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Nubian Heritage Grow and Strengthen Edge Taming Taffy, Indian Hemp and Tamanu, 6 Ounce

Edge taming taffy hydrates and repairs damaged, dry and brittle hair with hemp, tamanu and monoi oils.

Key features

  • All-natural, petrolatum-free
  • Bamboo, garlic extract and keratin strengthen and fortify hair
  • Controls and smoothens edges for a sleek, professional look

Honest reviews


Works Well

This is great for taming those edges when you need it most. It works great and its a non-gel, its just like a cream. I also like the fact its not too heavy and its non-greasy so it can double as pomade/selant after you put in a water-based moisturizer. It doesn’t weigh my hair down or make it look greasy in the morning (I have fine hair so this is a plus for me). I use this at night before bed time. It works pretty well. I’d buy it again.

Etta Curryville, MO


WOW!!!! A taffy (edge tamer), that actually softens your hair while you use it, without the build up harshness of it. I only use it every couple of days because it keeps my edges tamed that entire time. Plus I do not want to know what will happen if it does build up.. 🙂 But I do like it very much. I highly recommend this product – it is better than Jam.

Ines Earle, AR

Good…Realllly GooooD!

This Is REAL Good!!! I’m transitioning from relaxed hair to natural. My roots and edges were showing and the smooth refined look was of relaxed hair was calling me back. But, after applying this cream to virgin hair roots and edges I can see my way to making the transition back to natural with a manicured look…no naps, curl beads, or short dry-straw-fly-away strands. This completely smoothed out all rough edges…softened and smoothed my virgin hair. I didn’t have high expectations for this cream in spite of all the other positive reviews but I’m really impressed and so glad this product was not a let down…glad it is available for purchase…clean, natural, non-toxic hair product that works better than I expected on ethnic hair…just a little goes a loooong way! You will love the smoothing/taming action of this cream!!! It’s absolutely fantastic!!!

Liliana Bucoda, WA

I am shocked that this worked for my hair

I was under the impression that I needed hair gels to slick down my kinky, dry, tangled-prone, porous hair. I used this on freshly washed and conditioned hair and tied a scarf around it and went on with my business. When I took the scarf down, this product worked almost as well as using a hair gel. I think I might be able to kick the gel habit and make this a staple for my hair. I am not in love with the price but thankfully a small amount goes a long way and in the ends I don’t have to spend as much. I am Team Nubian Heritage all the way.

Edna Lake Arthur, LA

No Edge Control on 4D hair! Great Moisturizer

Does NOT control edges on 4D hair! I was disappointed when I tried this on my edges and it did absolutely nothing. 4D ladies this is an excellent product for moisturizing! Its my first time using it and after I washed my hair with a clarifying shampoo my hair was stripped of oils. I used this along with other products and braided my hair. This product made my hair much softer and it also smells good.The next day my braids were extremely soft. I hope it lasts under my wigs and doesn’t dry out. I did seal my hair after I used this product. My fingers are crossed that this will become a routine must have for me and other 4d hair types!

Christi Ridgeway, MO