soap

For generations, Lemongrass, with its’ strong and sweet lemony aroma, has been used in purification rituals, as well as, to promote psychic awareness. Steam-distilled lemongrass has a strong history of medicinal use in the West Indies, Africa and South America. Tea Tree oil’s remarkable anti-bacterial and healing properties, long used to alleviate skin problems, are a perfect complement to the powerful anti-inflammatory properties of Lemongrass. Nubian Heritage uses Madagascan Lemongrass oil and Aboriginal Tea Tree oil in a moisturizing Shea Butter Soap to help clear oily and troubled skin. This refreshingly deodorant soap, with its’ mild anti-septic and rich moisturizing properties, treats and tones skin. In addition to their topical healing properties, these exotic essential oils are also revered for their outstanding aromatherapy values.

Key features

  • helps clear oily skin
  • helps troubled skin

Honest reviews


In comparison to my other Lemon soap. I won’t recommend.

Compared to the other soap I bought (Australian Lemon Soap) this Nubian Lemongrass is not good. I went back to buy the Australian Lemon Soap. The smell is good with this soap but the lemon smell does not last as long. The Nubian does have bits in the soap that helps exfoliate but I don’t like the soap in comparison with the other soap. You might like it. Its about preference. So it won’t kill to buy it and try it but I won’t recommend it.

Eunice Sunrise Beach, MO


It smell really good and lasts a long time. It’s not drying and best of all it’s all natural. yeay!

Briana Williamsburg, KY

smells expensive

I recommend this soap for not only the fresh energizing scent but the quality. Stayed in a fancy schmanzy hotel once and I finally found the scent of soap they provided!

Caitlin Long Branch, NJ

no regret….

I would recommend this soap to every body with dry skin. I use it for my shower, I will buy it again.

Cassie Marshalltown, IA

Frothy and Great Aroma!

I originally purchased the soap individually by the bar. I was so impressed that a bought this 6-pack. First about the soap I was told that lemongrass was good for repelling mosquitoes so that was the reason I first purchased and then upon using the soap I was so surprised of the wonderful citrusy scent that was left on my skin. The bar lathers very well and frothy. It’s like being in a spa with the aroma and my skin feels so smooth and silky afterwards. I honestly believe it has changed the texture of my arms and legs. I highly recommend the 6-pack because it lasts a long time and I’ve had it over 4 months now with showering with it every day. Great savings and deal.

Donna Roberts, IL

Smells great, cleans well, made in the USA

Pretty good soap.Smells pretty strongly of lemon & citrus – but not overpowering. I like the scent, I find it pretty pleasant.I come out of the shower squeaky clean, no ‘residue’ I get with some soaps.Seems as though a single bar will last you pretty well, maybe a month in my estimation.Lastly, when I opened up the packaging, I found a nice surprise, "Made in the USA." I had no clue where it was made before buying it, that was a nice surprise.Nothing negative to say about this soap, I think the above say it all. Chances are when I’m done with the six pack (of soap) I’ll be back for more.

Zelma Comfort, TX

Great buy!

I bought this soap a year ago, and then bought the six pack. I bought this pack a few months ago; I’m just now moving onto my second bar! This soap lasts a long time, helps with acne scarring, and has worked wonders on my acne-prone, oily skin. This soap brightens complexions as well.

Betsy Paint Rock, AL