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NOW Foods Natural Vanilla

Aroma: Sweet, warm. Benefits: Comforting, relaxing, nurturing.

Key features

  • 100% Pure & Natural
  • In Jojoba Oil
  • Vanilla plantifolia

Honest reviews


get 100% pure vanilla oil

I ordered this when it had not been listed as ‘in jajoba oil’ and the image was so small I couldn’t see that it was not 100%, which is what I had been looking for. Since it isn’t 100%, the vanilla smells strongly for a few moments outside of the bottle and then fades quickly.

Ila Hillside, CO

Nice smell, not as strong as I wanted

I love NOW products, and realize this is a dilution and not pure oil (diluted in grapeseed or jojoba, I forget). It does have a very nice smell, and I will just compensate by using more of the product.

Nadia Little Ferry, NJ

Just a small problem.. but could be

I purchased this product because i love the smell of vanilla and liked the idea of multiple uses since it is mixed with jojoba oil.. i Use it a lot!!! oil diffuser, mixing my own cuticle cream, moisturizer, scrubs i will more than likely pick this up again once i run low… One area of improvement would be the dropper, i have bought many oils from NOW brand and they all work well, except this once, for some reason the dropper got clogged after a couple of uses, possibly b/c it is thicker than most, so i had to remove it to use it which make it difficult to dispense drops, maybe a bottle with an actual dropper (like one you have to squeeze to suck the oil into it, and again to release drops…would be much better for this product) i plan to use an old dropper from an over-the-counter infant tylenol, or from an oil bottle w/ one i have currently once it’s out in the meantime, but would have given 5 stars had it not been for this small annoyance

Erin Schleswig, IA

Vanilla co2 makes the scent really pop

It’s very hard to find vanilla co2 at a good price, and this is excellent. It’s in a jojoba base, but even diluted that way, the vanilla bean scent really pops. Very fresh and soothing.

Cornelia Grayland, WA

Vanilla oil

This oil came in the expected time period. I have purchased this same oil from the local health food store and loved it. This was not the same oil. It still smells fine but it is watered down or somehow changed. The fragrance isn’t strong and it’s weirdly thin.I gave this a 4 because it still smelled fine, but I definitely wouldn’t order this again.

Claire Gantt, AL