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NOW Foods Myrrh 100% pure, 20 % Oil blend, 1 ounce

Aroma: Mild, musky, warm aroma. Benefits: Focusing, grounding, meditative.

Key features

  • 100% Pure & Natural
  • 20% Oil Blend
  • Commiphora myrrha

Honest reviews


Fine for Sunday School class

Really, we did not "test" this product. We opened it, passed it around the elementary aged Sunday School class, rubbed a bit onto our wrists, if desired and closed it back up. Frankly, it was fine for our purposes but we really can’t speak to it’s REAL quality.

Bessie Isleton, CA

Great essential oil for good price.

I blend this with other EO’s to make an evening face oil and I have found the quality and price to be good and fair.

Araceli Colrain, MA

Kinda stinky

This isn’t what I expected the myrrh to smell like. I would use it more often if it wasn’t so heavy.

Berta Natalia, TX

**great stuff**

only need a little of this at a time, mix with Jojoba Oil & Frankinsense for a great body oil instead of lotion. Feels fantastic!

Annabelle Maximo, OH

Lovely Myrrh.

This blend is perfect. Now oils never smell like petroleum and always smell fresh. They will keep for years! Thank you

Dessie Trabuco Canyon, CA


This product really works to soothe my gums. When you have teeth pulled & your gums get sore, this is a good item to help. This was recommended by Dr. Oz.

Jeannette Deer Creek, MN

Nice myrrh oil

Really nice myrrh oil, it’s blended but I didn’t notice. Gentle on my skin and has a nice sweet citrus aroma. I really enjoy using it.Arrive on time and packaged well.

Nora Cicero, IL