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NOW Foods Lavender & Tea Tree Oil, 1 ounce

Aroma: Soft, floral. Benefits: Renewing, cleansing, stimulating.

Key features

  • 100% Pure & Natural

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I love this oil!

Smells really nice, and it works great on bug problems. I use it in baths and with lotions. It makes my skin feel smoother too.

Adelaide Marine, IL

Fast shipping

Essential oils are pricey so I think that this was a good buy. It is not much but for the same size of just tea tree oil it was triple the price. I was going to get 1 tea tree and 1 lavender but this was half of the price of lavender and 1/3 of tea tree and has both(: I’m putting it in my Scentsy nightlight by the back door to repell bugs. It is already hot where I am and there is no trace of flies or creepy crawlers!

Juana Stonewall, OK

Not Organic…but not terrible

I love that it’s 2 in 1….the lazy holistic girl in me loves it. I get the redness-removing and soothing feel of lavender with the antibacterial ass-kicking-ness of tea tree.I will say, the Tea Tree smell overpowers that of the Lavender.Not the absolute BEST buy. But not a bad buy!

Annette Macon, MO

i love this

its so convinient to have this combo in one bottle, i dont have to worry about mixing a great smelling realaxing and purifying experience

Stella Hunter, OK

As expected

This product was shipped on time and carefully packaged. I purchased this for a friend who suffers from migraines and she is loving the smell of it and the lavender is very relaxing.

Felecia Three Forks, MT

Love it

Great price and I use it all the time. It’s perfect mixed with coconut oil and then used as a lotion, or a few drops in a hot bath after a crazy day. The price is always right and I always have some on hand.

Guadalupe Lapwai, ID

Great scalp treatment

Love using this product mixed with a carrier oil for scalp massages, very soothing and refreshening tingle. I am not personally a fan of the scent, although I think many lavender lover will like it. I love it for what it does, it really helps my husband with his dandruff and me with my eczema and dry scalp. Also has been used of hundreds of years( in my family and Europe) to stimulate hair and maintain growth and thickness. My hair grows 12-14 inches a year between using this and my supplements, I have been able to donate to locks of love several times.

Myra Paxtonville, PA

Good, strong lavender oil

This is a nice lavender oil. The scent is very strong, so I recommend using it sparingly. A couple of drops in the bathtub will do just fine. Would buy this again.

Aileen O Neals, CA

Really like

Bought some lavender from Now foods and the smell its not my favorite. This product is Really good, Really like. I guess the lavender smell form NOW its better if mixed or diluted on another matching esential oil. Really pleased.

Janelle Haslett, MI

Awesome product!

I burn this in an oil burner with a tea light and it is a great smell. Good quality for the price. Love this product , would highly recommend.

Darcy Bassfield, MS

Very soothing

the smell is really strong! for aromatherapy use it with some water to dilute it. this is amazing and i highly recommend with some flute music!

Jannie Pie Town, NM

Wonderful Scent!

This oil was perfect for the rice therapy sacks I made and distributed as Christmas gifts. It has a very nice Lavender scent, without being overpowering. The therapy sacks were a big hit and can be used hot or cold!

Kristi Chappell, KY

good oil, more lavender. not the best smell…

This is nice essential oil and a good compromise if you don’t feel like buying both tea tree and lavender. I only use a few drops at a time, so I know I didn’t want to shell out for both. Know that it seems there is definitely more lavender than tea tree. Also, note that this does not really smell nice in my opinion, but thems the breaks with essential oils like tea tree.

Kelley Rush Hill, MO

Clear Skin but still smells more of Tea Tree than Lavender

I do really like this blend and mix it with a carrier oil (coconut or argan) to put on my face to help keep my skin clear. It works! Scent wise I was hoping for a little more lavender scent, but found it still smells mainly of tea tree to me.

Edythe Williamstown, KY


A little strong on the tea tree oil, I think next time I’ll buy them separate and evenly mix them myself. Great for saving money when you can’t afford both, though! I use this in facial spritz mixes for my skin, excellent combination for irritable and sensitive skin. Definitely decent quality oils.

Christina Orick, CA

Lavender & Tea Tree Oil

This is a good product, price is more reasonable than most 1 oz size, I like the lavender/tea tree combo. I recommend purchase of this product.

Tiffany Pardeesville, PA

Helps Heal Irritation on the Skin

Smells great, balance of Lavender and Tea Tree Oil compliments each other as it works on irritated and infected skin areas very well and helps the healing process, I’m surprised and satisfied with this oil.

Jeanie Long Creek, SC

Smell’s great

The lavender smell is refreshing. I have put a few drops in my moms conditioner when she was having really bad dandruff problems with her scalp and after a few days it was cleared up:) (she also used selsun blue to shampoo her hair). I sprintz my hair with Tresemme condiioner, water, african herbal oil, and a few drops of the lavender and tea tree and LOVE it my hair feels great an I like smelling like lavender before I go to school. The smell is not too strong or lingering which is fine by me.

Susana Anaktuvuk Pass, AK

Lavender & Tea Tree Oil

I decided to go out on a limb and purchase this brand of oil and I am not sorry because it is wonderful! This particular fragrance smells more medicinal but I love it. I burn oils in a diffuser and this one works fantastically and I think it is also good to mix with other oils – lotions, etc. It arrived quickly and securely packaged. I am happy with this purchase and more than likely will try other fragrances from this company.

Selina Muses Mills, KY

Help for melasma

This is a great product for melasma and before I was mixing my own tea tree oil and lavender for my skin, but for this price, it is one less messy step for me. Smells good and works great.

Marva Coldwater, OH