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Now Foods Sandalwood Oil Blend, 1 Ounce

100% Pure Natural 14% Oil BlendSantalum album Ingredients: Pure sandalwood oil pure grapeseed oilAroma: Subtle, floral, undertones of wood and fruitBenefits: Grounding, focusing, balancingTry Blissful Thinking – a recipe with Sandalwood Oil Blendor Male Clarity – another recipe using Sandalwood Oil BlendView all of our recipes

Key features

  • Sandalwood Oil Blend – 1 oz1 oz
  • 100% Pure
  • Natural

Honest reviews



The smell is wonderful. Just the right sandalwood fragrance. But I wish it lasted longer as you need to keep applying it.

Janette Springfield, MA

Ok but didn’t smell much like sandalwood at all.

Very disappointed in the aroma not like any sandalwood I’ve ever experienced. Would not recommend or purchase again and I don’t use it because of this.

Deloris Advent, WV

strong smell

I read several reviews, and was aware of the strong unique smell.For me it did not work as i wanted to use it as part of my facial skin rouitine.The product itself and its other uses I believe from what I read are wonderful. So if you do however want to mix it with a moisturizer I learned also read up on it, before ordering, so it won;t interfear with your moisturizer and you may want to read up on what base oils are as it is often recommended to mix sandlewood with it.I would definitely recommend to purchase a book about essential oils and their uses before you orderjust was not for me, as I am sensitive to smells, will stick with my argan and maracuja oils

April Oakwood, TX

Great smell and properties, great deal!

This is a nice sandalwood oil: pure essential oil diluted in a 14% mix. I feel comfortable using this oil in my products as no artificial ingredients are included.

Earline Trosky, MN

Very nice!

I’m pleased with the fragrance and the concentration strength. I’ve read that sandalwood scent is good for the brain; maybe it’s true; anyway, it can’t hurt.

Phoebe Belva, WV

Heavenly scent; great quality and price.

The NOW sandalwood is one of their best quality of essential oils and the scent is heavenly. I use this for aromatherapy- great in the bathtub or a bit with carrier oil on the skin before bed. I also blend it into a face serum which I use daily. The price and quality are fair.

Priscilla Aldenville, PA

it’s pretty good

i purchased this because it was inexpensive enough to take a risk, and i am not entirely unhappy with the purchase. having said that, it doesn’t stand up to the sandalwood Santalum album 10% dilution in jojoba oil purchased from Nature’s Gift. the two oils do not smell even close to the same. i had already put some of the sri-lanka oil in a face mask to wear, delightful. this oil, at 14% dilution, doesn’t smell as good. the NOW price is excellent, whereas what i purchased from Nature’s Gift was $30 for 1/2 ounce. far more expensive but it is worth it. i’ve used sandalwood for years, but never alone, and never for its scent, rather, for its healing properties. it is just now, in the last few days, that i have considered it for its scent. the NOW sandalwood product does not stand up to what i have been using, although, it may be medicinally equivalent, i don’t know.UPDATE: I added a star because as time passes, I am liking the product more.

Elvia West Salem, OH

Five Stars

Great scent and price. Used in making homemade soap.

Agnes Moses Lake, WA

Just ok, mine was weak

Didn’t realize this thing was diluted. It had a very weak smell if any at times. It was difficult to pour because the spout was too small. Maybe it was just my bottle. Who knows.

Sonia Charlotte Court House, VA

Great product

I’ve been expanding my oil collection for a little while now and very glad to finally have some sandalwood oil, has helped with my skin and hair dryness by mixing it in with my shampoo and body wash.

Corrine Whitestone, NY

essential oils

the more i get into Essential Oils the more i get into essential oils. After a trying day at work, I may have to look up the properties of which one i need but it makes a difference. There are some that are called "relax" or "energy" so there’s not a lot to look up. They arrive safely packaged, in good time, reasonably priced.

Rachel Chicago Heights, IL