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NOW Foods Vegetable Glycerine, 4 Ounce

NOW Foods Vegetable Glycerine

Key features

  • Versatile Skin Care
  • Softens & Moisturizes
  • All-natural product derived from Non-GMO palm oil or vegetable oil
  • Hypoallergenic and easily soluble in water

Honest reviews


It does nothing for my hair

I made my own mix, but it just seemed as if I was putting nothing on my hair. My hair I don’t think likes glycerin. I just wanted to try it out to see if making my own mix would work.

Deanne Whipple, OH

Used to make fondant.

While it’s marketed for skin care this is food grade glycerine, I bought this to make fondant, because my local craft store was no longer carrying Glycerin. I used it a few days ago in a chocolate fondant recipe and it worked just fine, it only called for a table spoon or two so I have plenty left over for next time. IF you couple this item to get free shipping it’s one of the best prices I could find that was still from a reputable company, if you’re stuck paying for shipping I’d suggest shopping around.

Pam West Falls, NY


After reading all the wonderful reviews about vegetable glycerine I had to buy it! I thought it was going to feel silky on my skin yet it was so sticky! Maybe I needed to mix it with something, but when I placed a small dime sized amount of the product on my arm it was not easily absorbed in my skin. Any suggestions on what to mix this with?The positive side, I did receive the product in a timely fashion. However, there was a small pin hole puncture in the plastic covering of the bottle. I was afraid it had been damaged and I did not appreciate them sending me a bottle with a small hole. Can something be done about this??I think in order for this to work a person has to mix it with something else. But buyer beware of it’s stickiness!!

Robyn Stigler, OK

perfect for my nail polish remover dupe

I make my own dupe of Zoya Remove+ nail polish remover using 10:1:1.2 pure acetone, glycerine, and water because Zoya Remove+ is amazing but too darn expensive. This will last me through several bottles of acetone, and is easy to squirt out of the container. Great price too!

Melba Viola, WI


Right now I’m using this product in my hair conditioning spray and I love it. I think I’m going to use it in my lotion bars as well and in my own dog wash.

Lessie Doe Hill, VA

great product

fast delivery, product came sealed and untampered with. Great for use in a mister bottle with water for added hydration for hair and skin.

Lesley Marshallville, OH

Great stuff, does what it’s said to do.

It’s true that the packaging is different from what the picture here shows: it’s a clear plastic bottle that is somewhat firm to squeeze (though I didn’t find it difficult to get to the stuff). I got it for four bucks including delivery — this is a good price; if it goes up much by the time you’re reading this, keep in mind there are other options right here on Amazon that are quite cost effective, just search). Now, on to what it is and how it works.First things first: the bottle says it’s food grade, and maybe it is, but I didn’t find it all that sweet, so I can’t say anything about using it as food. I’ve found two good uses for it: one, for skin, as a moisturiser. It does work (with repeated use the skin sort of puffs up a bit, in a baby-like fashion, so it seems like this gunk here infuses it with water… how this works I don’t know, but it does work; it’s good on the skin. A small nuance: somewhat unintuitively, this thing isn’t greasy at all (strange ’cause glycerine is a popular name for pure glycerol, which is a half of the fat molecule in the form that’s used by the body (trygliceride? something like that; don’t let me go chemical on you though 🙂 ). It is, however, rather sticky — and this stickiness persists and is unpleasant on most body parts. So what I do is, apply it, let it dry up a bit, and then apply some sort of greasier cream over it. That works beautifully, and I definitely will make this product(or variation) a household item.Second use I’ve found is for ear wax: I put some on the outer ear canal (with a pipette or a Q-tip, just a little). I also tend to plug my ears for the night; I use silicone plugs that are kinda like putty, kinda like what Odysseus’s men used agaist the Sirens. Amazingly, having glycerine there does not prevent the plugs from sticking — this truly is a miracle that I don’t understand, but it works fine. When I get up in the morning and take the plugs out, the wax, even if it’s very little, is very easy to wash off with warm water. That really works great, and better than anything else I’ve tried in the past.Be careful about having it on your lips: I _accidentally_ got some of it on my lips and they almost immediately cracked up (even though I do not suffer from this affliction, and don’t need to use any kind of lip balm, even in the cold weather). If you got any of it on the lips, either wash it all off (it washes off very easily — unlike grease, it really likes water) or, like I said, apply something greasy over it, to compensate, as it were. A regular chapstick works fine.Well, that’s it. Seems like the majority of NOW products I’ve tried, this one’s a winner. Very highly recommended, five stars. Will update if anything new.

Jasmine Talladega, AL

Great For Homemade Skin creams, ointments, ect.

I use this for all my homemade skin care items such as ointments, creams, ect. Its great for the skin and lasts a long time. Highly reccommended

Norma New Salisbury, IN

My skin revolted against this stuff

I used vegetable glycerin in a homemade vitamin C serum. Everything was fine for a couple of days until I sprouted enormous, deep and painful pimples on my forehead and eyebrow. I switched to propylene glycol in my formula.However, it is surely good for other uses, is in a nice bottle and is a good price, so I gave it 4 stars. Just be warned if you use it in a serum…

Taylor Cloverdale, AL

Pure product

Some of us are nervous about additives in store-bought cosmetics. Here’s a pure, simple base for home-formulated moisturizers. It arrived quickly and in great condition.

Elva Comstock, MI

Works well!

I purchased this to add to homemade beauty products. It does a great job, and I think it’s a good quality product.

Lorene Kannapolis, NC

Great Product!

I use this product in making my body lotions. Also use it on my cuticles and lips periodically as an extra moisture boost. Highly recommend!

Jade Clontarf, MN


Glycerine is sticky. Mixed with water and essential oils and I love it. It doesn’t make my hair feel oily.

Nita Ware, MA

Good stuff

Bought this to make my own airbrush foundation & this glycerin worked just fine! I am also able to use it on its own to give my dry skin a glossy finish (with my airbrush of course)

Maryann Lilliwaup, WA

Awesome, awesome

I use this product in my hair and on my skin super super soft! I cant get enough so happy I decided to give it a try!

Tracy Northville, MI

I like it. ^_^

I don’t really know what to say here lol.The item smells ok and does what it should so I’m happy with it.

Claudette Stephan, SD


I’ve used other brands of glycerine and although glycerine is known to be sticky, I feel this brand is more stickier than others and doesn’t soak in as well. By the way, I use it for skin, as a moisturizer and I add it to my soaps.

Joy Latty, OH


I bought this product to add to my homemade hair products. I’ve used it as stand alone product as well. It works wonders for me.

Augusta River Edge, NJ

Great product

This glycerin is perfect for my use in diy cosmetics. So far I’ve added a few drops of it to my own recipes for skin cleanser, moisturizer and eye make up remover and I’m very pleased with the results. A little goes a long way and this bottle is the right size. Shipping was prompt and price is good.

Ava Alpha, OH


It is Glycerin USP. A bit pricey here, but I shop by mail so it worked out okay. it is very thick and clear.

Noemi White, SD

now foods vegetable glycerine

this product i use for my plaque psoriasis. it works quite well. some people combine it with alcohol free witch hazel.

Isabelle Tuscaloosa, AL


I really like it. It is not greasy and absorbs well. I use it to mix in Vitamin C powder, and it really does wonders to my skin. Very soothing as well when applied alone.

Patti East Branch, NY