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NOW Foods Progesterone Cream, 3 Ounces

Condition: Women seeking a gentle natural hormone. Solution: Natural Progesterone Cream from Wild Yam and balancing herbs to support hormone levels.

Key features

  • Liposomal Skin Cream – Scent Free
  • 20 mg of Natural Progesterone per Pump
  • No Artificial Colors or Fragrances – Paraben Free

Honest reviews


Unscented better than scented. The pump is a good idea but doesn’t always work

I while back my doctor (reluctantly) prescribed progesterone cream for me from a compounding pharmacy after my insistence on having my hormones tested.The cream changed my life. My night sweats disappeared, I was no longer prone to fits of rage, my family actually enjoyed being with me again, I was able to think clearly again and the brain fog was GONE (essential because I am the sole supporter for my family), and my energy levels, while not quite what they used to be, moved back into the acceptable range allowing me to actual have something of a social life again.The pharmacy and provided me with a cream I ended up having a severe allergic reaction to and weren’t able to provide the cream in a formulation that was safe for me.So I turned to Amazon to find an over the counter cream. I have tried a number of creams trying to find the right one for me. Reading the other reviews available, it is quite clear that the cream works for most people, while there are a few for whom it doesn’t work. Since there are plenty of reviews about whether or not the cream works, and I know what the cream can do for me based on my experience with the progesterone from the compounding pharmacy, I decided to write a comparison of the creams I tried. I had a hard time decided which cream to use soI tried several to find the best one for me. Following is my assessment of the different creams I tried.The Now Foods cream got 3 stars from me for the scented version and 3.5 stars for the unscented. I like the idea of the dosed pump but it didn’t work consistently. This product was the least effective of all I tried.There were several factors that were important to me and on which I’m basing my reviews. You may have other factors that are or are not important, so please take those into consideration when reading my evaulations. The factors for me were1. Effectiveness/strength of the cream (MOST important, worth 3 stars).2. Ease of use (this includes type of packaging and ease/difficulty of self-dosing) (worth 1 star).3. Smell and feel (some of these products had a smell or feel to me that was just horrible), obviously the most subjective of my criteria (worth 1 star).4. Most of the products were close in price, but one was about twice the cost of the others (the Emerita Pro-Gest). For me, if that were the only choice it wouldn’t make a difference, but since there were otherwise comparable products out there, I subtracted a star from the expensive one for being close to twice the cost of the others.That’s a potential total of 5 stars per product.To summarize what I’ve found, the best quality of progesterone cream in terms of how well the cream relieved my symptoms was found in either the Source Naturals products or the Emerita Pro-Gest.The easiest to use were those with the dosed pumps, but I didn’t like any of those creams because they either didn’t work well or had an offensive smell or feel. The one I ended up using regularly is the Source Naturals in the tub. I bought a dedicated measuring spoon so I can get a consistent dose. It’s not as easy as the dosed pump because I have to clean the spoon after each use, but the cream is otherwise excellent, so to me it was worth the extra work.Here’s my opinion of each cream, with my star rating. (For the Amazon ratings, I’ve rounded up since they don’t allow half stars.)SOURCE NATURALS PROGESTERONE CREAM. Available in a tube or tub. 4-4.5 starsSource Naturals Natural Progesterone Cream, 4 Ounce (113.4 g)1. This is by far the most effective at relieving my symptoms. It works just as well as the pharmacy cream did. 3 stars.2. The tube is a little difficult to squeeze as it got emptier, and I was never sure if I was getting the last bit out. The purchase of the measuring spoon to use with the tub made it an easier way for me to get a consistent dose. 0 stars for the tube, 1/2 a star for the tub.3. Nothing offensive about either the scent or feel of this product. 1 star.4. This is the most reasonably priced product I’ve tried so far.Total: 4 stars for the tube version and 4.5 stars for the tub version.NOW FOODS PROGESTERONE CREAM. Available in a dosed pump, unscented or lavender. 3-3.5 starsNOW Foods Progesterone Cream, 3 OuncesorNOW Foods Progesterone Cream W/Lavender, 3 Ounces1. This worked reasonably fine at relieving my symptoms. I would have a frequent but mild night sweat on this but that’s about it. The other creams did a better job of controlling my symptoms. 2 stars.2. Comes in a dosed pump. They pump often (every few pumps) seemed to get an air bubble and not deliver a full dose, so even though I really like the concept, it didn’t always work so I’m taking off half a star. 1/2 a star.3. The feel is fine. There’s an unscented version and a lavender one. The unscented had no objectionable odor, but I really didn’t like the lavender scent (I normally really like lavender but didn’t like this one. 1 star for the unscented, 1/2 for the lavender.Total: 3 stars for the lavender and 3.5 stars for the unscented.LIFE FLOW PROGESTA-CARE. Available in a dosed pump. No rating (please see below)Life-Flo Progesta-Care with Natural Progesterone Body Cream, Women’s Wellness, 4-Ounce BottleI can’t full evaluate the effectiveness of this product because I couldn’t use it for more than a couple of nights. The cream felt so horrible on my skin. It was sticky and tacky and wouldn’t feel like it absorbed in. My clothes would stick to me after using it, kind of like the way they would stick to you on a hot humid day, which didn’t happen with any of the other products I tried. I tried to tolerate it, but ended up having to wash it off in order to sleep. Not rated. Some reviewers didn’t seem bothered by the feel fo this, but a few others did. I am not usually a princess about these things, but I really couldn’t stand the feel of this. Please read the other reviews for alternative opinions and perhaps you might have better luck with this product than I did.EMERITA PRO-GEST CREAM. Available in a tube or single-use packet. 2-3 stars (3-4 stars if you don’t care about cost)Emerita Pro-Gest Natural Progesterone Cream, Paraben-Free, 4-Ounce Tube,Pro-Gest Cream 48 Single-use Packets1. This worked fine. I would have a very rare and very mild night sweat on this, but otherwise no complaints about effectiveness. 2.5 stars.2. The tube offers no easy way to get a consistent dose, and, like the other tubes, gets harder to squeeze as it gets used up and I was never able to tell if the tube was empty or close to empty. The single use packets eliminated the dosing problem. 0 stars for the tube, 1 star for the packets.3. The cream felt fine, but it had a slightly unpleasant odor. 1/2 a star.4. This product costs almost twice as much as the others so I subtracted a star for that. Please add a star if you don’t care about cost.Total: 2-3 stars.

Jenny Lacon, IL

great product great price

this cream is wonderful. ive been using it for three months and will not b without it. its a great price.i use it from day 12 to 28. helps me sleep and feel better all around.thank you

Caryn Port Royal, SC

love the Now progesterone cream

Been using about a month now and I really love this cream. Gives me a feeling of well being and have lost a few lbs. I use every day and I feel my hormones are now balanced. Do not have as many hot flashes. I am age 64 and take estratab 1 mg a day in addition to using this cream. Have reordered and will share with some friends. I also did research in regards to the state of CA not allowing this cream to be sold. I was satisfied with the report as there seems to be some confusing issues with the study. This is certainly worth trying.

Audra Clarksburg, WV

First time trying progesterone cream

This was my first time trying progesterone cream. The unscented cream still had a scent and I did not really care for it; I think next time I will try the lavender scented one from NOW Foods. Other than that I have not really felt a dramatic difference with the cream—I guess only time will tell.

Lilian Lucas, KY

Just as stated

It is something I heard about that I am trying. It came promptly and I am hoping for great results. Thank you

Katrina New Haven, IN

Wonderful results

I love this stuff. I had been having problems with my monthly cycles and my doctor put me on Provera. It gave me heart palpitations so I stopped taking it. I found I could just use progesterone cream and get the same effect without the heart scares. It also helps me with my recurrent panic attacks due to low progesterone. The pump makes it easy to control the dosage unlike the creams that come in jars or tubes. The smell isn’t that great but its worth it to smell funky and feel fantastic and cover it up with perfume or body spray than be a great smelling bad attitude panic attack explosion waiting to happen. Definitely recommend!

Christine Burgin, KY

No problems with cream but not for me

I have no problems with the cream. I will probably give this to my mother who has pretty bad hot flashes because its great for that purpose. I bought it to lessen the PMS before that time of the month. I only used the cream after ovulation until start of period. When I used this cream, my cycles were a lot heavier with large clots. This cream is okay to use when you are trying to conceive to help the baby stick but will also cause worse heavier periods if the baby does not stick. Its not worth it to me because my monthlies are painful enough so I stopped using this one.

Angela Moraga, CA


I was recommend by my doctor to use this product. I would be very careful using this without being under a doctors care. It’s a hormone!However, it’s a very good product. I was not allergic to anything in this product, it was very easy to use and helped a lot with my issues.Yes, I would recommend this product over others I have used.

Shanna Boyne City, MI

top notch

Stronger than any brand I have used! It is not sticky or oily. No smell. I only use it once a day.

Bernadette Standish, ME