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Nubian Heritage Body Wash, African Black Soap, 13 Fluid Ounce

Nubian Heritage African black soap body wash contains acne fighting, detoxifying and healing properties with oats, aloe vera and vitamin E.

Key features

  • Made with certified organic ingredients
  • Combines the ancient medicinal properties of black soap with the hydrating properties of shea butter to balance problem skin
  • Active botanical extracts and salicylic acid to more effectively treat acne, balance skin tone and improve skin texture

Honest reviews


Very low end and cheap smelling musk from old timey drug stores.

I bought this item actually to add to my all natural pest control mix that I make myself. I opened the cap & it is a good thing that I would not wash with this body soap b/c my husband & I are in agreement that it smells just like the old timey drug store perfumes they would sell called Jovan’s vanilla musk, plain musk or white musk. I cannot stand the smell of this as it reminds me of a knock-off perfume sold in Flea markets. Sorry, I like to be honest with my opinion with my sense of smell. I cannot stand it but hate is a strong word so I am settling for don’t like.

Elisabeth Rocky Mount, MO

We like this soap

This soap has a nice smell. I plan to reorder it. I was hoping to see some improvement of some marks I have on my hip area. Have not seen anything yet but will keep using it.

Janette Boqueron, PR

Smells Wonderful, Works OK

I love the fragrance. While it does a decent job of cleansing while not stripping moisture from my skin. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because it doesn’t work as well as other black soaps and body washes I have used. Usually after one lather and rinse I feel smooth when using the other ones, but this never gives that same result no matter how many times I lather and rinse. However, as I said, it does smell really nice.

Mattie Rumely, MI

African Black has salicylic acid

Unlike the African Black bar soap, the body wash has salicylic acid in its ingredients. I don’t think it’s necessary to add this chemical to the formulation since the other ingredients are already acne clearing. Also, it bars its use for people who don’t need it for acne clearing but like the smell and the moisturizing like I do.The good thing is that it lasts a long time so even though it’s a bit pricey it’s worth it because a little goes a long way. I will be switching to another scent but unfortunately will have to stay away from the nice smell of the African Black wash.

Ronda Piermont, NH

My favorite body wash.

I absolutely love this body wash; and I have stated that personally to Nubian Heritage, Co. I am pre-diabetic with very dry, sensitive and itchy skin. I’ve used all of the mainstream soap brands (Dove, Caress, SoftSoap) and all of them left a white film on my skin. I switched over to NH-ABBW and my skin is so soft and stays moisturized. The itchiness and dryness subsided. The body wash smells wonderful, and would leave your skin smelling the same. I tell the company on Facebook that I just can’t stop smelling myself! That’s how good the soap’s scent and moisturizing is.I would most definitely recommend this body wash!

Bertha Hopkins, MI


This body wash is my favorite of the African Black Soap line. The smell is intoxicating and the lather you get is amazing. The phrase velvety comes to mind often with this and my skin has felt much smoother. I love honey products and the black seed gives you a nice gentle exfoliation!

Rosalia Arcadia, NE

The Best

I absolutely love Nubian Heritage. Every one of their body washes smell great when using in the shower. I’ve used quite a few of them at this point and each one has it’s own specific smell and purpose as stated on the bottle. For example, some are hydrating, others are aching fighting, and then combinations of various traits. While using them, they have all lathered pretty well. After using them, they have a pleasant and subtle after smell on the skin.On a side note, I’m not sure if it’s me, but this one smells like Play-Doh for whatever that information is worth.

Lauri Carey, TX


Love them A LOT, but this just wasn’t for me. I didn’t care too much for the smell. But try it out, you may like it.

Barbara Silverpeak, NV

I LOVE Nubian Heritage products

I LOVE Nubian Heritage products. They smell so good and they have the consistency of honey and make your skin SO soft. I rated this one a 3 ONLY because I wasn’t impressed with the smell. It was just and "OK" sweet soapy smell, whereas the others I’ve tried have smelled phenomenal.

Savannah Big Bar, CA

The only wash I’ve used for the last 2 years.

I love the smell of this body wash!! Can’t get enough. It is on the fruity side, but has a really nice refreshing scent to it as well. I have the body lotion to match and my husband loves the way it smells. It lingers in the air after the shower, and it just smells amazing! Best part is that I don’t have to worry about putting toxic ingredients on my body because this stuff is about as natural as they come!

Therese Olivet, MI

A nice body wash

Typically, smelling like coconut and papaya, is not a common scent to have, where the user of the product is. This scent is catching some persons by surprise. A second order has already been made.

Sheena Wickenburg, AZ

It leaves residue

I’ve been using African black soap in a bar, and thought to give the liquid version a try. The liquid soap smells almost the same as the black soap bar, but very hard to rinse off. It leaves residue on my body. I am going back to the bar soap.

Janet Weston, WY