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Now Foods Essential Oil, Lemon, 4 Fluid Ounce

Lemons were mentioned in ancient Sanskrit texts as early as 800 BC, and famed explorers like Columbus and Vasco DeGama carried lemons and other citrus fruits with them during their arduous sea voyages. NOW® Lemon Oil is naturally cold-pressed from fresh lemon peels. This essential oil is 100% pure

Key features

  • One Hundred Percent Pure and Certified Organic
  • Purity Tested and Quality Assured
  • Certified Organic By Quality Insurance International
  • Lemon Oil – 4 oz
  • 4 oz
  • Now Foods

Honest reviews


no dropper or anything

I was surprised there was no dropper (any type for that matter) when I opened this. I have a diffuser and I tipped the bottle of this to slowly get it in there and it dribbled down the side and landed on my counter top instead of in the diffuser. I just had to adjust the position of the bottle in the air so it would dribble into the diffuser and not on the counter. It’s a little disappointing, since I buy other Now Foods oils which have some sort of dropper. I just wish this one did. It would make things easier. Otherwise, great lemon smell and product!

Jody Yeagertown, PA

fresco aroma

Compre este aceite para usuarlo en mi casa de alquiler. La gente que se ha hospedado con nuestra casa, siempre nos dicen que la casa huele a un aroma fresco y limpio. Usualmente lo usamos en la cortinas de cada habitacion y tambien lo mezclamos con baking soda para limpiar el refrigerador y las alfombras.Excelente producto se lo recominedo a cualquier persona que desea sentir al aroma de sus ambientes fresco.

Stacy Annona, TX

not this smell…

let me explain that – I love their orange smell. Even the paper mint is ok, but the lemon smell is…simply not there. It is not strong enough.

Marcie Solen, ND

Multipurpose Essential Oil With A Clean, Bright Scent

This NOW Foods Lemon Oil is a great essential oil to use singularly with a carrier oil, (I most often use almond oil as my carrier), mixing with other essential oils to create a custom scent for your skin, room freshening/deodorizing, and for making your own homemade cleaning products that leave a fabulous scent behind.The lemon scent itself is clean and bright with no heaviness or odd undertones, and is a great scent to help perk you up. I enjoy mixing this with orange oil with almond oil, and dab on pulse points (that will not be exposed to sunlight, as these essential oils can cause skin irritation for many when exposed to sunlight).In case you don’t know, this doesn’t come with it’s own dropper, so you may want to have one ready. The quality, strength, scent, value and “multi-purposefulness” of this lemon oil has made a wonderful addition to my essential oil stock and I highly recommend it!

Rena Nara Visa, NM

Smells great-its ok

I bought this for my skin but the product says do not use on skin. Opps.I am not into diluting things. I like whatever I buy ready to go. This is not that. This needs TLC.Overall I still would recommend to buy it because it smells good and I am still going to see what happens if I use it ona small part of my skin. It is 100% lemon. What in the world would happen. I will test it on a part of my leg first for a month.I’ll leave another comment in a month or two.

Ginger Cuney, TX

scared now to use it in food

I bought this because it said that it was food safe. I was making lemon pound cake and needed it. It didn’t really do much for the flavor and after reading the other reviews, I’m a little scared to use it for food anymore.

Juliette Ridge, NY

Best Lemon Scent EVER! Will make you pucker!

The best lemon oil I’ve ever bought, very real lemon scent. I used it all over the house, but especially in the fridge, around the gaskets etc. Very clean, delicious scent for my food areas.

Rosella Longwood, NC

Lemon cleaner

This is a great product for removing sticky residue.EX: (Labels off jars, band-aide residue, tape including duct tape, probably even gum). The price is great for cleaning purposes.Nice lemon scent. Although some of Now brand is organic, I have found Young Living to work the best medicinally.

Margo Union Pier, MI


I do like this scent but using it to burn for home along with orange,do wish they made a home use for burning scent,

Enid Payson, IL

scent is okay but kind of artificial smelling.

I used this product to make my own Verbena hand and body lotion. The scent is okay but has a very artificial smell – in fact – every time I use the lotion people tell me I smell like lemon pudding. Not sure if that is good or bad…

Kimberlee Anoka, MN

very fresh smelling

Very lemon. Smells just like fresh squeezed lemons too. Makes me smile it is so fresh smelling. I will order more.

Chasity Liberty Mills, IN

A little strong for me

This oil had a stronger odor than I expected. I expected it to be more on the light side, but to me, it is a bit on the heavy side. However, I used it in my office which is rather small. Maybe it would be better in a larger the odor can disperse more.

Judith Death Valley, CA

It’s aiight

I use essential oils for washing my hair because I do the "no shampoo" thing which involves washing your hair with apple cider vinegar and baking soda. Washing my hair with essential oils ensures my hair smells nicer. I used peppermint oil before this and I liked the smell a lot better. I used the lemon as a air freshener as well (put it in spray bottle with witchhazel and water) and it just smelled okay. So many people commented that they love the lemon smell because it smells "clean" but it just makes me think of cleaning products rather "nature."

Ruth Stoy, IL

Great for ridding your house of SPIDERS!

Firstly, thanks to the company because my product arrived on-time and was even larger than I’d expected- what a great value. The dropper spout sadly does not stay in, as some of the other reviewers noted. If it weren’t for that, this would make it a 5-star product. That being said, it smells fantastic; kind of like Pledge but better because it’s natural and chemical-free. I like that I can spray it all over my home and not worry about carcinogens and bad stuff.I bought this because I had read online that spiders detest lemon. So I scoured Google for a good recipe and mixed about a teaspoon’s worth of this with a few drops of Dawn in a spray bottle, filling the rest with water. Next, I sprayed behind every piece of furniture, door jams, vents, windowsills, electrical outlets, baseboards etc. I kid you not, the very next day I found 3 spiders! (EUW!) It must have forced them out of hiding!!! I used it again and the same thing happened. So I am continuing to use it and am finding less of the nasty bugger around..which truly gives me a good night’s sleep! I am definitely re-purchasing this when I run out.

Maryann Paul, ID

Nicegoodfine 😉

Glass bottle meant allot to me. There is no trace of chemical smell/fumes . Natural ,as it described on the label-I guess;) A bit on a weak side,but maybe its just my stuffed nose (seasonal allergy 😉

Molly Howard Lake, MN

Great OIl!

The NOW brand is reputable and this lemon essential oil is the genuine thing from what I can tell. It has the aroma of fresh lemon citrus, and the label has it at 100% pure. It should be used with caution as it is genuine essential oil. I use it for my hair scalp treatments (dandruff and sebum production regulation) and for soothing my cramps (when used as a blend). Works great!

Kenya Piney Flats, TN


i made my own hand sanitizer with this stuff and I love the smell. very refreshing and uplifting. also I put a small amount in my oil burner and it took away all the kitchen cooking smells. cheaper and better that air fresheners!

Consuelo Redmon, IL

Great scent!

I mix this oil with the orange and peppermint oils to use as a hot oil treatment for my natural african american hair. Smells great and is really great on my scalp. My hair is so healthy!

Cassie Dittmer, MO

Great oils for a great price

NOW foods offers good quality oils for a good price. I have never had a problem with any of their oils. I don’t trust the dropper that comes with it, as it is usually a little loose and I have had one fall off while using it before. I just bought a bag of disposable pipettes that I use with my oils.

Bianca Kingston, IL

sweet lemon

This smells like fresh lemon! The bottle makes it easy to dispense without a mess. i put a few drops inside the toilet paper roll and it gives off a nice smell each time the roll is used.

Rosemarie Thompson, CT

Purchased mutiple times

I love NOW products and lemon oil is a stable in my house because we just love the smell and it has multiple uses.

Marcie Centralia, WA

Mmmm… Lemony

Really like these essential oils, and the price is right.My current favorite is Peppermint/Eucalyptus/Lemon for a wake-up call. Just a couple drops in steam or a diffuser and away we go!

Ofelia Deaver, WY

Wonderful REAL lemon smell, I scent the central Air conditioner filter W/ this and Lavender oil

I love to scent our home , unfortunately my Husband gets horrible headaches when I use Bed an B_ _ H oils and it’s because they are not real scents from the plant (flower, fruit etc.) When I use this (and NOW lavender oil) he walks in the house and says "Wow, it smells wonderful in here " Try adding a drop of Patchouli oil to the mix, wonderful!

Greta Saint Inigoes, MD

love my lemon

I add this to my lotions and liquid soap. in my spray dispenser to clean the whole house and floors mixed with a bit of liquid detergent/water. the smell is fresh and clean and I always have some on hand.

Corrine Willow Lake, SD

Great price/Size

Lemon essential oil is just amazing smelling. I’ve made my own tub and sink cleaner and it just leaves the bathroom smelling heavenly, not chemical smelling. My only complaint is that I wish there was a dropper cap on it. I had to buy seperate eye droppers so that I wasn’t wasting it. The price for the size was great.

Minerva Mound City, KS

Many uses!

This is the best price by far! And NOW oils are great! I’ve started drinking lemon water for all of the many health benefits and an important part is the oil from the rind, just using lemon juice won’t be as good. This answers the problem! Yum! Plus it’s easier on your teeth 🙂

Evangelina Compton, IL

Nice smell

Great oil….I use it in laundry detergent and it works great….it smells really good too…a must have for the product mixer

Irma Rockwood, TX

Great price, good quality.

Very good quality for this price! I would recommend this oil– I use it as a bug repellant, with olive oil to "dust" wood furniture and mixed with other EO’s and carrier oils for skincare and aromatherapy.

Bette Valencia, CA

It’s alright

The smell is nice and pretty true lemon, somewhere between juice and rind. However, I find myself having to use more of it than my other EOs to get a good smell. So I think over time it might not be worth it.

Cheryl Novinger, MO

Love it

I love all of the NOW essential oils. My husband is really fond of citrus so I got the lemon in a large size.

Allyson Crofton, MD