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NOW Foods Rose Hip Seed Oil, 1 ounce

Rich in Omega-6 essential fatty acids, Rose Hip Seed Oil continues to serve as one of the personal care industry’s most sought-after natural oils.  NOW® Rose Hip Seed Oil is 100% Pure and Natural, and extracted from the seeds of Rose mosqueta.

Key features

  • 100% Pure & Natural
  • Rosa mosqueta
  • GC/IR Verified
  • The color of the oil should be a reddish-orange/yellow color.
  • The smell should be very earthy (this will not smell like roses, it is not meant to)

Honest reviews


Rose Hip Seed Oil

I got curious about essential oils on my hunt for a solution to my dry, curly hair. I heard some talk about Rose Hip Seed Oil and how it can work well in thin hair because it doesnt coat the hair it absorbs and holds in moisture. With furthur research I learned that this oil contains vitamin A which helps assist with cell regeneration, delay the effects of skin aging, and promotes collagen and elastin levels to increase. The results are smoother, firmer and more youthful skin. There is also a high amount of essential fatty acid acids and Vitamin E which further promotes heathy skin. It is supposedly successful in treating stretch marks, psoriasis, eczema, hyper-pigmentation, uv damage, wrinkles, scars from surgery, acne and burns, dermatitis, age spots, burns, age spots, brittle nails and dry, damaged hair.Because it is a dry oil, it will soak into the skin easily and not leave a greasy residue, but dont use too much. It spreads very easily so you only need a little bit and it will last a long time. Even though you can use it un-diluted on your hair or skin you can also add it to creams, lotions, moisturizers, conditioners ect. It is not recommended for use on sever acne or on very oily skin.My first time using Rose Hip Seed Oil I added a few drops to a combination of Suave Moisturizing Almond and Shea Butter Conditioner and Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine 3 minute Deep Conditioner, then I combed evenly through my hair and left in for about 15 minutes before rinsing out. That day I did notice an increased softness and less frizz, although no extra shine like I was hoping for. I have natural curly hair thats shoulder length and pretty fine, although I have alot of hair and it is dry and can get frizzy. On my hair Id rate this oil at about a 3 but there are many other great uses for it.So far I’ve applied this oil using a cotton swab to my nails twice a day for about a week and the results are phenomenal. I’ve always had crap nails and cuticles that I had a habit of biting that I just couldnt get over. Every once in a while I’d stop, and they’d grow (some of them) but they’d always have an ugly color and break because they were so weak, so eventually I’d start biting them again because I hated them anyways. A little while ago I found I no longer had the need to bite them (thank god) but still have the same problem, also they get weird bumps and ridges and some of them grow uneven. But ever since I started with this oil my nails have not only grown (if you can see results in only a week, you know it’s working) but they are already looking healthier, feel stronger and I haven’t broken a nail since starting and thats a record for me. It has also already started to heal my cuticles and suprisingly a cut on my hand that I experimented with a dab of the oil, cool. Although even more suprising, I tried this on a razor bumps and over night they were gone.I would like to try this on my acne scars, as I have yet to find a product that will get rid of them, but am worried as my skin is semi oily and I still tend to break out from time to time. Last thing I want to do is make my skin worse, right? But I do plan on experimenting with it and Tee Tree Oil, which I’ve used with success on the occassional break out (and many more uses) and possibly a facial cream and add to my review at a later time.

Georgina Salvisa, KY

Works for my teenage skin + my mom’s acne scars

I discovered this product and bought it as a skin treatment for myself, as I wanted a more even complexion (due to my tanning addiction) and for a scar on my eyebrow (a stupid piercing mistake years ago). I also bought a bottle for my mother who has stubborn, moderate acne scarring/redness. She is EXTREMELY pleased with the results she has gotten so far, as she notices that her scars that she has had for 20+ years are getting flatter and less noticeable, even after just a few uses. It leaves my face smooth and brighter and I actually get less acne. I can only imagine the benefits of this use long-term, especially for damaged skin . For approx. $7, you can’t go wrong with trying it! I have seen its magic working already.–UPDATE–5 weeks ago, I was attacked by a dog and had 22 stitches to my face. I tried using Mederma and saw relatively no results (I know you’re supposed to use it for a long period of time; I’m still using it). For only the past two days, I have applied this oil and I have been literally SHOCKED with how much better my scar looks! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! If i use this long term (w/ Mederma), I believe my scar will literally disappear. VERY PLEASED!!!!

Leticia Ocean Grove, NJ

Buyers beware. POS and I don’t mean Point of Sale

I received ricino oil instead of this Rose Hip Seed oil.Very dissappointed. Paid 10 dollars and waited 4 days for Ricino oil. NOT Happy.byer Beware. Buyers beware.

Dawn Firesteel, SD

Wonderful little skincare item

I use this in conjunction w/ emu oil every night = nicely hydrated skin. Its anti-aging (contains Vitamin A, vitamin C and omegas 3, 6 and 9). I’ve read lots of reviews that talk about its ability to clear up acne and possibly lighten under eye circles (depending on the origin of them). The only time I break out is during that time of the month. Since incorporating this into my routine, I seem to have fewer pimples during that time. This is a little bottle and would seem rather expensive until you realize you only use 2-3 drops max each time = 1 bottle will last you months! My under eye circles seem slightly lightened in that I am using less concealor, but I’m not sure if this is resultant of this product or some other oils I have been using (grapeseed and sweet almond for cleansing, coconut for moisturizing under eyes) or just getting more sleep. Regardless – I do like this item and the NOW brand in general, so I do highly recommend trying!

Gayle Kiron, IA

Smells like nothing

This oil doesn’t smell like anything. I tried applying it to something and the smell was way too weak. Would not recommend this product.

Carmella Grand Lake, CO

very oily

I do undestand that different product work for different skin types, mine is mid 40th, normal to dry skin, adult acne prone.This product was a bit to oily for me, and it seemed to break me out, I ordered it together with Rose Water, which I loved the smell off, but together I could not figure out which one did not work for me.I instead use Argan oil, which texture is amazing, I can even wear it under my make up, a little also goes a long way, but the skin soaks up the argan oil immediately , while for me the rose hip oil was not as quickly to absorbe. Again this is just how it worked for me and my skin.For my cleaning ritual I also use 2 of Lemongrass and Tea Tree Oil Soap Bar 5 Ounces which is amazing.The solution to all my skin problems, especially putting the acne finally under control. Lemongrass Soap and the Argan oil prevented me from a major break out within 3 days. amazing, highly recommend.I gave rose hip 2 stars because it is very oil in texture and does not absorbe quickly , especially if you compare it to argan oil, if you are maybe my skin typeBut with Amazons amazing easy return policy you maybe just want to order the products and try them out one by one, to see which fits your skins needs bestGood luck

Ladonna Schoenchen, KS


it has zero color and zero smell, it you try to place it on the skin or paper..its, clear and smell like vegetable oil, if you place it natural on your skin it is the same so no , save your is so not the real deal.

Mae Chapman, AL

High in Omega’s

Rose Hip seed oil is high in omega3’s and it makes a great night moisturizer. I used to spend dollars on night creams, but then i did some searching and found this oil. NOW foods is always a great brand, i have so many of there products in my bathroom and im my kitchen. This oil adds softness to my skin and in the morning my skin looks more fresh and glowy. i definatly reccommend this as a night moisturizer or for skin that sees a lot of sun

Melody Brightwood, VA

I really like this oil

I have been using this oil on my skin after I wash it before bed. I really like how hydrating this oil is on my skin. I also like how it isn’t heavy or icky feeling like olive/coconut oils. This oil is absorbed right into the skin and it doesn’t feel like you have an oily mask on your face. I use coconut oil as a body moisturizer everyday, but it is just too heavy for my face; it feels icky. I haven’t seen any of the benefits of the oil yet, as I have only been using it for a few days, but I am already more than pleased to find this natural alternative to a petroleum moisturizing lotion to use at night. It has a beautiful texture, and my skin loves it. I have used every lotion under the sun; from Cetaphil to La Mer, and my skin LOVES this oil more than any lotion I have tried. I’m experimenting using it over Retin-A, as my skin sometimes gets irritated while using even low percentage Retin-A creams. I will update my review after a few weeks of usage. This is my newest HG beauty product 🙂

Selma Huslia, AK



Graciela Unionville, MD

This is what I was looking for the whole time!

I was curious about all the clamor over oils used in skin and hair products, so I started reading ingredients. When I realized that most of my "good" hair products contained silicone or sulfates, I knew it was time to change.A little research and I am now using argan oil for hair and face<sweet almond oil (I love this product…for everything)I cleanse my face with a mixture of rosehip seed oil, sweet almond oil, and castor oil. It doesn’t foam like you are used to, but the bottle lasts forever, you are not paying for fillers, and it works as well as some of the high dollar facial oils…this one is good for your body too! Doesn’t matter if you have oily, combo, or dry skin. This oil is great for mature or aging skin…very emollient.

Michele Waterloo, WI

Ancestors were Correct

Scratch all those products with empty claims. You don’t really need them…this coming from a ‘product junkie.’ I have tried it All with minimal results. Let’s go back to simpler times. This oil makes my skin glow. It Does heal damaged skin. I’ve just ordered a cold press organic on Amazon. It is more pure than this one (#4stars), but even this one…Made me a believer. At nite and under makeup…I’m just in Awe. FYI: AAF

Natalie Perry, GA

Perfect Beauty Elixir!

I’m actually on my second bottle of Rosehip Oil, both of which I purchased from Amazon after shopping around for the best price. I love it.I have combination, acne-prone skin, and my pores clog easily. This is the only oil I use on my face, ever. A little goes a long way, and I took the medicine dropper from a used-up bottle of Josie Maran’s Argan Oil….it seems to work perfectly. Honestly, this bottle will last you forever. I highly recommend a medicine dropper with it; I wish it came with one.After I wash my face at night, I put a drop (literally-ONE DROP) into the palm of my hand and massage it onto my face (Use too much and your face will be shiny). In the morning, my skin is always glowing, soft, and hydrated.It sinks right into the skin. I only need a splash some cool water on my skin in the morning. It calms my acne really well, too.Haven’t used it much on my body, but I put it into my hair all the time. For women with thick, curly hair, “ethnic” hair or dry scalp or ends, USE THIS. It seems to do the same thing it does for the face. Same routine: a drop or two in the palm of your hands, rub it through the hair, and then style. It seems to be more effective on dry hair than wet hair, really softens quickly, and it’s a light oil. Sinks in fast, non-greasy unless you oversaturate.The consistency is very light and delicate, like Argan Oil without a lot of greasiness.The smell is strange, it’s not bad smelling, but not really sweet either. It reminds me of some type of old witch potion made from some plant in the forest….makes me feel like I “discovered” a secret elixir or something. And it’s a light fragrance so it disappears after a minute, if you don’t really like it.I really can’t say enough good things about this. For the price, it’s so effective. I think every woman should keep a bottle of it in her makeup bag, right next to the toothbrush and mascara. I know I will.

Stephanie Millboro, VA


I’ve read up on this oil and the various uses and frankly, it sounded too good to be true. Well, so far I have been very impressed with how well it moisturizes without feeling too oily. I have combination skin with an extremely oily T-zone so I have to be very careful with what I put on my face. That being said, I was blown away by how well this oil absorbs into my skin and how incredibly soft my skin felt the next day. A little goes a long ways so if you are oily, use it sparingly. I’ve been using this for about a month now and I have not noticed a decrease in wrinkles. . . However, being very oily I am not prone to wrinkling so I cannot speak to that part of the claims. As a moisturizer, I have to give it 5 stars! Best moisturizer I’ve ever used!!

Kaitlyn La Mesa, NM

It’s okay

It’s ok, I purchased to use for hair. I have not used it very much, I am still searching for best use ideas.

Zelda Smithton, PA

Great essential oil.

I have recently trying to replace all of my everyday beauty products with essential oils and rose hip seed oil was a great find. I use it at night before I go to bed and when I wake up my skin feels smooth and soft. It absorbs well into the skin and has a very light scent. I’m not a huge fan of the applicator as it is tricky to get even a couple drops out of the bottle.

Casey Powers, MI

great product

Great for people with eczema. goes on smoothly, but absorbs quickly, good value for the price. do not like the opening, but I guess it is so the product is not wasted, but the oil itself is great.

Abbie Cloverdale, AL


i CANNOT believe how amazing this oil is! i use it on my face every morning and night and it makes my skin SO soft and so supple!! VERY glowing! i never really have had problems with my skin (im 35) but i have dark circles under my eyes and slight wrinkling between my brows (11s). its as if my skin is plumper now and the wrinkles are less noticeable…very nice indeed! i also read in a few reviews that it fades scars so i tried this on a scar on my shin that i have had since the summer (cut it on a branch while weeding in my backyard). the gash was pretty bad and about an inch long and 1/4 inch wide. i have been putting this oil on it every night and every morning since i received it a week ago and my scar is ALMOST GONE!!!! i really cant believe how amazing this product is, so glad i stumbled upon it, and will never EVER be without this in my skin-care regimen!!!!!!!

Rowena Penobscot, ME

Perfect for Eyes and Facial Tissue

I use rose hip seed oil in conjunction with emu oil as a nighttime moisturizer–just a drop of each does it for me. I also spread a thin layer under my eyes before bed and find that it does lighten shadows under my eyes (my mother and both my grandmothers and great grandmother have used rose hip seed oil all their lives and certainly don’t look their ages. No wrinkles whatsoever except for laugh lines). I particularly like the NOW Foods brand because it is cheaper for a uni student to buy. I would not recommend rose hip seed oil to people who are prone to acne though, as it might only serve to irritate skin further.

Doreen Monticello, WI

Good for eyes and neck

I really like this oil, however, I can’t use it on my face. I started out putting it on at night…face, neck, under eyes. I like how it softened my skin. After a couple weeks, my face started to break out. I discontinued using it on my face, but continue to use it under my eyes, and on my neck. It does a wonderful job of keeping those areas soft, and hydrated. I will purchase again. Just can’t use it on my face.Product arrived promptly, and in perfect condition.

Jewel Vintondale, PA


Didnt notice a difference in my hair. I used it on my face and i broke out because i’m mildly allergic to glycerin.

Cynthia Wolcott, VT

Face Oil

I have had a good experience with Rose Hip Seed Oil in facial products and soaps but the oil alone did nothing for my dry skin.

Sheree Deer Park, WI

Miracle oil

I’ve using this product for a year and I noticed a lot of improvement on my skin. i use it mornings and evenings and my skin looks radiant and with a nice glow.

Stefanie Sledge, MS

good for post acne

I use this at night in place of my moisturizer. It fades any acne marks i may have. I’ve used other brands and i feel like this one works just as well even thou it’s not amber colored. I actually prefer this one over the Life-Flo one that available on Amazon as well.

Terri Coal Center, PA

How refreshing!

I just tried this a couple of days ago. My hope was that this would help ease my terrible eczema, which I’ve had since childhood. It seems to really help! I want to try to wean myself off of corticosteroid products, and this seems to be the ticket. I plan to buy several more, so I can keep one in several places so I will always have access to it. Just for those of you who may not know, it hardly has any smell at all, so you will not smell like roses! Also, it sinks right into your skin with hardly any “oily” feeling at all afterward. Seems to be a blessing straight from Mother Nature! 🙂 I will even try this on my face.

Erma Niobrara, NE

Wonderful on my skin!

I am 26 years old. Around 4 years ago, when I was 22, I finished college and started working. People mistook me for a 37 year old woman. I didn’t have any wrinkles but I looked old. I threw away all the beauty products in the trash and stopped applying any face packs, face wash, sunscreen or going for facial treatments in Salons. I started wearing hat in the sun, washed face once a day with Cetaphil (it’s not a soap) and relied only on deeply moisturizing creams those were soft and gentle on skin. I regained my youth dramatically within 3-4 months and I looked my age. I have followed this routine ever since. When I went back to school around two years ago, I didn’t have a very good skin but people still mistook me as a freshman (18 year old) and not a graduate student (24 yr old). But I still had a lot of pimple scars, regular pimple outbreaks and somewhat an uncontrollable appetite of my face for moisturizers.Quite recently, around 1 month ago actually, I came to know about Argan Oil, Tamanu Oil and Rose Hip Oil. I am using Argan Oil (Moroccan Oil) on my hair for beautiful silkiness and zero frizz. I started using Tamanu oil by mixing 3-4 drops with half teaspoon Nivea ‘soft’ cream once every night before sleeping and I achieved pimple free skin with somewhat clear complexion. Just 3 days ago my package of Rose Hip oil arrived. As my nightly routine, I washed my face with cetaphil. I mixed small amount of Nivea soft cream with 2 drops tamanu oil and 2 drops Rose Hip oil and applied on my face and neck before sleeping. It has been only 2 nights of application but every morning I wake up with an extremely smooth, healthy and beautiful skin. I look like a 16 year old child. I wash my face gently with water every morning, protect my face with a hat and don’t apply anything else throughout the day.I will gift it to my family and I am going to buy this product over and over throughout life!

Cornelia Thornton, IL

Lovely oil

I use this in my summer bug bite/scratch mix. Depending on my mood, I’ll add lavender essential oil, tea tree, maybe some chamomile for inflammation, and calendula oil, and put on my bug bites or scratches from trimming branches and trees. Massage in several times a day and it helps minimize scars and supports healing.

Deann Flagler Beach, FL

works great for scars

i have some scars from acne blemishes and it works it takes time not an overnight miracle.HOW I USE IT:MORNING1. take a shower wash my face with clarisonic mia and nubian heritage really cleans out my pores with used together giving me a smooth clean feeling with the shower steam opening up my pores2. i use thayers witch hazel then apply now foods rose hip seed oil then sunscreen3. makeup optional after that my skin is better now so im glad i have and option to wear makeup or not just go bare facedNIGHT:1.wash my face with clarisonic mia and nubian heritage soap while over my conair face steamer really opens up my poresthen rinse with cold water2. apply rose hip oilso its pretty basic and im trying to use minimal products when ever i canas for hyper pigmentation i still have that problem but with continued use it might go awayim really into rose hip seed oil so after this i want to try another brand its not that i dont like this one i just want to try others alsoif you have specific questions comment below ill answer

Felecia Harrison City, PA

Great product.

I bought this oil for it’s cell regeneration properties. It is very smooth, and makes my skin feel great. I used it on a Sunburn and it not only helped it to heal faster, but helped with the pain.

Susana Genesee, PA


love this oil smells great very good brand never had a problem with them they have good products and at reasonable prices would buy again

Consuelo Lyons, GA