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Not Your Mother’s Rise & Shine Silky Smooth Shine Mist, 4 Ounce

Get the style & hair that you deserve with Rise & Shine Silky Smooth Shine Mist from Not Your Mother’s. Created specifically to solve all your hair care needs, Not Your Mother’s caters to both young & seasoned hair. With its sleek, fun design & quality ingredients, you’ll find you fall in love with their innovative products.

Key features

  • Style & Care
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Fun & Innovative Product

Honest reviews


perfect balance

i have trouble with my hair turning to fur. i have tried every shine spray there is…either they have alcohol in them or they are too greasy or are not moist enough and you have to keep re-applying.this one is perfect…no ingredients bad for your hair. smells good. moistens the most stubborn damaged frizz of hair but doesn’t dry won’t charge you shipping on it if your order $25 worth of stuff

Josefina Quemado, NM

Smells so Good

Not Your mothers let me review their products. These smell so good. Just like candy. They work really well and doesn’t make your hair dirty or oily the next day after a shower. I love the detangler conditioner it works really good and you only need a few sprays. Starting at the bottom of your hair working your way up then just brush away and no tangles! I have thick hair and I need any help I can get when it comes to brushing the hair. Then I just flat iron my hair out! The shine mist is awesome smells like candy and shines the hair for hours. I am into shines sprays right now since its almost summer and the sun is out, you need that shine. Both products work great and make your hair smell good, and keeps hair pretty and not frizzy. Great CS and they ship fast to!

Carmela Pine Apple, AL


If you want it- GET IT. I can’t find this spray in stores anymore!!!! I finally found it here, and bought 2. The smell is a sweet coconut scent- it’s amazing. You’re hair will feel unbelievably silky & smell like a majestic mane. <– oh, yes I did!! And yes, my mane is majestic.. Really, you’ll love it. Lightly mist- it can make your hair look oily if you put too much on, or spray to close to your head/roots.

Ashley Burt, IA

Awesome spray!

It really does make your hair shine. It has sort of an odd smell, but it’s a good one. I spray it more liberally towards the bottom of my hair, and just mist it slightly on my scalp, or else my hair ends up looking greasy. I got it for $2.50 at my local Urban Outfitters (50% off clearance sale!) and it was beyond worth it, I went back and got another bottle!

Ilene De Witt, AR

it’s ok

i like that but i am not loving it because it is just an oil. it makes my hair look greesy

Alissa Dallesport, WA