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Nubar Polka Dots Collection – Black Polka Dot

The Healthy Alternative for Beautiful Nails! All of NUBAR’s products have met the standards of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) to be certified vegan and cruelty free. Directions: For best results, clean nails with NUBAR nail cleanser. Use 1 coat of Foundations Base Coat. Apply 2 coats of your choice of NUBAR lacquer (nail color). Finish with Diamont Top Coat. Formaldehyde, Toluene & Phthalate (DBP) Free.

Key features

  • One of 2 Polka Dot designs in Nubar Polka Dots Collection.
  • Mixture of large black hexagons & tiny black glitters are perfect as a top coat over any nail color.

Honest reviews


Really nice

My daughter went up to Miami Monday to do a little shopping at Target (Key West has nothing in a way of shops; only downtown cheesy tourist stuff and pricey.My daughter found this white polish with back Polk-a-dot nail polish, it looked so cute and classy. It looked like someone took a paint brush and splattered black paint on her nail. She really likes the fact she is the only one sporting this polish in Key West right now. It might take 6 months to trickle down to KW or we might not get any cool stuff like the mainland.This is 100+ AAAAAA in her book, she is always looking for newer clothes and polishes when she goes to Miami stores before they get to Key West.I tried the polish and it went well with my white and black outfit perfectly.I like doing my nails with an accent nail and have been since the 1980’s way before it became a trend.My Fave is: all 8 nails are a patent black and one nail on each finger is white with black dots, white shirt, black slacks and patent black shoes with silver earrings, bracelet and one tasteful silver dimonique ring on the right middle finger.I also recommend this polish 100% and then some.

Carole Owensboro, KY


This polish goes on really well and has lots of micro glitter specks, but it’s REALLY hard to get the bigger glitter pieces on your nail – I got maybe one on each nail the first try and had to manipulate the larger pieces on my nail manually – this has potential – but definitely needs MORE large pieces of glitter in it.

Rita Morley, MI

Could be better

I do not like that you have to use 2 or 3 coats to get it to really show up.

Charmaine Santo, TX



Lacy Stonyford, CA

Nubar Black Polka Dot

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this polish, since the swatches I had seen all showed something different. When I actually tried it myself, it seemed a bit more sheer than I thought it would be. There’s a lot of the fine black glitter, but the bigger black glitters are elusive even after shaking the polish. It’s a bit of a struggle to make sure there are bigger black glitters (the “dots”) on each nail, and required fishing around and strategic placement. However, once the dots are in place the polish self-levels and is surprisingly smooth and very glossy. If there were more dots per brush-stroke, I’d give this five stars.

Kristen Jolley, IA


I love these “dots” I think this polish is lovely. It is a wonderful contrast to any pretty bright summer color. The only problem is the dots sometimes peel off and leave naked colorless spots where polish should be.

Faith Monhegan, ME


Wow – The compliments! I got a lot of "Ohhhh let me see your nails!" I did it over a soft gray and it looked wonderful. I can’t wait to try it over some other colors – but over the gray it was spectacular!

Geraldine Astoria, IL

neat idea but doesn’t work very well

I was excited about this polish but it is rather difficult to get the big ‘polka dots’ on your nails without going over them 4 or 5 times. When it did go on though it was as advertised, I just don’t recommend this polish unless you have a lot of patience.

Cassandra Yorktown Heights, NY

A must-have for any glitter lover

Every nail polish connoisseur needs a basic matte black glittery topcoat in their collection. The density on this one is just right, and it looks adorable when paired with a mint green for a mint-chocolate chip ice cream look.

Lenore Mokane, MO


If you love nail polish and don’t have time to go to get ur nails done , buy this, you just put the color you want it doesn’t have to be perfect cuz this will cover your mistakes with cute polka dots.

Antoinette Rindge, NH

Cute and great application

Polish went on smooth. Very good distribution of dots. I will definitely be buying more polishes in this brand. Happy with purchase.

Andrea Rainbow, TX

Excellent and very affordable

I love Nubar!This polish applies very smoothly, the polka dots distribute very evenly and it’s a breeze to remove. The black polka dots compliment a wide variety of colors and have the ability to really make a plain polish pop.I highly recommend this polish. It’s fun and flattering.

Rhea Hardenville, MO

Nice glitter polish

Nice opaque black glitter polish, dense enough to be evenly distributed over the nail. I like this, but I think I might prefer it without the micro glitter and more hex glitter.

Pamela Hickory, NC

great product

excellent addition to any nail polish collection. I am glad I bought it and my girls wear it with pride.

Penny Garrochales, PR

All Those Spots

Lots of spots and takes some time trying to get them on your nails just right. Even so I still recommend this to all. The price was reasonable and the shipping came quicker then expected.

Lily Vassar, MI


What an awesome top coat to add just the right amount of pop to your nails.It looks great on bare nails too

Joan Stafford, KS

I have bought this product before

I bought this before and the product had leaked, probably from being so hot here in vegas. They did replace the bottle after I had to take a picture of the oopsi and prove I wasn’t lying. So they sent me another one. Well since then I have used it up because I love the effect it does to my polish colors and so I also bought the white one also. Since ordering this I found a product I like better and is much cheaper but live and learn. This product is good, sometimes the black dots are hard to get distributed, sometimes you get no dots. The brush wears out before product is gone but overall it was worth the look it gives and the price compares with OPI

Katelyn Haywood, VA

not as many big polka dots as pic suggests . . .

It arrived fast, and is very durable and difficult to chip. I applied two coats over a bed of pink (it is black polka dots suspended in clear polish) and I got lots of the little specks and only 3 large polkas on the whole nail. However, it still looked good and wore well. It was slightly more difficult to remove than regular polish, but a little pressure did the trick. Nice bottle, plenty of polish, and easy grip lid – as the dots wear they get glittery too 🙂

Tammie Niles, MI

Exceeded expectations in every way.

I enjoy this polish so much I bought another for a friend. The glitters are super-micro black with larger hex black dot glitters that are still quite small. This is not a glitter top coat that screams at you, but something that just adds a bit of character to your base color. Slightly sexy in the black, without being obnoxious. Looks beautiful over classic shades (got a perfect red? add this!) and adds some funky fun to neons and bright cremes. A must-have for any collection.

Rosanne Otis Orchards, WA

it is okay

i really thought that the dotes would be more like the picture shown–but they are not–but i would buy it again–it does add that something extra

Malinda Lockwood, MO