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Nubar Prisms Collection Absolute NPZ320

NPZ320:- Absolute – pale blue with fine rainbow holographic glitter is filled with holographic glitter reflecting every color of the rainbow, with base colors just as varied, ranging from subtle neutrals to vivid pink to pale blue. Going a step beyond holographic nail lacquers, nubar’s Prism Collection is a celebration of color and light. As all nubar products, they are free of formaldehyde, toluene, and (DBP) phthalate, as well as vegan and cruelty free.

Key features

  • nubar products, they are free of formaldehyde, toluene, and (DBP) phthalate, as well as vegan and cruelty free.

Honest reviews


A gorgeous 3 free holo

Absolute is a gorgeous holographic teal, with a rainbow of hues ranging from pink to yellow to green. As it is 3 free, it does not damage my nails at all. It applies easily, and in 3 coats covered the visible nail line for me on most nails (on two fingers I had to do another coat). It lasts long with a topcoat, and has such a gorgeous sheen. I’d definitely recommend it!

Norma Liberty, MS

More Blue Then Green

After finally getting the polish it clearly showed more Blue in the bottle and online shows the color as being a Green tone. I hope after trying it out I won’t be more disappointed. Even though there is a difference in the shade I will still recommend this color. Why? …The other colors rock by hands down and your lucky if you can collect them all. But if not then surely you will find a color that fits you best.

Helga Thompson, ND

Neat color

Wow what an awesome color,the more coats you add the more amazing the polish becomes.Very pleased with thi color selection

Frances Williamstown, NY


the polish is very light but after applying 3 coats it looks exactly like it’s advertised. Looks great with jeans.

Ladonna West Newbury, MA



Cleo Hollister, CA


I have a lot of holographic nail polishes and this one is one of the less impressive ones. Usually, thinning out a holo can help to bring out the rainbow, but this one already is cellophane sheer. Kind of a dud.

Brandy Kent, WA

Not true to color, but pretty!

The color is not nearly as deep nor as multifaceted as the picture. However, I really like what it does look like. It ends up more of a pale blue green with a bit of a shimmer. The odor is way better than average! And it is holding up well under wear.After going out in the sun I have to say that the holographic effect is brilliant! The color is still way paler than the photo, but I really do like this polish. I am hard on nail polish and it has held up well for 5 days now. Even my husband noticed the unusual sparkle from my nails when we were outside. Inside, not so much. It really takes daylight to do its thing!

Janie Dolan Springs, AZ

Color does not look anything like the picture

I am not sure what happened with this bottle. The nail polish looks so pretty in the picture and in the bottle. However, when I tried to paint my nails with it it went on as a see thru light blue that you could barely see. Even after 3 coats it looked like this. Very disapointed.

Nicole Yukon, OK

Too light

Its really not holographic like the Color Club brand it goes on really light and you can barely tell you have anything on unless you put 3 or 4 coats on. I guess its pretty but I don’t think I will purchase this brand again

Florine Reagan, TX

Very sheer

I absolutely love this color, but is super sheer. I’m not happy with the opacity until I’ve got about 4-5 coats on. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Melisa Braithwaite, LA


My granddaughter wanted this — the product looks very watery when it’s put on nails. Maybe she didn’t shake it enough but neither of us liked it.

Gay Vanndale, AR


This is pretty but its opaque, it looks to be a solid color but takes at least 3 coats to look that way

Barbara Emerson, AR

More of a Sparkly Blue-Gray than what appears on the picture

This was my first time trying Nubar. Pros were:Goes on smoothly. The formula is the right consistency, not too thick or too runny.You’ll get good coverage with two coats.The formula is tough and long lasting.As for the cons: Well, I found that my color is nothing like what was pictured and frankly, I found that disappointing!! Its much more blue-gray, with pretty silvery blue fine glitter. The bottle I was shipped had no holographic sheen to it. Although overall this wasn’t a bad formula, I found the polish to be disappointing for the final color and it wasn’t cheap either. I know that you’ll find even more expensive nail polish out there, but I find that for the price I paid for this bottle, Color Club or Zoya has better Holographic nail polish. Oveall I would give it a 3.75.

Lydia Millport, AL

Pretty cool

I put on 3 coats and it does sparkle, but I didn’t see prisms. I could sort of see it in the sunlight, but it was a slight rainbow effect. I would probably buy some other colors, but I am not as impressed and I thought I was going to be.

Mallory Coram, NY

Looks nothing like the picture

I was hoping this polish would look like the picture, but it is more of a blue/gray, with some sparkle. It is a pretty polish but I see no other hues in the polish at all.

Lynda Chickasaw, OH