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Now Foods Organic Argan Oil, 2 Oz

Condition: For dry hair, scalp, skin and/or cuticles in need of natural and intensive moisture renewal. Solution: Organic Argan Oil from Morocco is beneficial for all skin types due to its rich fatty acid content. Organic Argan Oil is a multi-functional product. It adds shine to your hair and provides moisture for your skin, hair, scalp and nail cuticles. It also helps to soothe damaged and irritated skin. Because it’s easily-absorbed, Organic Argan Oil helps to maintain a healthy skin pH balance as well.

Key features

  • 2 Ounces Liquid

Honest reviews


Great price for an Amazing Argan Oil!

I use many Now Foods products, so I decided to go with this versus the more expensive Argan oils out there and although I can’t tell if it’s doing much for my fine lines (since I’ve only used it for a month or so), I can say that it feels great on my face/neck and hands! Super silky, but not oily. Pleasant faint scent. I have eczema on my hands, so I apply enough to my face/neck and cover my hands with it after. Very pleased overall.Note: I only apply this before bedtime as the sun will surely cause even more UV damage if you use any time of oil during daytime.

Lilian Emerson, NE

Extremely emollient, bad smell

This is a first impression as I only got the product yesterday. I have used it on my face, hands and hair and I really like it, except for the smell, which really resembles garbage (but goes away in under 1 minute). I find it extremely emollient, without leaving an oily film (allow abt 1 minute from application). I find that it conditions my hands better than hand cream which is remarkable because the skin on my hands gets really dry. An added bonus is that it softens the cuticles too and all that with just a couple of drops of product. I really like that!On my face, it seems to provide a more long-lasting kind of moisturizing effect, which is great. since my skin is so well moisturized, I’ve noticed that when I smile the fine lines forming under my eyes aren’t as visible (I am too young to have wrinkles, but I do notice those smile lines when I smile).With the hair, I’ve learned that the best way of applying is by placing just one drop into the palm of your hands, then rubbing the pals together and then putting it into your hair, starting from the ends. It conditions the ends nicely along with the rest of the hair, leaving it feeling soft and healthy. If you happen to apply too much like I did at first, it can weigh it down some, so I’m going to do repeated applications of just 1 drop from now on (my hair is long, going down to my waist).I think the 2oz will get me through a loooong time as I only use 2-3 drops for my face and a couple of drops for hands and hair. I like the fact that it is 100% argan oil, without anything added and I am willing to deal with the smell because it’s natural. This is not an absolute wonder product, but it’s definitely very good and well worth the money. Also, I ordered it on Monday and had it in the mail on Thursday so thumbs up for the quick & safe delivery. If I ever run out, I will repurchase.UPDATE: I have been using this product for about 3 months now and I am in love! I am on my last drops of it (excellent value for almost 3 months of 2xdaily use!) and I don’t seem to notice the smell as much. (Unsure of whether it became more subtle or I became accustomed to it). My skin looks amazing – this argan oil has given me such a healthy glowing skin that I cannot imagine living without it! An absolute must have for me (skin & hair)!

Johnnie Chico, CA

NOW Foods Certified Organiz Argan Oil 2oz

I ordered this from another site for $9.99 and happended accross it on Amazon and just had to buy. I love argan oil and this is a great price for 2oz and its from a company that I trust. So don’t waste your money on the more expensive brands when the best is right here. I’m tempted to buy another just to put it up.

Geraldine Orwell, NY


Great lightweight oil absorbs very quick. Does not make skin blemishes. Can be used on both hair and skin. Works great with hands as well.

Morgan Lakeside, AZ

seems to work for relieving psoriasis

i have psoriasis on my face and along my hair line. it goes on and off over the years. no cream, oil, or prescription med i used had helped. i read about rave reviews from those who used argan oil and thought i’d give it a try.after deciding that i am not going to buy the Josie Maran version, I settled on Now Foods’ version (for the price mainly).Since recieving it last week i have been using it in the morning and at night before bed time.the oil has only a very slight aroma, not unpleasant. it feels oily but as soon as it touches the skin, it is absorbed. i applied about 5 drops to my face and only felt oily for about 10 seconds. My skin feels moist and supple with no threats of breakouts.since then my psoriasis improved and after 3 weeks i don’t wake up with skin flakes anymore.i also tried it on my hair after the dye job. the hair doesn’t feel dry or cooked after applying the oil. I have since used it on my mini schnauzer’s coat after shampooing. her hair feels silkier and more manageable.this is not a cure-all but i am very happy with it and will continue to use it.

Concepcion Lakin, KS

Argan Oil Devotee Here, but What’s With the Plastic Dropper?

There’s no question about it, I’m in love with Argan Oil. I got a deluxe sample of Josie Maran oil from Sephora recently and have been using it on my hair, cuticles, face, legs, everything. It’s amazing. If you’re new to using oils in your skincare, do some research online, I think you’ll be a convert like myself.Why only three stars then? Well, I got this bottle and noticed right away two things: 1) a plastic dropper 2) an odd faint smell 3) some cloudiness in the oil. I suspect that the latter two are a result of the former. Plastics will often leach when in contact with oil. If the plastic dropper is not BPA free (it doesn’t say on the packaging) then it could have leached some BPA into the oil. If it is BPA free plastic, then it’s possible that other things have leached. Really, they should just have a dang glass dropper in it like every other dropper I’ve ever met.So, I took apart a spare glass dropper that I had and replaced the plastic one.Now, personally, I’m not too worried about the possibility of BPA/other being in the oil. I don’t drink out of plastics, I don’t eat out of them often, and I keep to a pretty toxin low life, so eh, I’m not going to fret. That being said, I’d love to see Now Foods replace the plastic dropper, I’m betting it’ll help make this product more appealing!I know some people have been saying that this is perhaps a "fake." I don’t think so. It seems like a reputable company, it is certified Organic (lots of bureaucracy to go through to get that) and the color/consistency is right compared to the Josie Maran. To be honest, I don’t want to pay the Josie Maran cost (100 bucks for 4 oz?) but I think I’ll pay a bit more than the Now Foods price just so I don’t have a plastic dropper/odd smell.

Tami Pinetop, AZ

Excellent oil, great value!

Perfect amount for my needs. Absorbs and moisturizes my feet/hands/nails and those dry elbow spots wonderfully. Great for help with fly-away sections of my curly hair. I use it the most on my feet which have calluses that I have to continually work on to keep from building up with painful cracking.

Denise Alexander, NY

Argan oil

I use a drop or two of argan oil after shampooing and conditioning my hair. I have about 90% silver hair, which is coarse and tangles easily. The oil, massaged through wet hair, makes my hair soft, but not greasy and makes adding hair lifter products and then blow drying my hair easier without the damage that these would cause otherwise. I also use argan oil in making my own shampoos and conditioners.

Carol Trumansburg, NY

I love this oil…

I use this oil after i get out of the shower and it leaves my body so soft and glowing. I also use it on my face. After washing my face, I’ll mix one drop of this oil with my moisturizer and my face actually feels so good afterwards. And again, my face glows too! I am definitely purchasing this argan oil again!

Ginger Jenison, MI

Wanted to love it

I bought this Argan oil to try and soothe my winter scratchiness. I read someone that this works a moisturizer, so I decided to give it a try. It does moisturize the skin, but not in a way that is better than some lotions I have. The thing that I liked least about it was the smell. It genuinely smells like olives. I can’t get past it!

Alberta New Brockton, AL



Gwen Neihart, MT

On the fence

So far I’m on the fence, I’ve used this a couple times and it’s a little looser than the Morrocan Oil that I have previously used, but it does my hair well so I’ll keep up with it. I love the softness that my hair is left with when I put the oil in my hair prior to drying. Just not sure this is thick enough but much cheaper than Morrocan Oil.

Christina Chimney Rock, NC

My favorite…

This is one of my favorite essential oil, not only that you could use it on your hair, you could also use it for your skin. It makes my skin so supple and moisturized. It is so effective with just 2 to three drops. I always use it everyday. With just few drops I think that this bottle will probably last for about 2 to three months, depending of how many times you use it everyday.

Ronda Dixie, WV

Good oil

This is a quality argan. The bottle is huge and will last me forever. I actually dropped it first day and spilled half of it. I wasn’t even upset as I am still left with a lot of product. :)I like to use argan as a pre shampoo treatment. Apply to hair before bed and wash out on the am. I found it really makes a difference. Hair is less frizzy and more moisturized after washing than if I don’t use this.I also use this as a frizz serum. Mix a tsp with 4oz water, 1tbsp aloe and spray into hair post wash.Can also be used alone, one drop rubbed Into palm and then glided over hair.I know many claim it is great for face but I have not tried that yet. I suffer breakouts so am not ready to take that step yet…but it is nice on my skin. I used for hands and cuticles with great results.

Trisha Troy, ME

Great Price!

I use a little bit of this on the ends of my hair from time to time and it really helps with dryness, especially since I’ve gone a loooong time since my last haircut. It has a nice nutty smell to it. You can spend SO much more buying fancy schmancy argan oil products elsewhere – don’t waste your money!

Patti Pierson, MI

great for hair

I have tried other more expensive argan oils like Josie maran and this one seems just the same, maybe a little thicker. I use it out my hair and occasionally on my face and its great quality

Claudia Gowen, MI


I love argan oil and am so glad to find a 100 argan oil that is inexpensive. A little goes a long way……so it will last awhile, too.

Millie Offerle, KS

Good price

Nice price, product is good. I liked purchasing this because I’ve had such good experiences with NOW products. I swear by Argan oil; I use it every day from chest up.

Tammy Clarksville, NY

Great facial moisturizer

Pros: aroma, texture, priceCons: never found anyI used this entire bottle as a facial moisturizer, using ~4 drops to cover my entire face. The texture is wonderful: moisturizing, but in a "dry" way, not feeling greasy like almond or coconut oils. This never clogged any pores for me and feels wonderful around my eyes.My skin is just barely on the dry side of normal and I found myself occasionally layering a light moisturizer or or moisturizing BB cream over it in the winter months to avoid flakiness.This feels especially nice after doing the oil cleansing method using sweet almond oil (try almond oil if coconut broke you out or felt heavy).I cannot say for sure, since I stopped wearing mascara at about the same time, but my lashes are longer and seem less brittle since I would press my oiled palms onto my eyes during my evening application. I never specifically applied it directly to my lashes with a brush, just used the last bits left over on my hand to press into the general area.

Darlene Mc Lean, VA

NOW Foods organic oil, 2 oz

I am making good use of this oil. I have V E R Y dry skin & am mixing this with my body creams, have also used on my face before my regular face cream …. have even added to my shampoo to help with my dry scalp. Good product … I have already ordered the 4 oz size.

Doreen Beach Haven, PA

Hair changer!

It worked right away on my hair…went from dry and broken ends, wiry, ugly, dead looking, to silky, smooth, shiny, young looking (I am in my 70’s). On my face wrinkles, I don’t know. They were deep. I see no difference after 2 weeks, but other people say I look younger. However other factors may account for that. You have to photograph yourself daily to see the difference I guess. So I have no opinion on skin miracles. But the hair, definitely.

Darcy Batesville, VA

Argan Oil

Made this purchase of Argan Oil after watching a you-tube vlog about items that are good for your hair. I love this oil for my hair and skin. Happy I made this purchase. No problems with this item.

May Foster, RI

Love Argan Oil

I love Argan Oil. I use it on my hair, face neck and chest. It makes my skin soft and I can definitely tell a difference since I’ve been using it.

Rosalyn Greenville, KY

Smells really gross, hard to bear.

Seems to work just as well as any other oil, I guess I gave in to the Argan oil hype. It smells putrid when. You apply it- like others said- very eau de garbage. And it lasts for about 10 minutes.

Bernice Republic, OH

One word love

This oil help your hair to be soft easy to manage your hair, right now I’m in the process of creating my hair care line. And this oil as we’ll as other are the reason why my hair line is going to be different from other.Run and get this oil. Your hair will love you for it.

Leeann Monongahela, PA

I LOVE Now Food products

I purchased this because other Argan oil brands are entirely too expensive for how fast I’d go through this oil. I purchased Now Foods Argan Oil because I am never disappointed and I wasn’t. It keeps my hair moisturized and is great to use in my daily spritzer.

Nanette Lupton, MI

Very Nice.

You cannot beat the price on this one expecially for an organic oil, I use it for my hair and face along with other oils. I also bring it on vacation to put over any area with a minor sunburn.

Lorene Wickes, AR

Not Miraculous

It works ok for winter dry skin. I also put a couple of drops in my hair, but maybe I got too much oil in the drop. I can see the oil in my hair, and will be sure to not try that much again. It doesn’t feel heavy, I can just see it. It makes my hair appear oily, and that’s not the appearance I was looking for. I want it to absorb more into the scalp. It’s on my scalp, but also too heavy on my hair.But for my skin, it absorbs quickly. It is great for my cuticles, and shines my nails. It feels better than my regular lotion.What I don’t like is the smell. I can’t put my finger on what it smells like. My outside trash, maybe? It is not a strong smell, but it’s a porous smell. It smells thick like trash scum. When you put it on your hands, it doesn’t smell at all. But if you can ignor the smell, it is great for nails. Probably the best thing on the market. As for hair? Never again.I’m not sure argan oil is the miracle it says it is. Too many people I know are allergic to it. This is 2 days after using: Used to the smell…but when it goes on my hands, it doesn’t do much to correct dry skin. It’s no better than lotion. I’ll never use it in my hair. I tried it on my face, when I woke up, my under eyes were puffy. My heals were kind of soft, but nothing miraculous. Still great for cuticles, but I’m really not impressed.

Caryn Ralston, PA

Wonderful Oil!

I use this after all of my chemical peels, as it has natural antibiotic as well as obvious moisturizing properties. Does NOT make my face break out. Plus, you can also use it on your hair if you like. Great product.

Barbra Stotts City, MO

DO NOT buy argan oil at the salon!!

For some reason, salons sells argan oil for a ridiculous markup. My best friend was the one who told me about it first because she had just spent $40 on a little 1oz bottle at the salon. I tried this after googling it and found that you can buy it anywhere besides a salon and save a fortune. And this one’s organic; I’m not sure if this is something that even needs to be certified organic but when I have a choice, I always buy organic just in case.You have to be careful when using it in your hair because it is oil so it will make your hair oily. I find it’s easiest to add 2 drops to my leave in conditioner/protectant I’m using as well. When my hair is dry, I might do another 2 drops alone to settle down any fly-aways. It makes my hair SUPER soft. I also add a dropper full to my body lotion bottles and you can feel a difference after you use it. It makes a good carrier oil for essential oils if you like to use those for perfumes as it doesn’t really have a smell of it’s own.Overall, I would definitely recommend trying it!I would definitely recommend trying it for your hair and skin.

Cathleen Hodge, LA