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Noxzema Classic Clean Moisturizing Cream 12oz

Noxzema® Classic Clean Moisturizing Cleansing Cream. 45% Less plastic. Deep cleans and nourishes for soft, hydrated skin with moisturizing soy.

Key features

  • Conditions Skin With Added Moisturizers
  • Leaves Skin Feeling Soft And Smooth
  • Tingles And Refreshes Your Skin
  • Removes Dirt And Oil

Honest reviews



I used to useNoxzema Deep Cleansing Cream Plus Moisturizer Unisex, 12 Ouncewhen I was much younger – my Mum used it then and I used to pilfer some from her. I found it again a few months back on Amazon and I am begging NOXZEMA to never change! This is a wonder product. I use it on my face every morning with a medium toothbrush (homemade microdermabrasion machine!) and my complexion has never looked clearer and more radiant (in my humble opinion). Use it and use it always!

Edythe Gilson, IL

Extremely watery. Original Noxzema used to cool my skin, this doesn’t. See photo.

There’s literally a puddle of water at the top of the tub. The product is very soft. The Noxzema I remember was much thicker with more camphor and menthol.I took a photograph of the puddle of water which I placed in the image gallery.Edit: Not worth shipping it back and not wanting to throw it away, I gave the Noxzema to my husband. Although more watery than shaving cream, the Noxzema worked out reasonably well.

Megan Needham, MA

I Love it!

Noxzema Deep Cleansing Cream Plus Moisturizer is the best! I have tried many different moisturizers and I always come back to noxzemia you can’t go wrong. This product has been on the market for ever.

Brandie Larue, TX

I have used it for years.

This product has always worked so well in keeping my face clean and clear. I used it all through my ‘troubled acne’ days and was never let down. While it may be seen as the old school face wash and not up to speed with the modern cleansers and systems they now use, it works so well and does not dry out your skin. I have particularly sensitive skin and find that this is the perfect balance between feeling extremely clean while still being conscience of my face. I use it once a day and will continue to do so for a long time to come.

Ines Fort Davis, AL

I like the older Noxzema better, this one causes slight burning sensation in sensitive areas

I use Noxzema because I love the way it makes my skin feel tingly and clean while still being gentle enough to not irritate and dry out my skin. I’ve noticed with the "plus mosturizer" formula, I get a burning sensation on the creases of my nose if it sits there for too long. This doesn’t happen with the original formula or any other cleanser, so I’m not sure what causes this. It only seems to sting the area around my eyes and nose though, and only if I let it sit on my face for more than 15-20 seconds (which I usually like it to sit there for a minute or two before rinsing).

Summer Arthur, NE

noxzema is always great

I think noxzema is always been a great product although,this is a little thinner, more like in between a wash & mask but thats what its usually used for anyway.I guess now it gives more moisture and I think it actually does,So I like it!

Vera Davisburg, MI

I have been using this for 30 years, it’s the best.

Nothing leaves skin more tingley-clean and soft as Noxema. It’s the only thing I use on my face. I love it.

Laura Glasgow, PA

Good stuff

As always, from a teenager to 37, you can always count on Noxzema. I face always feels clean after using. My fiancé and I both use it to shave and it awesome.

Freida Hickory Ridge, AR

Same nice smell but leaves the face softer, not as dry

I’ve always loved regular Noxema and use it for many things but, when I wash my face with it, my skin feels sort of tight and dry. I ordered this cleansing cream plus moisurizer and used it for the first time tonight. It didn’t leave my face feeling as dry as the original does. It still has the same Noxema smell which I love and makes my face feel cool which is one of the pluses of washing with Noxema. I still love the texture of the regular Noxema but will use this for my face unless I have a problem with it for some reason after more usage which I can’t imagine happening since the original Noxema has never caused any problems at all. LATER: I’ve been using this for several days now and I can already tell a difference in my skin. If I want to use one of the little facial scrub pads I just use it with some of the Noxema on it. I just love it and will never use soap again.

Jaclyn Bolivar, MO

60 Years & i don’t Lie !!

been using Noxzema for YEARS !!& it has helped my Skin to stay SOFT !!Now for 3 months nowi wash my face with noxema & i use Garnier wrinkle products,With both produts , i have a skin of a 20 year old !!

Vicki Mayfield, MI

Noxema Deep Cleasing Cream

I have always used Noxzema because it has cleaned my pores out like crazy and there is a little tingling effect afterwards. That lets you know that it is cleaning your face. I just apply before getting into the bath or shower, and at the end just rinse and my face feels amazing. This is a great way to keep away oil and acne. Over 10+ years they have not changed the formula BECAUSE IT WORKS!! I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to keep their face beautiful.

Lauren Swiss, WV

My favorite skin cleanser

My favorite skin cleanser.ive used this as a teenager and in now almost fifty and still use this as a daily skincare item.

Noreen Clancy, MT

Does not remove mascara or eye makeup!

So this is supposed to be like a "tried and true" product with a legacy, but they need to update it for the modern world! It does clean your face, but I would not say that it moisturizes it, like Pond’s cold cream. This stuff kind of just sticks to your face until you wash it off, but it has a very filmy, soapy feel. It does not remove all makeup, and especially eye makeup and even regular mascara. I will stick to buying only Pond’s Cold Cream from now on, because that stuff will remove EVERYTHING from your face AND truly moisturizes!

Virginia Wilcoe, WV

Works Great!!!!!!!!

I’ve used many different face washes and this by far is the best! It doesn’t leave your face dry like most face washes do. It has moisturizing cream in it that leaves your face so soft and smooth.

Jeannie Lettsworth, LA

Not moisturizing enough!

This cream does not appear to dry skin at first, however I notice that since using it my skin is even drier!! I have mature very dry skin and this was not the solution!

Pamela Kenansville, FL