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Nubar Prisms Collection – Treasure

Nubar Nail Color NPZ318 Treasure

Key features

  • Light Violet
  • Filled With Rainbow Holographic Glitter
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Toluene Free
  • Phthalate (DBP) Free

Honest reviews


Wrong color advertised

The picture of the bottle and the sample nail make the polish look pink- when it arrived, I realized it is actually purple. I already have China Glaze’s holographic purple. I even checked the label on the bottom of the bottle to check if I was sent the wrong one- I wasn’t. It is very pretty however. The only reason I gave it 3 stars was because I thought I was getting a different color polish. Maybe I’ll change it to 4, because it is a very pretty color.

Cherie Kismet, KS

unusual color for a holo is its only saving grace

I have a lot of holographic nail polishes and this one is one of the less impressive ones. Usually, thinning out a holo can help to bring out the rainbow, but this one already is cellophane sheer. Kind of a dud.Literally, the fact I don’t have a holo this color is the only interesting thing about it.

Marion South Rutland, NY

It’s okay

It’s a nice enough color when you get it, but the thing that bothered me was that the picture misrepresents it.The nail polish I received was not nearly as bright of a purple/pink color as shown in the picture. It’s a darker purple, and has none of the rainbow tones that it has in the picture.It goes on well and you only really need one coat, but overall I was very disappointed with it.

Ashleigh Hatch, UT

Buy Color Club Instead

The hologram is not as vibrant as shown in the picture and does not even compare to my Color Club holgraphic polishes. The only way that the polish looks good, unless you glob on five coats of the polish, is to put one or two coats on top of a black polish. If you do it that way then it does almost look like a galaxy-esque polish.

Renee Buckner, MO

Very pretty!

Very pretty! Quite a difference from what I usually wear – but wow – what a look! It’s fun to wear and I get a lot of compliments!

Melisa Millican, TX

My niece loves it

I bought this for my niece as a little pick me up for the winter blues. She loves the color and the sparkles!

Sybil East Bernstadt, KY


This product does not have the holographic quality depicted in the product sample photo. The only way to see any prismatic effect is maybe after 3 coats and if you go outside on a really sunny day. I also found the seller to be difficult and unwilling to refund my money telling me to apply several coats in order to see the effect. If you want real quality holographic nail color, Color Club Hues has SPECTACULAR holographic qualities!!!

Rachael Toronto, OH


I love this color and coverage!

Alma Leonore, IL


I don’t know what to say except I love, love, love this polish. It is softer then I thought it would be and I’m okay with that. It’s work appropiate yet sassy.

Alice Bellarthur, NC


This is an absolutely beautiful holographic nail polish. It lasted on my nails for about 4 days before chipping. It has many different colors when viewed in sunlight.

Jessie Roanoke, VA

Words Aren’t Enough!

This polishaholic is extremely delighted to add this to my nail polish collection. Watching the colors change in the light when I move my fingers is so much fun with this polish. Just too pretty to describe.

Glenna Fruitdale, AL

Pretty Purple Polish

This was my fourth try at using Nubar. The original color shown wasn’t what I got, however I see they updated the picture for this product and this more accurately reflects the bottle I purchased.Pros:Formula is good ConsistencyYou can get away with Two coatsMirror Smooth finishColor currently pictured is accurate.Cons:No Holographic finish to this one unlike what was shown in the previous photo. The bottle I got had more tiny fine silvery, lavender glitter in it. Since Purple is my favorite color and the overall effect was pretty, I only took one star off for not having the holographic finish I purchased this polish for.

Dorthy Weir, TX

beautiful spring summer color

I love this nail polish color Nubar Prisms collection treasure it is soft color if you wear it alone but I prefer over a solid color ,I wore it over one of my solid nail color in lavender it looked so beautiful you can see prisms everywhere,amazon brings us more beautiful things for low prices thanks.

Tisha Rancho Cordova, CA

Purple not Pink

Comes out Purple not Pink and the color is a terrible lavender. You have to have about 10 coats to get the desired look in the picture. Not a fan at all

Laurie Ohiopyle, PA


This polish has a great sparkle to it and it’s very pretty out in the sunshine. The color is not so outrageous yet a good unique color.

Doretha Winnsboro, TX

Pretty but not as shown

I purchased this nail polish because the photo of the sample nail it showed was beautiful with multi colors, I had never seen anything like it. It arrived fast and well packaged in excellent condition. Although it didn’t quite look the same as pictured. I gave it a chance and used it. It didn’t look anthing like the sample. I thought maybe it needs more layers. I did the usual three coat test, still nothing like the sample. I was very disapointed. The color it is though is pretty more of a darkish purple with glitter. It never came close to the sample photo. The one that shows the bottle and a nail sample beside it. The one that shows a real hand holding the bottle is how it really looks. It is pretty but not what I wanted or expected.

Chandra Citra, FL

Nubar Prisms Collection – Treasure (NPZ318)

this was my third purchase of Nubar Nail Polish…LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS BRAND and COLOR!! I bought this mainly because I saw it on a YouTube video on someone’s haul…it looked so fabulous that i had to get it…the price really was great and super fast shipping….i think it would look fabulous on top of nude colors and pinks….super color!

Mellisa Mineral Wells, WV

Great Color!

Great color and must have!! The price was reasonable and purple shade shows off the sparkle in it. I tried it out and would recommend it for sure.

Rosalia Brownsdale, MN

My First Holo

This so pretty. I finally wore it all by itself recently and I couldn’t stop looking at my nails. This isn’t really linear so don’t be disappointed if you get it for that. But it does have that holographic look. It’s also a beautiful topper to pretty much any color you want to put it over. It is kind of sheer, even with three coats. The color is more purple than it appears in the pictures, though, so be warned there as well. The formula is ever so nice. Goes on smoothly and dries fairly quickly. It also has a smooth texture, not like a full-on glitter, which can be very rough and eat up your top coat. I use a top coat to keep from having a lot of chips or tip wear and I don’t think it diminished the holo-y goodness of this polish much. It’s just so darn pretty and very feminine.

Irene Southfields, NY

the picture is different of what you get…..

My daughter ordered based on the picture – the colors of pink , blue and gold shown, it is not what comes. At the end, it came purple / dark pink w/ some subtle glitters – totally different from what is shown, so she became disappointed. I am adding more details on the above message. I would like to state that the product gets the color shown in the picture when it gets light on it, I mean artificial light.

Kathryn Gibsland, LA

not bad

I really have not used it on my nails yet I did do the nail stand with it and it seems to be good!!

Deanna Charlestown, MA