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Nubar Nail Color S213 Indigo Illusion


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  • [Nubar] S213 Indigo Illusion [Trendy 2]

Honest reviews


Love it!

Not only is it vegan, but beautiful too! I love the effect, the name is perfect for the color; blue, purple, and green depending on the light. My boyfriend even let me put it on his big toe. Dries fast and is lasting longer than my opi or china glaze polishes, hasn’t chipped or peeled yet!

Candy Ogden, KS


The color looked a little different in the bottle and on my toenails, but still really pretty. It went on smoothly, easily, dried fast, and held up well. I got lots of compliments.

Claudine Curdsville, KY

Ho ho ho, happy fingernails

Now this is a color any girl can love. It’s shiny, and changes color with the light. While durability will always be a sort of lacking factor in any polish that is not gel, I’ll keep using this.

Tessa Middleton, ID

gorgeous effect

I love this colour and the way it changes in the light as a duochrome, but just beware that the colour is not exactly like the picture shown. It’s also not really an ‘indigo’, despite the name. Have a look online at the swatches which show its real colour. It’s a dark teal blue base with a shimmer finish that appears green or purple depending on the light.

Margo Fombell, PA

Great Illusion

This color is something to brag about to where you want more and more colors like it. You definitely don’t want to miss out on the great colors offered,and you’ll find a color that fits you best. Or maybe you will want them all!

Shelly Zanesville, OH


With “indigo” in the name, I was expecting a deeper color, but maybe that’s the illusion.It’s a soft blue-grey with pinkish-gold highlights. If you layer it over a dark color or put 3 coats on, it becomes more of a smoky purple with blue edges. It’s a true duochrome, but it’s subtle.Nubar quality is very nice – it dries quickly and smoothly and goes on without streaks. This one isn’t quite as opaque as some of their shades.

Lillian South Range, WI