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Nubian African Black Soap 5 Ounce

The Nubian Heritage African Black Soap line combines the ancient medicinal properties of black soap with the hydrating properties of Shea Butter to balance problem skin. Our traditional African Black Soap recipe Contains palm ash, plantain peel extract, tamarind extract and papaya enzymes. This powerful combination has traditionally been used to treat eczema, acne, oily skin, psoriasis, and other skin ailments. In the apothecary tradition, Nubian Heritage updates African Black Soap with active botanical extracts and salicylic acid to more effectively treat acne, balance skin tone and improve skin texture. Daily use of the line will result in cleaner, clearer, healthier skin. Benefits: effective skin care targets trouble skin without over drying Usage: oily, combination, acne Natural Aroma: spicy, woody, unisex

Key features

  • 5 Ounces Bar
  • Suitable for Vegetarians

Honest reviews


See a diffrence!!!

This is the perfect soap if you have EXTREAMLY troubled sensitive skin like scarring, hyperpigmention, breakouts and etc…… I’ve only been using it for a week but already see a difference, my scarring has faded alot but im looking into something that will completely get ride of them, so hopefully this will help do the job along with my coco butter lotion and castrol oil. But ill update

Hallie Caledonia, IL

Very good soap

My husband and I use this as a face soap. It is not harsh but it cleans well enough to keep pimples away and leave behind radiant, clean skin.

Colleen Westbrookville, NY

Good so far for blackheads etc

I have been using this for a few weeks now and am very impressed by the results. This soap seem to clear out blackheads without drying or otherwise stressing my skin.

Lucille Enning, SD

Love it!

I love this soap. It smells great and leaves my skin so soft. Also it lasts a long time, 2 weeks between my husband and I. Normally I can only use Dove as everything else makes my skin very dry. And the Dove soap melts away very fast, I go through 2 bars a week.

Priscilla Mount Airy, LA



Lydia Lingo, NM

No special power for psoriasis or skin juvenation, but I like the texture and subtle scent to it.

I’ve been using African Black soup for three months. I did not find any special power to it in terms of curing psoriasis or juvinating my skin, but still, I am going to continue to use it just because it smells really nicely and it has some rough and grain-like stuff mixed inside that may rub off the extra dead skin cells gently. These soaps also take away the oil on your skin a bit more than other brands I’ve tried. For people who have oily skin, it might be a good choice. As for me, my skin is already dry enough, I feel it is a bit too much on my face.

Florence Jersey, GA

Great clean feeling soap

This is a nice soap that deep cleans and has helped with my daughters pimples. It smells nice and clean and great for daily use.

Ericka Melrose, NY

No need for Clean & Clear

When I used to use salicylic acid based face washes they would leave my face extremely dry which of course would lead to my face producing more oil to compensate for what it lost. However, with this product I get the very cleansing feeling I would get from salicylic acid products without the excessive dryness. However, if yourface is already dry (which even if you’re oily you can be dry especially in the winter) I would say use this soap but make sure to have a very good moisturizer to compensate so your face doesn’t start freaking out. With all that being, this product is a very good deep cleaning soap for oily skin. I mean anything that is an issue can be resolved with this product, whether it be oil, acne, blackheads etc.

Teresa Cedarville, WV

Great soap, just like it’s body wash

This is a great soap to use for dry and itchy skin. It doesn’t leave the wonderful scent like its body wash, but it moisturizes well.

Serena Bradford, VT

My FACE looks Radiant! Wow!

Today, I kept looking at myself in the mirror trying to figure out what it was. Something about my face looked bright, smooth, youthful, dewy even. I kept looking all day and then I was like…OMG it was the SOAP!! I read the reviews and I thought..okay..okay….I will try it. Major keeper. Have been using it for two days!

Bertha La Mesa, CA

Love this

A great buy. Will definitely order again.Use it with an exfoliating brush and my skin feels like butter!Use it on my face and body

Thelma Somerset, NJ

Love it

I have normal skin. I get break outs when Its that time of the month but other than that I have good skin. I was in need of a good skin care routine with out any chemicals or toxins and decided to try this. I really love it. It leaves my face feeling so soft. And I’m not sure if my mind is playing tricks on me but, my skin looks more even.. I’d recommend this soap to anyone and everyone. I did read some reviews that said their face didn’t feel dry after using this. Mine kind of does but I use a small amount of coconut oil right after, problem solved . 🙂

Kristina Amboy, MN

Love it

This soap is amazing. I have been using it for about 9 months. Will use forever LOL1. Great scent! So Refreshing & Alluring at same time. (wish they made deodorant with this scent).2. I used on my body and face. gets rid of impurities and removes dead skin cells.Also, try the liquid soap/body wash, it’s just as great.3. Product Ingredients are natural and healthy.4. My skin was smooth and w/o pimples prior to using this soap and continues to be. My skin does feel somewhat tighter after using this heavenly soap which is great.ONLY DRAWBACK: don’t use white or light colored wash cloth because it will discolor it a bit. Don’t let this deter you from using this awesome soap because its worth it. Just get a darker wash cloth or use a sponge

Juanita Guayama, PR


made from pure ingredients which is my favorite part, also it smells great!! i always buy from this brand because they make great soaps!!! try them!!!

Janna Arthur, ND

Great value, great soap

i use this soap for everything, face, body, hands, and its the best soap I’ve ever used. Better than fancy soaps that are full of disgusting ingredients, better than all the different expensive liquid soaps and washes that go so fast when you are using them. I have sensitive skin on my face, and honestly this is better than all the over-priced and questionable face-washes and cleansers I have used over the years and it is never drying! I sincerely hope this soap is always being made, because it is that good. It has a lovely, pleasant smell that is never overwhelming or in your face. The bars last a long time and I am still working through my 5 pack that I bought a few months ago. As I said, I use it for my face, hands, and in the shower, so you can imagine that I am using it more than once a day. I just really think this is a great soap, and company. its affordable which is the main reason I decided to try it, and its been so worth it, without settling for less than okay ingredients.

Lilia Brimfield, IN

Feels soft and creamy

I read a lot of reviews that were excellent before I bought this soap. I have very dry skin but have been using this soap for a couple of weeks and really like it. It lathers up very well and leaves my skin soft and moist.

Marina Landingville, PA

silky smooth skin

I heard about black soap on the radio. I’ve tried several brands. African Black soap is by far the best in it’s class. My skin is so soft now, its like bathing with lotion. Plus my teenagers skin has cleared up. No more pimples, no more hard bumps on his arms. We all love this soap. It’s worth trying, I think you’ll love it too. I wish it was cheaper but it’s benefits out way the price.

Amanda Unity, OR

African Black Soap

If you experience eczema like I do – this product is even better than Black Soap with Honey from the same vendor (Nubian).

Aline Wampum, PA