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NOW Foods Ylang Ylang Oil

100% PureCananga odorata Ingredients: 100% pure ylang ylang extra oilAroma: Pleasant, floralBenefits: Soothing, comforting, romanticTry Exotic Nights – a recipe using Ylang Ylang Oilor Cloud 9 – another recipe using Ylang Ylang OilView all of our recipes

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  • Ylang Ylang Extra Oil – 1 oz
  • 1 oz
  • 100% Pure

Honest reviews


I thought it would smell better

I thought this would smell better, maybe as good as bergamon but it doesn’t. I think this Ylang Ylang kind of has a stinky smell.

Diann Crandon, WI

Strong Fragrance

This has a very strong fragrance, one that I don’t particularly care for. And I included it in a hand lotion. Big mistake. I’m trying to figure out how to still use it so it won’t be a waste of money.

Cassie Oquossoc, ME

not the Ylang-ylang i am familiar with

a bit over powering stron not sweet like it shoud be,I certainly was very disapointed with this product,considering the quality of all the other essences

Ronda Ogden, IA

LOVE Now Foods oils!

I ordered this and received the new white labeled bottle instead of the old design. Definitely NOT disappointed about that.Also, this is not just ylang ylang oil, but ylang ylang extra. I wasn’t aware of that when ordering, but was very pleased upon its arrival! Ylang ylang extra specifically is from the FIRST collection of the essential oil during distillation, making it of the highest quality. Each respective extraction of the oil (there are four total) lessens in quality/scent, so the first has the strongest scent.Use less than you think you’ll need, no matter what the application. This is strong stuff!I bought this for use in my homemade cosmetics and perfume, as well as aromatherapy. Fantastic oil, I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

Sonya Coolville, OH

Great smell and properties, great deal!

I am never disappointed by NOW Essential oils, and their Ylang Ylang lives up to my expectations. It smells wonderful and is 100% pure. Awesome!

Kate Camden, AR

Fresh flower scent

I actually put a few drops in my cool mist humidifier and turn it on when i leave the house and come home to a wonderful scented home the natural way! A few drops goes a long long way!

Bianca Clearmont, MO

Incredible Scent…Incredible Quality!

This oil is incredible…a beautiful scent, relaxing and vivid. This tends to be a bit more expensive than most other oils I buy, but this is well worth any extra price. It is strong, long lasting and very high quality.

Jacqueline Sod, WV

Lovely oil

I LOVE Ylang Ylang. Use it in my hair&body oil, oil diffuser, perfume, deep conditioners, and homemade cleansers for a soft floral scent. I used to buy my oil from a different supplier, but NOw sold me on its first distillation oil. I use Ylang Ylang virtually every day since I use it in so many applications; and you cant beat NOWs prices for the quanitity & quality.

Jocelyn White Cloud, KS

Clear Scent

This is one of the better Ylang-Ylangs I’ve ever purchased, with clear floral scent. A lot of companies are selling ylang-ylang that smells like petroleum, so I’m assuming it is coming from overseas in plastic barrels. NOW is on of the brands I can always count on for purity.

Juliette Melville, NY

was stolen

My neighbor loved the smell of this so much she swiped this. lol. I do need to replace it but haven’t as yet. Only got a quick whiff before it disappeared. I’ll hide the next bottle lol.

Dayna Waynesville, IL


My significant other had extremely high blood pressure and was having trouble sleeping. To be fair, he is taking blood pressure meds, we have just about eliminated salt and have eliminated caffeine, and he has been going to a acupuncturist, in addition to using the ylang ylang, and his blood pressure is way, way down. But every night I have been putting 12 drops of ylang ylang and 8 drops of lavender into a misting machine, and we are both sleeping much, much better. He is snoring with 3 minutes of his head hitting the pillow. We will soon be out of this, and I will be ordering it again.

Lesa Abell, MD

Great Product

I am getting into the essential oils but don’t want to get sucked in to one of those Multi Level Marketing scams where they over charge for everything in order to fund the pyramid. This is great quality without the annoying MLM pitches

Hillary Huntington, OR

Great Ylang Ylang

This Ylang Ylang is very concentrated and has a great smell but does not overpower since you don’t need much. I added this to my homemade leave in treatment for my natural 4a hair and it helps keep it soft.

Josephine Rosalia, KS

Pretty great

For the money, this stuff is amazing. Like the lavender NOW, this one gives you a bang for your buck. It’s strong in a good way and smells powdery and light at the same time.

Marcie Volga, WV

Not a fan of the smell, but so amazing

I didn’t purchase this essential oil because of it’s smell or with any plans to use it in my oil diffuser, I purchased it for it’s amazing healing and conditioning properties! It arrived amazingly fast and having only used it once last night, I am hooked! When I woke up this morning my pores looked smaller, the overall tone/texture of my face was soft and dewy. I use all of Now Food’s essential oils and Ylang Ylang oil is known to help dry/mature skin or dry hair; I live in Oregon where the cold/altitude can be a little rough on my sensitive skin so this one is a keeper =]

Mari Middlefield, CT