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[Nubar] T304 Foundation Base Coat

Your first step for beautiful, long lasting nail colour. Foundation is colour bonding, prevents staining and is calcium fortified to add strength. Ensure that the nail plate is completely clean by wiping with Non Acetone Remover before applying a coat of Foundation Base Coat. Make sure to cover over the tip of the nail for ultimate coverage. We produce the highest quality nail care products free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP and Paraben. Our exclusive formulas omit these components and their derivatives without sacrificing quality. Nubar?s range of treatment products are essential for the maintenance of healthy nails and perfect preparation, providing everything you need to ensure a high quality treatment and service for your clients.

Key features

  • Description: Foundation Base Coat protects the nail from staining, is fortified with calcium to strengthen nails, and gives the maximum Nail Lacquer adhesion and protection.
  • Specs: Size 1.5~3 inch. Caution:Keep out of reach of children. Usage:Apply on clean nails.
  • Shipping Weight: 0.25 lbs

Honest reviews


dont stop making this i will die

the best base coat by far that does it all, nourishes nails, protects wonderfully from staining and keeps my polish looking good for 2-3 weeks! I use this with 2 coats of seche vite topcoat and I use zoya remover+ to ph balance my nail first which makes a huge difference with any products you use then I add my color and after topping it off I use cnd solar oil which helps to dry nails faster and keeps the shine and color safe during my cleaning and daily routines.

Alba Little Cedar, IA

Great basecoat

Normally I use CND but this works just as well. My nails always chip in 3 days so I can’t really say if this extends the life of a manicure. Seems to keep nails from experience staining from darker colors.

June Theriot, LA

A+ Base Coat

generally, I don’t see the point in buying a good base coat, it goes on the bottom, who cares, right? Well now that I’ve used GOOD base coat, noooooowwww I get the difference. ha. Do yourself a favor, make your life easier, and polishing less time consuming, and buy this stuff.

Elva Mansfield Depot, CT

Nubar is a great product

I bought this after returning from vacation due to the spa used Nubar products on me and I was very happy with the results and then after returning home seeing that it lasted 6 weeks! I was an OPI user and will now use Nubar since it is less toxic.

Elsie Hartford, CT


So I’m not kidding; there were really NO CHIPS for 2.5 weeks straight! I used this in conjunction with an Essie polish and Nubar Diamont top coat (the top coat is amazing!). This base coat resulted in a smooth surface, which is miraculous because my nails have recently become very ridged and not smooth at all. I have never seen my nail polish last for more than 5 days without chipping so this was a miracle!I work in an office so I’m constantly typing, filing, and I also have a habit of washing my hands a lot. Therefore, the fact that this lasted even 3 days without chipping is amazing. PLUS the thing about nubar is that it’s free of the three toxic chemicals that many other polishes and base/top coats have. this is a MUST BUY!

Delores Shunk, PA

I don’t like it

This base coat does absolutely nothing for my nails.It doesn’t protect then from staining, or anything. On top of that, it made my nails peel.

Katrina Sparks, GA