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NOW Solutions Castor Oil, 100 % Pure, 16 ounce

Condition: In need of an all-natural emollient. Solution: 100% Pure Castor Oil is expeller-pressed from the seed of Ricinus communisand is virtually odorless and tasteless. While it’s applicable in many other areas of wellness, Castor Oil is considered by many to be one of the finest natural skin emollients available today. Also known as Palma Christi (the “Palm of Christ”), castor oil celebrates a history of use that dates back to biblical times. Since then, it has been used therapeutically to help support and soften healthy skin and hair, and is commonly used in some of today’s most popular cosmetic and beauty formulas. NOW® Solutions is the next step in the evolution of personal care products. This comprehensive natural line encompasses anti-aging moisturizers and serums, bath and body gels, shampoos and conditioners, oral care, skin care, and essential oils. all of which are formulated with the finest functional ingredients from around the world. NOW® Solutions products avoid harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients in all of our formulations, to provide a more natural product line.

Key features

  • Product helps soften skin
  • There are no harsh chemicals
  • In need of an all natural emollients
  • One of the finest natural skin emollients available
  • Used therapeutically to help support and soften healthy skin and hair
  • For topical applications
  • Virtually odorless and tasteless

Honest reviews


Not a good product

I did not like this at all. It was really heavy on my hair. It was kind of gross !

Rosie Milford, PA

Miracle Worker!

OK I have always been a product junkie, spending too much on creams and lotions of all sorts. Never thought to use something as simple as an oil. I feel like I have just come across a gold mine! I initially purchased the product for my man once I read about its benefits in reversing baldness. As I researched a little more, I found many more advantages such as longer and thicker lashes and brows, tightening and softening skin, eliminating wrinkles and stretch marks, removing callouses and warts and other fungal infections, treating acne, shinier healthier hair….etc. So far I have only used it for a couple of days, and I am already blown away. The softening effect on my skin is nothing like I have ever experienced. Never again will I spend money on expensive face creams. Granted, the oil is a little on the thick side, so a little goes a long way. But if you put a couple of dabs around the eyes and massage them on your wrinkles before bed and very little before you go out, you will see the effects almost immediately! I also bought almond oil (since now I am believer in the miraculous powers of oil) just to mix it with since it has a much lighter consistency, and also high benefits to the skin.Another amazing effect is on my callouses on the soles of my feet, as I run a lot. Absolutely better than any foot cream I’ve ever used. I massage it in nightly and wear socks right before bed. Instant gratification! Been using it on my stretch marks too around my butt, and I already see changes!All I can say is stop spending money on name brands and go for the source. You will not be disappointed!

Jeannine Milltown, NJ

Excellent oil for hair and skin!

First of all I must say that this oil is about the best thing you can put on your skin. I had known about castor oil’s reputation as a laxative and hair growth aid, but I’m very skeptic with “miracle” products, even when they’re natural. But I have to say that this oil really impressed me. I have been using different natural oils like coconut and olive oil infused with rosemary leaves on my hair with very good results, but 2 days ago I applied this oil to my scalp and hair and went to bed with a shower cap on. I washed my hair the next morning and I was amazed at the luxurious softness of my hair, with a healthy shine and with volume, not a single sign of greasiness whatsoever. Just soft, beautiful hair. It actually feels like baby hair. Another thing is that I noticed much less hair breakage and shedding when I combed my hair in the shower. Just a few strands, because my hair was so smooth it did not tangle much. My hair is relaxed, colored, thin and dry and breaks easy, but I’m sure this oil is going to help me keep it moisturized and with less breakage.It also works very well on the skin, although I’ve never used it on my face, except my eyelids, eyelashes and eyebrows. I apply it all over my body every night after a shower and I wake up with baby soft skin that is not greasy. The oil is thick and kind of sticky for a minute, but your skin will absorb it completely after a while and it won’t feel greasy. It makes my skin feel more elastic and young, and I only get that feeling with expensive firming creams I cannot afford to use all over. It is not completely odorless, but the smell is very faint and kind of goes away after a few minutes and it’s easily covered up with lotion or cologne. It’s great for dry lips and tired looking eyes. I apply a tiny drop on my eyelids and the area where dark circles form and massage. The next morning my eyes look fresh and eyelids and nice and plump. My son has chronic eczema and this oil keeps his skin nicely moisturized and doesn’t irritate his skin like most creams do. I also put some on my hands before doing the dishes and protects my hands. This oil is a godsend and I see myself using it for years to come. I wish I could give it 10 stars.

Jacquelyn Canadensis, PA

Softer hair that retains moisture longer

I am very pleased to use this oil. I heard great reviews about castor oil when it comes to natural hair. So I wanted to give it a go, being a “natural products only” type of gal. After deep conditioning and washing with black soap, I went with my usual routine and applied my Kinky Curly leave-in, and instead of purely jojoba, I used jojoba combined with castor oil on soaking wet, freshly washed hair with the leave-in. The result: no sealing in the moisture when my hair is 90% dry! The castor oil is heavy enough to lay down the cuticle layer on the hair shaft down, acting as a sealant. Just like sealing with a butter, except lighter! Lighter means your hair moves more easily. I don’t actually need shea butter to seal in my hair now, because this is able to replace it. However I love my shea butter, and I won’t give it up without a fight! ;)I now oil my ends with castor oil daily, and my hair seems stronger. I thought I had virtually no breakage then, but NOW its amazing. No breakage at all, hair is shiny, stays moisturized longer, and it helps my skin too. Highly recommend for dry, unruly hair, or dry skin. Tip: More is less with this stuff! You only need 1-2 drops, so it will last a long time.EDIT:1 year later, I am just now purchasing my second bottle of castor oil. It really lasts. I apply castor oil (2-3 drops per section) to my hair after misting with water mixed with kinky-curly knot today and various oils.(Or after a co-wash) Prevents breakage, retains the moisture, acts as an emollient for skin and hair, giving hair that luster and skin a fresh glow. I dont use too much because it leaves a greasy feeling. So, dont over-do it. Add essential oils to mask its natural scent, as its a bit funny on its own. I love ylang ylang. Almost forgot to mention, castor oil is wonderful for protecting the skin and hair in winter. My skin and hair have improved after continuous use of castor oil. Will never NOT BE in my cabinet!

Marilyn Widnoon, PA

This is AMAZING!

For years I had heard people talk about the benefits of castor oil but I was very content using my coconut oil. However, when my edges started thinning, I decided to try castor oil. I applied it to my edges almost every night before tying my hair up for the night and a month later it is thicker and longer. Be warned that this oil is thick and sticky (but I don’t mind since it does the job).

Janette Hoffman, MN

Awesome for OCM

I bought this to use for OCM (Oil Cleansing Method) and I LOVE IT. I bought it along withNOW Foods Jojoba Oil Pure, 4 ounce, and I also use it with olive oil. Usually I combine 1-part Castor Oil with 2 or 3-parts of Olive Oil (since the castor needs to be diluted with carrier oils)… and I’ll use the jojoba as a moisturizer.I also use this for my hair.Something to consider is that castor oil can be drying if used alone, or if there is more castor oil than other (carrier) oils. So be careful! This oil is GREAT, but only if you don’t use too much. :)Love it, and will buy more once this huge bottle runs out. Did I mention I love the price?? Huge bottle, great price. Love it! 🙂

Natasha Ferryville, WI


i never gave it a chance its too oily and thick i am too lazy for this… i will soon start trying it again and give it a chance since i have it will update once i see results.

Fay North Babylon, NY

Castor Oil!

I use castor oil in conjunction with EVOO for the Oil Cleansing Method. Castor Oil is good for drawing out impurities in the skin, and when I felt a sebum plug in my hand, I was sold! I don’t know if I plan to use it in my hair, but I definitely will continue to use it on my skin! It’s a great oil, although it’s very drying. This particular brand of Castor Oil is a great value, and 16 oz will last you a long time!

Deana Unionville, NY

I LOVE this product !

I never knew the healing ‘skin’ properties that this product contains, until I started using it faithfully. It is WONDERFUL. I also mix it in with 100percent Shea butter for all over skin protection and ‘glow’. If you have a skin issue, it seems to help turn dead skin cells over and helps to heal.IT IS NOT STICKY, blends well and gives hair a great sheen, also.I really love this all-natural, food-grade product. Remember, what you put on your skin, goes into your skin. Please try using all natural products for the health of your body and skin !!!!

Judith Kennard, TX

Toxic. Buyer Beware.

Expeller pressed castor oil contains ricin. Beware. Use only cold-pressed castor oil. I wasted money on this purchase. Buyer beware.

Latonya Mount Airy, MD

I’m Kinda Ambivalent—It’s So THICK!

I have to mix it with glycerine to give it ‘slip’. When I mix it, I use it on my body—feels too thick and heavy to put on my hair. I know some ‘naturals’ love this stuff but, perhaps I have a psychological resistance to just the words ‘castor oil’. And that old smell is still there. Remember when your grandmother used to make you take it cuz you were plugged up? Eeeew!Fortunately, no one can make me eat this stuff! Perhaps if someone would share with me some incredible natural hair or skin recipe I’d incorporate it more into my routine. But as it currently stands, I’ll stick to my glycerine and coconut oil.

June Atwood, CA

too thick

i tried this on my natural hair, it made my hair very thick an heavy, greasy, maybe i used to much, but even still i didn’t like it. i mixed with other oils, pure shea butter, cocoa butter an made a pretty good lotion for extra dry skin.

Audra Centenary, SC

Great Find

Due to Hypothyroidism, my skin is very dry and requires constant moisturizing. My feet are always super dry and on the verge of cracking at the heels no matter what I do. I stumbled upon the Castor oil after ordering the Jojoba oil and thought “Why not”. My cabinets are full of expensive products that never worked and eventually are thrown in the trash. It seems that Castor oil has many uses so I thought it couldn’t hurt to give this a try and the price was right. My feet no longer have the super dry and tight feeling and the cracking has gone away. I didn’t realize how tight the skin on my feet felt and how much discomfort it was causing. I have started using this on my arms where I have age spots due to my sun loving lifestyle. I could swear that the smaller spots have almost disappeared and the larger spots seem to be fading. The jojoba oil is great for my hair, but didn’t do anything for my feet so it really takes the heavier Castor oil to get the results.

June Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

My My My eyelashes!!!

when I put this in my eyelashes before I sleep, and when I woke up it was hard to see everything and my eye would get so red and itchy and I thought that was going to happen but it didn’twhallah~ My eyelashes get so long and dark I feel so sexy now!!! but its not that long enough for me I want to have a lashes like a peacock!!!! Hahahah but I defiantly satisfy with it!! but it’s a lot so I guess before I die I’m still gonna have this bottle with me!! 🙂

Robert Wellsville, UT

Read this before buying!

so first off, remember folks, the medical use for consumption of castor oil is for laxative effects! which it does quite effectively, considering other poster’s commentary. For beauty purposes, its a one size fits all miracle. massage your scalp (try to avoid hair) for hairloss, or just general hair health and length encouragement, spread a bit on tips of hair for fly-away control and frizzie help. For calluses, massage in, cover with sock/glove and wait overnight, for acne scars, stretchmarks, pock-marks, scars and miscellaneous bumps and bruises, a bit of this applied helps clear most skin issues in relatively low timeframe. I give it 4/5 stars because it has little smell, and a nice smell would be way nicer as well as an oil which is less viscous. As it is, castor oil is relatively thick.If your wondering if this will ‘work for you’, then my experience says yes, since castor oil is so versatile!

Kelsey Everett, PA

Good Start…

Now Foods does not specify if this castor oil is refined or unrefined, but it is certainly specified as Hexane free and expeller pressed, not cold pressed but in conventional form not organic or USDA organic form. Priced extremely reasonably, it is a good start but with new technologies, I found USDA organic with certification and unfiltered which makes it more expensive but certainly a better choice for me.CO is the most important oil out of handful of oils that I daily as beauty mix. I just put half the amount of shampoo, rub it in my palm to mix the shampoo and the CO, apply it as shampoo every single time. I place some CO directly on my head, scrub the scalp for removal of any residue on hair. Ricinoleic acid in castor oil helps to protect hair and stimulates circulation of nutrient rich blood to scalp. Dry scalp can lead to dandruff but CO’s omega-9 fatty acids can help. I leave it for few hours and then wash it off. I place CO directly on my eye brows for hair growth. I mix with VCO since it keeps the mix not only liquid but runny. It is the best mix after shaving. I apply the mix to my whole body before mountain biking without any shirt or pumping iron at the gym. The mix keeps the bees and flies away. I mix CO with AO to remove dark spots on my skin because of the scabs that I get from mountain biking. I blend CO with few more ingredients to make scrub, shaving cream and sunscreen.Any oil from any nut, seed or grain will go rancid, having no nutritional value shortly after production so I keep all my oils in dark containers, away from any light, air and moisture and use it quickly.

Tami Elizabeth, MN


it’s thick so it’s just hard to apply by itself. but i’ve learned to mix it with my shower gel and then it works fine. not a big fan of the smell though.

Jaclyn Melcher, IA


I use this product on my hair to promote growth. In the time that I have been using it (about 2 months), I’ve noticed that the thinning areas around my hairline are thickening. My hair overall is softer and more supple. I haven’t used this orally, but it’s great for hair!

Earline Perks, IL

Great for hair, But has a weird smell

I use this on my hair and skin and it is a great moisturizer, but it has a weird smell to it. I dont think this is 100& castor oil though because its not USDA certified. This oil is extremely thick

Rosemarie Pala, CA

Bought to regrow my eyebrows

As a child in 8th grade, I had never tweezed my eyebrow before. Foolishly, I let my friend do it for me to make me prettier. What a disaster. Many years later, my eyebrows are still thinner than I would prefer. I read about castor oil and that it promotes hair growth (I wish it would work on my fiance’s head!) but I don’t think it actually did anything for me. I’ll keep trying though, who knows.

Mary Centuria, WI


This was my 1st every castor oil product about a year and a half ago. I first heard about it on a hair care forum and I decided to give this a try. OMG! It is amazing. My hair line was gorgeous and my hair fuller & thicker. After I ran out of my 1st bottle I made the mistake of switching to Jamaican Black Castor Oil because of all the raves both on this site and elsewhere. Biggest mistake I ever made and biggest lesson I ever learned – everything ain’t for everybody. All the strides I had made with NOW were undone by Jamaican Black Castor Oil, which caused my hair to shed tremendously. Unfortunately, it took me some time to connect all my crazy shedding to the Jamaican Black Castor Oil resulting in losing about a 1/3 or more of my hair’s original thickness. Once I stopped using it, the shedding stopped. I have since re-ordered my tried and true NOW brand castor oil, along with incorporating some ayurvedic products into my regime like nupur henna, indigo, theraneem shampoo (love!) and more recently alma, brahmi, neem powder & shikakai. My hair is getting back on track.

Milagros Gallipolis Ferry, WV

So happy!

I am so happy to finally have got it! Not sure why I waited for so long to check if Amazon carries castor oil. I used it primarily on eyelashes, and it really helps them to grow. I didn’t know it could be used in all these many ways… Just tried to add it to my shampoo – and it didn’t grease my hair at all, even though it’s really oily at the roots. Quite the opposite – even added some volume! Can’t wait to see its action! 🙂

Blanche Leoti, KS

Good for A LOT of areas of the body

Castor oil…the ultimate in skin and hair moisture. I mix it with almond oil for my elbows, knees, and feet (the roughest parts on my body). Works like a charm. I use it alone for the rest of my body (including my face at night). The results? Soft, kissable skin and strong, shiny hair. Love this stuff!!!!

Sheri Chappells, SC

Great oil!!

I’ve enjoyed mixing my lotions with castor oil to get more use out of them. I also apply it to my eyelashes at night to stimulate growth and YES it does work!! This oil is great for mixing up moisturizers and also good for cuticles. The bottle is huge and lasts me quite a while. Definatly worth it!

Justina Annapolis, IL

Quality oils

Bought this to blend my own formula to use as a facial cleanser – it’s called the European facial oil cleanse method. Castor oil acts as an antibacterial agent in the recipe used to combat breakouts. I’m of French ancestors whose women have used the oil method for generations. We always blend our own recipes customized to each ladies needs. Now brand of castor oil is the purest, clearest, and the cleanest I’ve found. Its safe for ingesting, too. It’s reasonably priced and shipped quickly. Highly recommend NOW oils and this seller.

Joy East Mansfield, MA

Great for stubborn and tough dry skin

This works so well to control and fix my calluses on my feet and ankles. It’s the only thing I’ve found that works on taking care of the stubborn, tough, dry skin on my feet. I just rub some into the skin and then put on a pair of heavy socks. My skin is vastly improved in the morning.

Summer Chetek, WI


it arrived on time.. i haven’t used it yet so i cant say much about its effectiveness. I bought it to mix it with sulfur for hair growth regiment. will see if it works

Karin Ingalls, KS

My hair has never been so soft

I used this in a homemade hot oil treatment along with Coconut oil, sweet almond and jojoba. There was a noticible difference between not using this in the concoction and using it. When I mixed this with the rest of the oils, I noticed it was definitely thicker and stickier. I left it on overnight under a cap and rinsed it out the next morning. Not only was my hair softer, but the texture changed! Instead of frizzy curls, my curly hair was silky smooth. After these results, I wish I could use this everynight.. I’d never have a bad hair day again. I love this oil and the positive effects it has on my hair.

Vonda Shiprock, NM

The all purpose oil

Castor oil is thicker than most carrier oils and very moisturizing. It absorbs well and can be used head to toe. I love it as a lip gloss, for feet, massage, on entire body gives a nice healthy sheen to skin, and hair treatment excellent warmed! Oh I add a few drops of essential oil usually peppermint and or patchouli for a nice scent

Marisa Hampton, GA

love it

I have 22 inch long straight & silky hair. I love to oil my hair before every wash. Generally I use coconut oil or almond oil & leave it at least over night. I wash hair every 3 days. Few days back I see this castor oil here I decided to give it a try. And I am happy that consider it. All I can say is now my hair are more beautiful. All I do is mix 5-6 drops of castor oil with my regular hair oil & then heat it a little & apply thoroughly. It is very thick so a few drops will go a long way so be careful while using it for the first time. If u will use more quantity then it vl be harder to remover oil in one wash. After 2-3 uses one will get idea how much is required for him/her. For the ppl with very dry hair this works best. I am using it only for hair so I have no idea about how it works for other uses. I think mine will last for quite long as I need few drops in every use.Definitely recommend it.

Jan Alford, FL