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NOW Foods Oil Of Oregano 25%, 1 ounce

Aroma: Spicy, camphoraceous. Benefits: Purifying, comforting, invigorating.

Key features

  • 100% Pure & Natural
  • 25% Oil Blend
  • Origanum vulgare

Honest reviews



This was not as strong as what I bought before and it is mixed. I like a more pure oil.

Iris Java Village, NY

oil of oregano 1oz

Tried this for psoriasis and will work sometimes but did not for me even when taking the pills. This is not to be confused with oregano you cook with! this stuff is already mixed with olive oil but is not too potent.

Zelda Nelsonville, OH

Great brand, very potent! 🙂

I’ve only used this product a couple times because it is VERY potent, but that’s a good thing! If you’re using it for detox, candida or other illness take it slowly. Just one drop caused a "herx" or die-off reaction for me (again, a good thing). I highly recommend but use with caution and take it slow if using internally.

Jenifer Bozman, MD

taste is very good

Enjoy the flavor it gives the food. Strong enough to taste it and enhance the food . I will continue to buy if price does not escalate.Retired and not Bill Gates or Zukerman.

Marci Goodman, MS

Essential During Flu Season!

I did not buy this from Amazon, but when I need to re-order, I will. It is very hot and I do not take internally. Rub about 4 drops into the sole of each foot, morning and night. It works great!!

Meagan Huntington, UT