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[Nubar] T309 Diamont Seal & Shine Top Coat

Diamont Seal & Shine Quick Dry Top Coat The ultimate in quick dry top coats, this topcoat perfectly and completely seals any polish or nail art for extreme wear & shine. The final step for beautiful, long lasting nail color…One topcoat that seals and shines with UV-Protectors. Non-yellowing, fast drying, high gloss finish, chip resistant formaldehyde free, toluene free, phthalate (DBP) free.

Key features

  • Description: Diamont Seal & Shine Quick Dry Top Coat completely seals nubar Nail Lacquers and nail art, throroughly dries all layers of polish quickly, and protects your manicure for maximum wear.
  • Specs: Size 1.5~3 inch. Caution:Keep out of reach of children. Usage:Apply on clean nails.
  • Shipping Weight: 0.25 lbs

Honest reviews


Everybody Has Preference

Nubar Diamond Seal & Shine Top Coat was not something to brag about. Other colors offered through them blows it out of the water! But if you had to make a choice on what type of clear coat to go with then this one would be just fine. The price was reasonable and the brand speaks for its self.

Geneva Jameson, MO

Good topcoat for 3- and 4-free polishes

Extremely fast drying, and adds lots of shine. Seems to work great on all the new polishes I’ve tried, not so great on my really old ones. I’m not really sure if it makes my manicures last longer though, they seem to chip at pretty much the same rate with topcoat as without.

Deena Hawks, MI

Dries Fast – Protects like Iron

There’s not much to say about a top coat. It’s largely utilitarian. It’s job is to protect the awesome manicure underneath – and add a little shine (unless you use a matte finish).Diamont does all of the above, plus leaves your nails glossy and dries super fast – which is a bonus because I have little patience to sit around for hours waiting for my mani to dry.I love Nubar polishes in general – they all go on smooth and look great. The top coat is no different

Alice Minneapolis, MN

Great stuff

The best top coat I’ve ever used. It dries quickly and truly protects my manicure. I also like the Nubar base coat.

Kerri La Russell, MO

perfect top coat

I wanred to try a different top coat and i was very pleased with this product, it makes your polish super shiny,and keeps your mani perfect longer…it was a fast delivery as well..i am very happy with this purchase.

Sylvia Franklin Furnace, OH

I love this top coat

I Love this top coat works great looks shiny on your nails got here quick and I would definitely recommend

Suzanne Saulsville, WV

Nubar is a great product

I found this product on vacation. They used Nubar in a "green" spa on me and I wondered how long it would really last. It lasted longer than my loved OPI….and I ordered here to replace OPI to be less toxic. I am very happy with Nubar. I bought the base coat, colors and top coat…..happy with all so far.

Kristen Stonewall, OK


Ok, so I’m going to start off by saying that i was in love with seche vite about a year ago. It dried super quickly, and resulted in a rock hard mirror finish! HOWEVER, a few months ago I found out about all the horrible things in seche vite that may possibly lead to cancer or reproductive problems (google it!). Therefore, as sad as it was, I had to leave my seche behind.I looked and I looked, and tried TONS of different top coats – from drugstore brands to professional brands like OPI. However, nothing dried as fast as seche did; I would always wake up in the morning with marks all over my nails after painting them the last evening HOURS before I went to sleep.After looking at reviews, I bought nubar and have never been happier. For all those seche lovers who want something a bit more safer and less toxic, THIS IS IT. It dries quickly and really creates a high-shine mirror finish! I don’t wake up with weird marks on my nails now!I havent been able to find anything else so far that compares! It doesn’t cause shrinkage either, like seche vite does, and works with ALL nail polishes, unlike OPI which only seems to work best with OPI polishes.

Madge Boyes Hot Springs, CA

Nail Polish

I purchased this brand because it was recommended to be free of the evil-three. I like it. It has a slightly stronger odor than I expected but it did not linger and I’m okay with that. I used it as a base coat for my toes and so far so good! I like it and will continue to use. I feel good knowing that it’s not full of toxins like some of the other polish brands.

Alisha Plaquemine, LA